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The Kevin Gill Show With Scott Hall

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I'm coming back at you with another breakdown of an interview conducted by ya boy KG Kevin Gill, with WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall, who appeared on this weeks edition of the Kevin Gill Show, your PMA power hour! Scott is without doubt one of the most interesting and charismatic characters the wrestling industry has ever seen and is always one of those guys that when he speaks you know you have to listen. So many interesting topics are touched upon in this rare and insightful interview with the man known as 'the bad guy', who talked about a range of topics including Triple H, meeting Seth Rollins, Positive Mental Attitude, Sean Waltman, Larry Zybysko Vs Bruno Sammartino, Diamond Dallas Page, AWA and WCW memories, how a chance encounter with Barry Windham changed his life, and so much more. There were other topics Scott mentioned too which I am going to cover now.


Scott spoke openly about one of his biggest influences in Curt Hennig, of whom Hall said "to me, Curt is a magical guy. He was so unselfish, and he was influenced by Pat Patterson, who is a genius." It sounds like Hennig and Patterson were both large influences on Scott, who said they helped teach him not to do what some guys do and kick out on three as this doesn't do any favors for the guy going over. In the words of Hall "if it's your night, it's your night. Let the people get what they want!" While this is something I think we very rarely see Hall has a point in that if your going to put someone over the worst thing you can do is kick out as the three is counted. It makes their finish just look weak and it makes it look like sometimes the loser doesn't maybe want to do the job. One instance that springs to mind is when Ultimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 6. Hogan kicked out just as Warrior got the three count which was a little disrespectful in my mind as Hogan had been put over by so many guys over the years that the least he could do here was let Warrior have his moment. Maybe it was part of the script so as Hogan didn't look weak but it's something that has always stuck in my head as somewhat odd.

Scott also spoke openly about the relationship he has with his son Cody Hall, who is currently working in Japan and has recently just become a member of the Bullet Club. Scott spoke about how Cody sometimes just used to take what he said as him just being his dad, but Scott was always trying to do his best to help his son's career. Hall said "I always tell any young guys, particularly my son Cody, I'm his biggest fan… I say listen to everybody, then make up your own mind, then do your own thing!" I think these are particularly wise words as Cody is still quite young, and according to Scott had been doing a lot of high flying and high risk moves. When Scott asked Cody why he was doing it, Cody's answer was simple; he was getting in all his highlight reel moves while he was still young. Scott would have done the same kind of thing back in his day and you can look no further than his Wrestlemania 10 ladder match with Shawn Michaels. Those men took so many risks in that match at a time when high risk really was simply classed as diving from the top rope. Cody has a bright future if he listens to his dad, but equally he needs to make sure he does his own thing and doesn't allow Scott's legacy to cast a shadow over his career.


Scott's appearance at Wrestlemania 31 was discussed and it seemed like it was very much a mutual thing that wasn't planned till nearer the time. Scott spoke of how the company contacted him prior to the event, negotiated his fee, and boom there he was. Speaking about the experience Hall said "I was so happy to be a part of Mania, and to see the level of performances by guys and then to be there at Raw to go to see some of these young guys and talk to them and go BRO!" We can go over and over the booking of the Sting and Triple H match and say that the NWO and DX didn't need to be a part of it, and we can in hindsight say it didn't need to turn into a whole WWE versus WCW deal, but lets just sit back and take in what we witnessed that night; we saw some of the biggest names in the industry united together in one ring at the same time. I never thought I would see Scott Hall back in a WWE ring because of how close to death the guy was a few years ago so to see him having turned himself around and appear on the grandest stage of them all again was a huge deal. Would I like to see Scott in another match? He would need to be in the right kind of shape for it if he was going to be serious but in honesty I would love to see him get in that ring one more time.

Hall went on to speak about his aspirations of passing on his knowledge to the next generation of WWE Superstars and Divas, by saying his goal is to become a trainer for the WWE NXT product. Speaking openly about what he hopes for Hall said "I'm a huge fan of NXT. Believe me, my goal is to someday have a position there. So I'm throwing it out there to whoever is listening, like Triple H." He also went on to reveal "I watch NXT all the time. I'm more involved in wrestling currently, then I have been in a long, long time. Because I have a son who's on the scene, so now we gotta watch NXT because those are his peers, those are his competitors, those are his co-workers, and maybe his buddy's down the line." I would love to see Scott get himself in the developmental system in WWE, and maybe even one day on the creative team as I believe Hall is much like Jake Roberts, he has one of the most creative and intelligent minds in the business that has so far gone completely untapped due to his personal issues. Hall could have a huge effect in shaping the futures of the next WWE Superstars and Divas, and I personally believe it is only a matter of time before Hall gets a job with WWE in NXT.


Hall also spoke about the life of him being a professional wrestler, the decisions he made, and the sacrifices that he made which we all take for granted. On these subjects he said "I didn't always make a lot of good decisions, but my kids still talk to me, and my kids still love me, so I couldn't of been that bad of a dad. I know that the trade off of being on the road and being a pro wrestler is that your entertaining a lot of people's kids, while your kids are sitting at home. I did what I had to do. I was trying to to score while I could, when I was young, and then I could retire." The issues Scott went through during his life have been well documented, and how the man is alive is probably still anyone's guess but I am truly thankful and grateful Scott is still here to pass on his knowledge and experience to the world, and I truly hope this isn't the last we hear of Scott on the Kevin Gill Show, as I feel we barely scratched the surface. So Scott and KG, if you're reading this we would all love to hear and see a part two of this series go down!

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