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The Casual Observer - The Passing Of The American Dream

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Today, the wrestling community is left with solemn hearts as we all bid a sad farewell to one of the greats that made wrestling, both the sport and entertainment a must watch event.

I will be the first to admit that as the casual observer, I knew and know the least of his career and the numerous accolades he provided this business.

In fact many of us at WNW are in shock at various levels and have many different perspectives too share on this sad day so perhaps while mine may lack knowledge it does not lack sincerity for what and who Dusty Rhodes meant to you as a community and individually.

What I know of Mr. Rhodes is that even in backstage segments I always had the distinct privilege of seeing unbridled and perhaps equally unrivaled passion for the legacy he helped make a reality for all of us.

I also know that even he could still sell a feud and deliver a better promotion than perhaps the entire current roster that may seem a bit much for some to accept, but when you're a naturally gifted entertainer, well you as a reader wouldn't question if Jimmy Hendrix could shred a national anthem and I wouldn't question the fact that there is a reason he shed blood, sweat, and tears that earned him the moniker of being the American Dream.

Even though he has passed his dream is sustained by his sons, the WWE, and the Universe itself.

The reason I have a great deal of respect for this man is because he readily identified with his personage and I would've liked to believe that his real dream is that we live free and true to ourselves.

Recently Jamie Welton even published a piece on Darren Young and the hurdles that being a different sexual orientation places on him. Some of the comments I read were negative- and I must admit I'm baffled by these. Why? We live in a world were "sex sells" and yet equality seemingly fails.

Is this the dream Rhodes would've supported? I should think not. I'm in no way saying you as readers aren't entitled to your own thoughts on this issue, but with America trying to find its way on the topic and Ireland being the first country to simply legally recognize any couple; I think we owe it to ourselves to simply accept the fact that this is inequality and we fought as a country some two hundred years prior to free ourselves from a monarchy that simply told us what to do for King and Country as mindless serfs.

That is why the Declaration of Independence states: in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

There are no qualifiers on that pursuit and that is why I have always said of those gone before us: the only thing we can do to honor our dead is to live and to do so with courage and dignity such that our passed loved ones can rest well knowing we lived well and that we lived our own American Dream.

That I feel is what Rhodes leaves behind as a legacy, a reminder to live free and happy lives unimpeded by the thoughts of others and in so doing living as fully as this man we are mourning today did, thank you Dusty for giving all of us a vision of your America and hopefully we can make you proud of the future we want and will achieve with you as an example of character, heart, and courage. Truthfully, no words will measure what you've passed on to us- but know that some will act on this not just for you but our own loved ones. Travel safely and as Ozzy Osbourne once sang, I'll see you on the other side.

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