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The Casual Observer: The Roman Empire

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Reading that title I'm fairly certain most of you are hoping I don't bore you with a history lesson; don't worry, I'm not one to willfully try to put my readers to sleep. 

Believe it or not the above title came from a fan sign one night on RAW – and well... My brain rattled an idea from my Gorilla Room, if you will, better known as my creative department for a lack of a better term.

That being said I'm guessing you can probably tell where this is headed: Rome wasn't built in a day, but Roman is ready too Reign over his empire.

Ever since the Royal Rumble fallout, Roman Reigns has had an uphill battle against the WWE universe and his former partner in the Shield, Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins.

And that's not the only place he's had to pave his way to the Main Event of Wrestlemania 31, I'm sure you all recall the rather trying gantlet he and Daniel Bryan faced together in the Authority? And other tag teams, one right after the other, of course, but for me these are a few of the things that tell me Reigns may yet earn his throne from the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar – and his mouth piece Paul Heyman (for the record, he's great on the stick, but John Stewart should probably write him a few jokes – or give him a Xanax).

Here's why I think Reigns will stand victorious over the carcass that is the Beast –

First, look at how he has handled himself. Right before Bryan could gain the victory over the Authority itself, he claimed victory for himself by tagging in and not apologizing. 

A true leader doesn't apologize for his actions and stays hungry to stake his claim in building his empire and beyond. Yes, yes, yes, Daniel Bryan was used and excused. Fair? All is fair in love and war, remember? It was clear overall from the look in his eye that this Superman wasn't going to be stopped: for any reason or by anyone.

Second, look at what happened on February 9th of this year 2015, in Ohio. Reigns literally won by sheer ire and determination over both Kane and Big Show by disqualification. Again was Bryan involved? Yes. But as Reigns said, you could believe that he would show his superhuman strength in full at Wrestlemania in defiance of the trials put in his way, by the decision passed down by Hunter and Stephanie. And a conquering emperor does not compromise on how he wins; he just wins – costs and scales can be measured after on the road to victory.

Third? His disrespect and lack of regard of Daniel a RAW later before Fast Lane; Bryan being a yes man cheers Reigns on out of respect – and his response? He signs autographs and takes pictures with his adoring populace and ignores what he felt was beneath watching any further. You want to rule? Mind your subjects and your detractors and pay no heed to what's not in front of you.

Conclusion? Determination, drive, and disregard for an enemy you've fought with and against: that's why he won at Fast Lane, and why he'll continue to carve out his empire in your hearts and minds; and no amount of force can stop someone whose got the bloodline, the desire, and the means to win against a Beast whose very carcass may not be fit for a WWE ring, providing the contractual disputes that surround him like a bad stink.

Could something happen between now and then, possible harassment from Seth and his company of stooges? Maybe, but it's the old case of unstoppable force meets immovable object(s) and right now love or hate him, an emperor is making his prescience felt throughout the WWE Universe.

And as to Rollins? I'll take him seriously when he can take a game of tag in better sport, and stops hiding behind J&J Security, I mean John Stewart humiliated him on the mic and off: a better broadcaster and comedian? Yeah, now there's a laugh from someone who had his Money handed too him, that's not a emperor, that's a peasant dreaming too big.

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