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The Casual Observer: The Ghost of Wrestling Past


I was recently shown a YouTube video featuring the infamous Jim Cornette, whom many people consider to be an extremely polarizing figure within the world of what was wrestling entertainment.

In fact, just doing my research for this piece, Cornette reminded me of the hot potato no one really wanted to hold because he simply brought down what ever company or association he was with. You, the reader, may know more or feel different and that's fine; but back to the question at hand.

In that YouTube video, he essentially accused the product he grew up with now being watered down in favor for storyline rather than the sport he grew up admiring and promoting.

As he essentially stated; wrestling had become fake and hollow to the point where he didn't recognize it as what he had grown up with in the South.

Sound remotely familiar? Hasn't CM Punk- as reported by Lee Herbert- said the same thing? Wrestling is fake. If not gone forever- in all fairness it's now even called sports entertainment and not only is the term wrestling rarely used in the main program, but moves are discouraged, storyline takes the forefront both in back stage segments and the ring itself, and well if the character can sell merchandise- then that's all that matters to corporate especially given the chance that Vince McMahon needs to get his spot on Forbes back.

So the question for myself is this: why do they not acknowledge their past as being the premier wrestling venue they once were? There's nothing feasibly wrong with that and further are they hurting themselves by this rebranding? Because if a polarizing figure like Cornette and Punk can admit to this being fake I'm going to assume past Superstars and other Hall of Fame inductees can- at least to themselves admit the same thing.

What do you think? Is it truly okay for the rich history of wrestling remain a ghost? Or do we give it as much of a chance we would give the Divas?

Overall I guess what I'm asking is how could they honor the past without diminishing the future? After all at the start of every show they do say: Then, Now, Forever. But can they say that if they don't honor the ghost of wrestling past? I-as the Casual Observer- am not sure and hopefully those that read this can answer that for myself.

Andrew W.

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