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The Five-Count: Give Eva Marie A Chance?


Star of the Week: Charlotte

Charlotte came out of this week with two "big" wins as her chase for the Divas Championship begins. On Raw, Charlotte beat Brie Bella to win the Beat the Clock Challenge to become number one contender to Nikki's title. The two are scheduled to face-off at Night of Champions, which is sure to be a must-watch match for several reasons. On SmackDown, Charlotte beat Tamina in a singles match to continue gaining momentum. Charlotte stood out to me this week more than anyone else because of the two "significant" wins.

Match of the Week: Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. The New Day (SmackDown)

SmackDown's main event featured an exciting tag team pitting Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose against WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day. As I reviewed in a special edition of The SmackDown Breakdown, I gave the match four stars and rewarded it with the match of the night honor as everyone worked really well together. If the tag team division is ever in need of a fresh tag team, Reigns and Ambrose would be perfect. Looking back at this past week, there really weren't many matches that could be considered great, just the average "good." Hopefully we see improvements on Monday's Raw.

The Highlight: SmackDown

As I was reviewing this week's results, SmackDown really jumped out at me as the show of the week. We saw fresh matches in The Dudley Boyz vs. Prime Time Players, Charlotte vs. Tamina, and The Shield vs. The New Day, as well as an entertaining bout between Sheamus and Cesaro. Raw just didn't have the same feeling, and that may be because there were two DQ finishes and three short Divas matches.

The Lowlight: The Ascension Aligns With Stardust

At this point, it feels like I'm writing The SmackDown Breakdown all over again... In Friday's article, I mentioned that I hated the fact that The Ascension aligned with Stardust. *Cue Daniel Bryan screaming no!* If King Barrett wasn't off filming right now, I would definitely keep Stardust and Barrett together because they had chemistry and seemed to click. Where will Stardust go with The Ascension? Considering most of us want to see Cody Rhodes back, this feels like two steps backwards from what we want. Of course.

Talking Point: Give Eva Marie A Chance

If any of you loyal readers read one of my Total Drama reviews of Total Divas, you probably read something about me defending Eva Marie. I'm back at it again because smarks get under my skin sometimes. This week on NXT, Eva Marie beat Billie Kay in a pretty good match. Granted, Eva didn't kick out at one point and almost cost herself the match, but mistakes DO happen, no matter who or what.

Since that botch on NXT, I've seen so many videos, pics, and memes on social media that showcase every mistake Eva has made in her main roster matches. It irritated me and I knew I would address the situation here.

Eva Marie was brought in to WWE in 2013 as a pretty face for Total Divas, we all know that. She had no wrestling experience whatsoever. Here we are two years later, and Eva has gone out of her way to receive personal training from Brian Kendrick. Hot dang, that must mean she still sucks, doesn't it? I see tons of improvements in Eva's ring work. Do I see perfection? Absolutely not! That isn't going to happen over night. People just need to chill and give her time to continue to evolve into an actual wrestler. I mean think about it, did The Rock or Stone Cold start out as WrestleMania main eventers? Nope! So just please do us all a favor and give Eva Marie a chance.

Now that I got that off my chest, this concludes this week's Five-Count! I would love to hear from you below in the comments area on anything WWE-related whether it be about Night of Champions, Eva Marie, etc.

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