The Five-Count: Tag Team Showdown At Hell In A Cell?


Superstars of the Week: The Wyatt Family

While the trio didn't compete in any televised matches this week, I wanted to give them props. Of course, it was the WWE Creative team that most likely came up with these ideas, but still. The Wyatt Family attacked Randy Orton and Jimmy Uso on Raw and SmackDown to prevent Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose from finding their third man. This is genius and creates entertaining TV, in my opinion. I'm looking forward to seeing if the third man is revealed on Raw or if we will have to wait until Night of Champions.

Match of the Week: Seth Rollins vs. Ryback - Lumberjack Match (SmackDown)

I enjoyed both matches between Rollins and Ryback this week, but I favored the SmackDown one more. And no, it wasn't because Rollins won... A Champion vs. Champion Lumberjack Match is a huge deal for SmackDown! It was exciting to see something new as opposed to a tag team match or a singles match that ends in DQ. The ring work was very enjoyable and the Lumberjacks were a nice addition.

The Highlight: Weekly Storylines

One thing I noticed, yet enjoyed, was the fact that a handful of matches or storylines from Raw were continued on SmackDown even if it wasn't related to Night of Champions. We saw Paige and Sasha Banks go head-to-head on both flagship shows. Reigns and Ambrose continued to find their partner, but The Wyatt Family always put a stop to that. Cesaro and The Miz went at it again on SmackDown, with Cesaro picking up the win. And lastly, as I already touched on, Ryback and Rollins had two worth-watching matches. We shouldn't expect something like this from WWE every week obviously, but it was fun to watch unfold on TV.

The Lowlight: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus - Part Who Cares?!

No matter how many times Randy Orton and Sheamus face each other, the majority of WWE fans' opinions of their matches will never change. The ring is *too* boring, but we know they are both capable of more. Their latest feud began in June before Money in the Bank. Here it is, the first week in September, and they are still facing each other! It should finally be over now, hopefully. I just don't understand how WWE can not see that this should've ended at Battleground.

Prediction: D-Von, Get The Cell!

During Monday's Raw, I had this spontaneous idea about the future of the WWE Tag Team Division. Here it is... The Dudley Boyz will most likely be facing WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day at Night of Champions. No matter which team wins, I'm predicting there will be a rematch at October's annual Hell in a Cell PPV. So what's the big deal? I'm going to say that the rematch will take place inside the Hell in a Cell structure!

Why? Well, the WWE Tag Team Division could use some excitement. The last time two tag teams faced off inside the hellacious structure was in 2009 when DX and Legacy were feuding. So, if WWE decides to somehow take this route, just remember you heard it here first!

That will do it for this week's edition of The Five-Count! I'm anticipating some kind of Night of Champions-related article in place of The Five-Count before the PPV, so be sure to watch out for that. Feel free to drop a comment with your thoughts and opinions below in the comments area!

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