The Five-Count: Anyone But You Can Stop Me


Superstar of the Week: Randy Orton

This week, there really wasn't a clear cut star of the week for me. I would pick Cesaro or even Cena, but I will be highly praising them in a minute. Randy Orton returned from a vacation to attack Sheamus on Raw. It's very evident now WWE is setting up Sheamus vs. Orton for Battleground. Later in the week on SmackDown, Orton cut a promo on the Celtic Warrior when The Ascension came down to the ring looking for a fight. Both Konnor and Viktor fell victim to the RKO. WWE obviously doesn't have any immediate plans for The Viper, at least that we can tell. I would love for him to stay in the main event picture, but for now he'll be floating around in the upper midcard.

Match of the Week: John Cena vs. Cesaro - US Title Match (Raw)

Wow! The U.S. Open Challenge has certainly been a highlight of the year so far. Cena's ability to put on a match of the night contender every week he defends the title is amazing. This week's open challenge also marked the first time Cena has closed Raw since January 19 of this year! Can you believe that? And then you have the IWC's darling in Cesaro. Vince McMahon claims he listens to the fans, and I think he is being true to his word for once. Big things may be happening soon...

As for the match, this was just phenomenal! It easily tops their match from the week prior and every other awesome match Cena and Cesaro have had together. The move sets, counters, passion, and the length of this match just all culminated in a masterpiece. Cesaro didn't just reach for that brass ring Vince talks about, he grabbed it. Of course, Cesaro wasn't the only man in the match. Cena proved once again to the doubters that he is one of the best in the business. I'm out of words to describe this match, but I can say it's definitely on my Match of the Year candidate list.

The Highlight: Talking Turns To Fighting

I find it kind of sad that this segment from Raw is the highlight of the week besides the other two points I've already addressed above. When Rusev went down with an injury, I was fine at first with him still being on TV. I began to regret that feeling when Rusev aligned with Summer Rae, while Dolph Ziggler and Lana made out and walked around all happy. The talking just needed to stop because it was ruining Rusev's monster heel character. Finally, Rusev is back in action and beat the snot out of Ziggler. All I wanted was a brawl between the guys, and that's what we saw.

The Lowlight: 'Anyone But You' Can Stop Me

It's a bit annoying to me that Bray Wyatt keeps interfering in Roman Reigns' matches and standing tall after every encounter. I have a feeling Reigns may get the upper hand on Monday's Raw as we are now just a week away from Battleground. I also feel that Reigns will most likely win at Battleground. Sometimes I hate complaining about booking stuff like this because nothing really seems to change.

Prediction: It's Happening This Week, I Just Know It!

Once again, I'm predicting Charlotte's main roster debut to take place on Monday's Raw from Atlanta. It looks like all of the stars are aligning for it finally happen. WWE's Raw Five-Point Preview once again talks about no one being able to stop Team Bella. Charlotte and Sasha Banks have a big match on this week's NXT. And even some dirt sheets are reporting Charlotte and Banks are both debuting on Raw. My fingers are crossed as we prepare for Battleground. Something needs to happen!

That will do it for this week's Five-Count. What are your thoughts? Are you excited for Battleground yet? I would love to hear from you below in the comments area. You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

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