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The Casual Observer - The Arrow Comes To Star(Dust) City

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Green Arrow vs. Stardust

Many months ago I saw a meme with Arrow accusing Triple H he had failed his universe. From there fans and even Stephen Amell himself picked it up and ran with the idea that he should be involved with the WWE in some way, shape, or form.

At a recent Convention he was even asked about his possible involvement in the WWE and of course gave a vague almost coy response essentially telling his audience to stay tuned.

Typically Hollywood has been used to simply put tickets in the hands of eager fans of both the WWE and star in question and has been met with mixed results. But Amell at least from my causal prospective seems like his leather glove would fit this industry quite well.

First he is a well respected actor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Yes, he's also business minded, but who in Titan Tower isn't? Secondly, he trains under tutelage of former Ninja Warriors and is well versed in physical aspects of his work such that in large part he has done his own stunts unless truest danger exist. Where do I get this information from the behind the scenes of almost every episode of a city and fandom he has not let down. Third, he doesn't need the ratings his show is so successful that in tandem with the Flash the next big DC release, Legends of Tomorrow, was given the green light by CW executives without a full pilot! And lastly, the Arrow grew up watching the WWE of yesteryear making him a fan who is used to physicality and knows how to sell a gimmick along with tickets.

Then you look at his grudge matched partner Star Dust. Cody Rhodes is well known as being good to work with and has proven he can sell almost any gimmick with moderate to great success depending on whom you ask.

Besides this I can remember when Rhonda Rousey was at the last Wrestlemania and we were all collectively hoping she'd be making an appearance soon in ring, but obviously the UFC would never let that happen( maybe because she might actually break arms) and so we have the Arrow instead. What does this translate too?

Helping an industry of hardworking talent find there stride among many different tragic events of late and how suiting that Amell more than likely gets to fulfill a childhood dream and honestly? If he could trade his suit for a career in the ring? I wouldn't complain- after all many WWE alumni go on to Hollywood- I'm looking at you, Rock- so could the reverse be equally successful?

Regardless Amell is better than Snookie and is used to putting forth work effort for his fans, some of which include the WWE Universe. So the question I have is this stunt or not is this something you're excited for or is this just another in a long string of Hollywood fame being used to sell tickets? And further with training could you see Amell being a new addition to NXT talent?

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