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The Five-Count: It's A New Day, Yes It Is

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Ladies and gents, welcome back to another edition of The Five-Count! I missed writing a new one last weekend due to Extreme Rules, but am certainly glad to be back with another weekly breakdown. To start off, I'll share my quick thoughts on Extreme Rules 2015. Going in to the pay-per-view, I was really excited because I saw the potential. I was pleased with the show, and most everything met my expectations. We have the first two main events for Payback already lined up, which is certainly a good thing.

Superstar of the Week: Roman Reigns

I had a hard time picking this week's Superstar of the Week. I was looking for someone who had overall success from Extreme Rules through SmackDown. One name that stood out to me was none other than Roman Reigns. The Juggernaut overcame the Big Show in a brutal Last Man Standing match at the extreme PPV. The win was exactly what Reigns needed following WrestleMania. Reigns continued his roll as he teamed with former rival Randy Orton in the main event of Raw to overcome Seth Rollins and Kane. On SmackDown, Reigns beat Kane by count-out. At the end of the show, Reigns saved former Shield partner Dean Ambrose from Rollins and Kane. On top of all of this, Reigns will have another shot at winning the grand prize when he takes on Orton and Rollins in the main event of Payback!

Match of the Week: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. The New Day - Tag Team Title Match (Extreme Rules)

Extreme Rules provided us with many worth-watching matches from top to bottom. My favorite out of the eight, though, had to be the Tag Team Championship match. As many of you know, I have been a huge fan of Tyson Kidd since I started watching wrestling. Cesaro has also become one of my absolute favorites. Seeing Kidd and Cesaro capture the gold in February was a dream come true. Their PPV opponents, The New Day, consists of three very talented guys. I've always liked Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods. These guys did such an amazing job at performing a match of the night candidate so early on in the action. The great back-and-forth moves never stopped until Kofi Kingston scored the pinfall for the win. I was initially really disappointed that my boys lost their titles, but I am happy with The New Day being the ones to take the gold from them. These two teams had a fantastic rematch on SmackDown, and it was another great addition to this feud.

The Highlight: King of the Ring Returns!

Let's face it, the return of King of the Ring was so sudden. There were many fans that wish it had been dragged out longer than just two nights, but I was content with the length. What WWE needs to do to make it worth it is book the winner very carefully. The participants were great choices, in my opinion. Neville vs. Bad News Barrett was the perfect finals match, especially since they just had a match on the Extreme Rules kickoff. Barrett winning provides him a "last chance" at relevancy. As I mentioned, WWE needs to book Barrett carefully, and not put him under meaninglessly on TV. I'm very interested to see where King Barrett goes.

The Lowlight: Naomi Is Still Not Divas Champion

If WWE is trying to let Naomi's heel character develop a little bit more, I can sort of understand why WWE didn't have Nikki drop the title at Extreme Rules. Yet, it still disappoints me that Naomi does not have gold around her waist right now! She is so deserving! I have seen some improvements in Nikki Bella, however, I'm not hopping on that train just yet. I still can't stand her in and out of the ring. The other thing about The Bella's right now is we don't know whether they are babyfaces or heels. It doesn't really matter to me because I'll still be booing them every chance I get. Looking at the positives, it appears Naomi will be looking for another shot at the Divas Championship at Payback.

Prediction: Payback Match Card

Some matches have been confirmed, while others are developing. Here's a look at what I think the Payback card will look like as of now:

  • Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins - WWE World Championship
  • Rusev vs. John Cena - "I Quit" Match for the United States Championship
  • Lucha Dragons vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. The New Day - Tag Team Championship
  • Naomi vs. Nikki Bella - Divas Championship
  • Bray Wyatt vs. Ryback
  • Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus (possible stipulation?)

I left out the Intercontinental Championship because I simply don't know what to expect with that situation. There's still plenty of guys like Dean Ambrose, Bad News Barrett, Neville, Luke Harper, and Damien Sandow that I don't know where to put them in. They'd make for a good group of Money in the Bank challengers, which is probably where they will end up by June.

That's it for this week. Once again, I'm looking forward to a new week as we gear up for the summer. What did you think of Extreme Rules? What were your thoughts on my choices for this week? What do you think the Payback card will look like? I'd love to hear from you below in the comments area.

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