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The Five-Count: WWE Ending 2015 On A High Note

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The Five-Count 2015

Superstar of the Week: Roman (Freaking) Reigns

Roman Reigns has finally done it! With John Cena, and several other top names off TV, Reigns has stepped up and kicked butt to prove why he is at the top right now. In my opinion, Roman had four "performances" that were Slammy-worthy this week alone. First was the TLC match with Sheamus - those two know how to beat the crap out of each other! Roman destroying Triple H afterwards made for one of the most satisfying endings to a pay-per-view this year. Not only that, but the booking turned some haters into fans, which is best for business.

The next night on Raw, Reigns had two highly entertaining segments with Stephanie and Vince McMahon. We haven't seen segments like these since CM Punk was on top, and that's been three or four years. And finally... the moment some of us have been patiently waiting for: Roman Reigns pinned Sheamus to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The outcome was fairly predictable, but that didn't affect my reaction or opinion of the moment. Here's to hoping Reigns continues to stay on top as we head into WrestleMania.

Match of the Week: The Wyatt Family vs. Team ECW - Extreme Rules Match (Raw)

There were so many candidates for this spot. From TLC, to Raw, to NXT TakeOver: London, the ring work was phenomenal this week. I went with the Extreme Rules match that took place on Raw because I was hooked from bell to bell. I've never been a huge fan of hardcore wrestling, which is probably why I haven't watched much ECW in my time. This match brought me back to the days of The Shield's battles with The Wyatt Family and Evolution because the matches were all over the place, much like this one. I enjoyed their Tables Match at TLC, but this was a step above that in my eyes. If you haven't seen this hardcore war, I highly recommend you do so.

The Highlight: Gimmick Matches Exceed Expectations

Lately, I've had low expectations when it comes to pay-per-views because I don't want to be disappointed all the time by some of WWE's booking. I wasn't expecting much at TLC and ended up being very satisfied with what I saw. The four gimmick matches all lived up the hype. The New Day, The Usos, and Lucha Dragons killed it in the opening Ladder Match with all of their crazy high-flying antics and ladder spots. Unlike some fans, I was really entertained by the Chairs Match between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger, and that's saying something considering WWE's history with decent Chairs matches. As I mentioned above, the Tables Elimination Match was fun to watch. And to end the show, Reigns and Sheamus did a good job with their TLC Match.

The Lowlight: Rusev vs. Ryback

I wasn't going to complain about the bout heading into TLC because WWE needed a filler, plus it got these two on the card. In the end, though, I was disappointed with the boring match and wished WWE would've moved this to the pre-show and put Banks vs. Lynch on the main card for the heck of it. Here's to hoping this feud is over and doesn't spill into 2016.

Talking Point: NXT TakeOver: London

I read a lot of smark opinions from fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and the reaction to NXT's live special from London was sort of split. There were some who thought the show was good but not special because the outcomes were predictable, which was a fair point. And some didn't like it it all because nothing exciting happened. I wasn't able to watch the show live, which may have taken away from the viewing pleasure (but I did avoid social media and spoilers). I was pleased with the show even though nothing "special" happened. Asuka, Emma, Bayley, and Nia Jax furthered the development of the Divas Revolution with their bouts. The tag team division is alive and well as Dash & Dawson continue to rise. And, of course, Balor and Joe tore the house down with their main event match. What more could you ask for?

That's it for this week's edition of The Five-Count. What did you think of TLC and TakeOver? Did WWE turn you into a Roman Reigns fan this week? I would love to hear from you below in the comments area!

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