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The Five-Count: Kevin Owens Steals The Show Every Night

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Superstars of the Week: Prime Time Players

Nearly three years after WWE fans originally thought they would do it, Titus O'Neil and Darren Young were able to capture their first WWE Tag Team Championship with a win over The New Day at Money in the Bank. The party didn't just stop there as The Prime Time Players and Neville scored a victory over The New Day on Raw the next night. It's safe to say this was a fantastic week for PTP. Titus and Darren are very good workers and have been deserving of gold for awhile. I worry how WWE will use them as champs and even how long their reign will be, but the "power of positivity" will hopefully lead to good things.

Match of the Week: John Cena vs. Kevin Owens (MITB)

There was no doubt in my mind that Cena vs. Owens or Rollins vs. Ambrose would win this spot, and sure enough, I was right. There are some guys in wrestling that just click with everything they do. Cena and Owens are two of those guys that have "it." The back-and-forth action along with the nearfalls gave us a definite Match of the Year candidate. I do believe their Money in the Bank topped their awesome match at Elimination Chamber. What's next for these two now? A rubber match for the United States Championship at Battleground.

The Highlight: Kevin Owens Steals The Show Every Night

In my opinion, KO stole the show at MITB, Raw, NXT, and SmackDown. Owens had a fantastic week with two wins, one loss, and a draw. The NXT Champion had Match of the Night with Dolph Ziggler on Raw, Samoa Joe on NXT, and Cesaro on SmackDown. I hope the powers that be in WWE know what they have, because Kevin is something special! I couldn't be happier for Owens because a push this big so soon is rather rare nowadays.

The Lowlight: MITB Didn't Live Up To Its Potential?

For the most part, I did enjoy Money in the Bank. Of course, I did some complaints. Half of the card ended in screwy fashion. Bray Wyatt screwed Roman Reigns over. Brie Bella screwed Paige over. The Miz screwed both Big Show and Ryback over. It really isn't that hard to book one show without something screwy to further a storyline. It really isn't! Laziness is what WWE is giving us. The second half of MITB was fantastic I thought. I'm happy with Sheamus' big win, and I'm certainly glad Ryback is still Intercontinental Champion. How long will it be before WWE ever learns from their mistakes?

Talking Point: Save Us... Somebody, Anybody!

Our eyes were on the Divas when #GiveDivasAChance started, and now our eyes are back on the Divas as we begin to speculate what's next in the The Bella Empire storyline. Nikki Bella has held the Divas Championship for over 200 days now, and most of us are ready to move on. WWE had the opportunity to finally strap Naomi, but didn't capitalize on it. Paige could become the new face of the division, but they didn't capitalize on it. There is literally no one left on the main roster to take down The Bella Twins.

This is something our own Kendra Bunyon has talked about before, and I'm begging for it to happen... There are at least four women in NXT that are capable to taking over the main roster's Divas division. Those four are Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Becky Lynch. The most talked about is Charlotte. She's held the NXT Women's Championship and has been in developmental for over two years now. It's time! It's her time! Charlotte is the perfect person to join Paige to take down The Bella Empire.

When will this happen? I'm hoping as soon as Monday night on Raw. Paige needs help and no one is helping her. It's time for the NXT Divas to take over.

That's it for this week's edition of The Five-Count! I would love to hear from you below in the comments area about Money in the Bank or anything really.

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