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The Main Riots/Upsets

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I agree, WWE has been making mistakes now and then. They don't use talent exactly the way they should. Which brings me to this article.

The fans were and still are upset that Dolph Ziggler hasn't received a big push in a long while. This has been going on for many months actually. It all started a while before Survivor Series. Dolph was being thrown into matches with lower level competitors than himself, or with higher superstars just to push the opposing competitor. He finally got the shot to prove himself at Survivor Series, when he was added to the main event for the pay-per-view. It was Ziggler who was the last competitor on Team Cena. It was Ziggler versus three of the members of Team Authority. It was Ziggler who eliminated two of them, and with the help of Sting, finally pinned Rollins. It was Ziggler who showed that he truly deserved a push.

However, at that point, it didn't matter who won, because Ziggler had without a doubt proven himself in that match. He showed that he deserves a push, and yet, ended up in a dead end. He had a story line going, but got shut down when Cena began to heat a rivalry between himself and Rusev. This got Ziggler shut out, sending him right back to square one. I could easily see Dolph going over at WrestleMania 31, to win the Intercontinental Championship. This would finally give him some time to truly prove himself as the champion, even though in my opinion, he already has. Ziggler is a very talented and well-rounded competitor, and should be somewhere close to the top right now. He has enough charisma and plenty of in-ring talent.

The second big riot, which I think has been getting bigger and receiving way more heat in recent weeks, involves Roman Reigns. Fans have been repetitively saying that he was handed the Royal Rumble victory on a silver platter. Sadly, it's true. Everyone thought he'd win, and after the careless elimination of Daniel Bryan, it was almost certain that he would go over. Once he did go over, the fans were definitely upset, you could even hear the audience's chants.

At one point, before Rusev came from under the ring, the fans were chanting "Refund!". They then later changed the chant to "Rusev!". The audience was obviously not satisfied, and neither were a majority of the fans at home apparently. I for one, believe that he should get a shot at WrestleMania. Yes, most of you say there are people who are ten times more talented than him. Well, a majority of those people have already gotten the WrestleMania Spotlight, some more than others.

He is already obviously set to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 31. With the right execution of talent, he could definitely (and hopefully) prove most fans wrong, partially including me. He's fairly good in the ring, but when it comes to the mic, let's just say it's not as pretty. I say give him the shot. See what he can do, and hopefully pull off a great match.

Ziggler should win at WM 31, and prove himself yet again, to get a major push hopefully this time. Reigns, well let's just hope he does well against the Beast Incarnate.

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