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The Revolution Is Here. Are You Glad That It Has Arrived?

Week after week I scratch my head about the faction “The Revolution”. I do like the talent individually. As a collection of talent I am not quite sure all of the members mesh together, though. The leader of this faction is James Storm who is portrayed as a cult leader. I hate to compare him to Bray Wyatt but the idea of this faction appears that TNA was trying to copycat The Wyatt Family but tweaked it some for the formation of “The Revolution”. I like James Storm and do think he is doing a solid job as the cult leader considering who the creative team is. I do like the fact that his character has evolved over the years.

There is one person that I don’t think belongs in this group and it's Abyss. I can see why though the creative team thought he would be a good fit. As a long time character Abyss is appeared to be a lost soul who is a monster of destruction. The issue that I have with it is that he is veteran and we have already seen this in the past when he was aligned with James Mitchell. What we are seeing isn’t all that creative. Abyss’s character hasn’t evolved much over the years. Tell me fans, what do you think? Do you think he belongs in the faction?

The other members I do like and do think it’s helping each wrestler. Once known as Sanada is now The Great Sanada who is resembling The Great Muta. I like the character and his talent in the ring is well showcased. Manik is progressing and is quite athletic. I think he is also a solid addition to the group. The latest addition who once was Mahabali Shera is now Khoya. All of these guys have similar styles (acrobatic, athletic, and fluid) and do think putting them together was a good idea.

The flaw with this group though is the direction of “The Revolution”. They feuded with “The Wolves” who are also young talent. “The Revolution” needs to feud with some veterans to make this group better. If you removed Abyss from the group he could one of the opponents. I also think it would be interesting to see them battle with The Beat Down Clan (BDC). Not to beat a dead horse, TNA should be looking at this faction and watching the progression of the in-ring performance of this group. Perhaps now you can see why I’m scratching my head. Please TNA give this stable better direction.

I wouldn’t mind hearing the reader’s thoughts. Is this a good faction? The Revolution came and are you glad they arrived? Do you think Abyss belongs in this group? Are you scratching your head too?

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