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The Casual Observer: The Gift Of Gab

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As I was watching the WWE Hall of Fame this year – for the first time actually – I found myself in awe of how well spoken some of the former and current inductees were.

Stories, jabs at certain people, references to former inductees mothers – yes, I just made a joke; thanks Mr. T. As well as just earnest thanks and celebration of the moment and yes – tears.

But as I watched this ceremony I was suddenly posing a question: if these individuals had such a gift of gab and eloquent speeches both prepared and unprepared, why weren't they managers for some in the current WWE roster?

Now the obvious answer was age and other vocational interest. Discounting the latter, age is clearly not an absolute factor because you've only to look at Zeb Colter and his management of the Jack Swagger as The Real American, obviously Dutch Mantel expanded this into a movement and for a time, We The People became a stable and slogan throughout the WWE Universe.

In addition to that? During our watch party I could not help but ask: who were some of the greats of management when being a spokesperson for certain people or groups in the early days of wrestling in the WWE?

Our community manager, Jesse Sherwood, gave me the most succinct answer, listing off about five individuals, and at first I gave serious consideration into writing about these managers for this piece, but then thought, who could or should manage now?

And so I present my current day list, along with some explanation as to why. 

1) The Miz – In truth I've already covered my reason in a previous article, can we get a new mic? But beyond that Miz just with the help of Miz TV, the number of up and coming stars that owe part of there success to him? I'm not certain. Thus it's time to let him embrace his ego and help others find a voice that moves them forward.

2) R-Truth – When I think of giving Truth a chance; I'm of the opinion to give him a chance at handling a mic. Why? He has charisma, a sense of comedic timing, and is also a former title holder – and even though New Day for instance may suck? Maybe not if they had Truth and Lil' Jimmy in their corner, because honestly, the reason New Day can't seem to find a niche is because it feels disrespectful and all they really say in ring before a big move is... Their name. Saying something repeatedly won't make it true. No, in order for New Day to dawn as a stable they need a new voice and Truth has already proven he can get himself over. Imagine what he could accomplish for New Day or others.

3) Bad News Barrett – Barrett who has called matches before, and seemingly is loved for simply being the bearer of bad news, would be perfect as a manager particularly for any heels that are right on the cusp of finding a stride and just need a little bad news to motivate them to find the good in the bad, perhaps?

4) Dusty Rhodes – His resume is already established, and has been in backstage promotions with his sons, but what about with the faces of the company? Immediately John Cena comes to mind for the sheer fact that if Cena cutting the same type of spiel as always, then maybe he should do as Lana says and SHUT TUP! Afterward let Cena learn from a professional and just wrestle. Now before you say, Cena is done? Yeah maybe on the mic – but by trying to push the Champ down? He's only going to keep going until the WWE wishes him well in future endeavors and before that? I'd like to see Cena under new management. Does this mean Dusty can do it? I don't know – but if Zeb can; I'd love to see Dusty do it wouldn't you?

5) Alundra Blayze – I can hear it now, you've completely lost it now. Vince McMahon may have inducted her, but letting her back in as a manager? First – it's called let bygones be bygones; after all they did let Sting back in despite bad history with Monday Night Wars. And Blayze could manage either in the Divas Division or overall. Want to give Axelmania a real shot? Who better to help get it running wild than someone who managed and worked with Curtis Axel's father? Want to give the Divas a better shot at credibility? Who better than someone made in the USA? Never forget Alundra has the history, knows the score, and can hold her own against people like VKM and the Authority. She, like Stone Cold Steve Austin, isn't afraid of making bold statements and that's just the kind of person you need to help manage up and comers to make their own mark.

As a final note, yes I did pair a majority of these managers with people – but you're free to think of your own list, my point? I miss the gift of gab and wish it had more relevance in today's ring. 

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