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The Five-Count: Y2J Is Back - Or Is He?


Star of the Week: Charlotte

How could Charlotte not be the star of the week? This inspirational woman walked into Night of Champions last weekend with one goal in mind, and that was to take the Divas Championship from Nikki Bella. Charlotte accomplished just that when she made Nikki submit after nearly thirteen minutes. The next night on Raw, Charlotte picked up a victory over Brie Bella. In addition to her incredible wins, Charlotte faced triumph and backstabbing during these two nights. The new Divas Champion and father Ric Flair shared emotional celebrations at Night of Champions and Raw. After tears were shed on Raw, Paige decided to take matters into her own hands when she turned her back on PCB. This storyline shall be interesting.

Match of the Week: John Cena vs. Seth Rollins - U.S. Title Match (Night of Champions)

The match of the week was indeed the United States Championship match between Seth Rollins and John Cena at Night of Champions. As expected, these two went above and beyond to provide another stellar match. I just can't get over how well they work together. It's matches like this that make me want to ask John Cena haters why they still don't like the guy, because he can certainly do great things in the ring. Rollins was once again a bright and shiny star while having to pull double-duty at the PPV. In the end, Cena walked away with the U.S. Title and I was very pleased with everything.

The Highlight: Chris Jericho's Surprise Appearance

There was really no way you could've been disappointed with Chris Jericho's surprise appearance at Night of Champions. WWE could've opted for a "boring" option like Randy Orton, but instead, they logically surprised us all with one of the best in the world. Jericho obviously hasn't lost a step in the ring as he's worked live events since June. The only problem that I had with Jericho's booking was the end of the six-man tag match at the PPV. I may be jumping the gun and not being patient enough, but Y2J has yet to explain what happened between him, Reigns, and Ambrose. Randy Orton basically filled his spot on Raw like we are moving right along. I hope WWE capitalizes on a big opportunity they have to work Jericho against Ambrose or Reigns this fall.

The Lowlight: Cesaro - The Most Over Jobber

Is it that hard to find something for Cesaro to do besides jobbing? I was fine with Cesaro going under to Kevin Owens at SummerSlam. But here it is a month later and Cesaro goes under to Big Show on Raw. I get that Show has a "big" match coming up with Brock Lesnar next weekend, but like it really matters if Show can beat someone! Heck, even Mick Foley posted about Cesaro's treatment on his Facebook account. I guess we can at least appreciate Cesaro is being used on Raw and SmackDown, whereas Damien Sandow hasn't been on TV for months.

Prediction: Who Will Win The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic?

I don't get to talk about NXT too often here in The Five-Count, so I thought I would share my thoughts on the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, as well as which team I would like to see win it all. NXT TakeOver: Respect is being main evented by Bayley and Sasha Banks, so everyone else is taking a backseat to them, including NXT Champion Finn Balor. This isn't a bad thing though. Balor and Samoa Joe will take on Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady on this week's NXT to determine who faces The Mechanics at TakeOver. With that said, I highly believe Balor and Joe will get the TakeOver spot they both deserve. Do I think they will win the tournament? Probably not.

The duo that I'm rooting for is Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. Those two have untapped potential and could do some great things with the momentum they already have. My bold prediction includes Jordan and Gable beating Balor and Joe in the finals of the tournament. Balor and Joe's loss will set up a match between the two at TakeOver across the pond in December. Are you sold?

That will do it for this week's edition of The Five-Count. What did you think of Night of Champions? I would love to hear from you below in the comments area on anything from this past week in WWE!

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