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The Shield, In The Making

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Yes, once you hear the name "The Shield", you instantaneously think of three very well rounded competitors. The Shield was a tag team group that consisted of three wrestlers, known as Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns. These three people were a true tag team trio, and definitely proved that with their in-ring abilities. However, everyone starts somewhere, and these three had an extraordinary adventure.

First, there's Dean Ambrose, also known as "The Lunatic Fringe". He's the type of guy who isn't afraid to put himself out there. Ambrose started in developmental, where he went through rigorous training to get to where he is today. Dean was a person who would throw his body out there without it mattering what happened to it and his health overall. When he began in developmental, Dean quickly worked his way up to the top of their roster, followed shortly by the next third of The Shield, Seth Rollins

Rollins is now one of, or if not, the biggest heels. Except, he wasn't always this way. When Seth started, he was quickly noticed, and built his way up right next to Ambrose. These two men were by far the top two competitors of their time in developmental. Ambrose and Rollins battled against every other competitor in developmental, and there was only one match the fans still really wanted to see: Ambrose vs. Rollins.

When this match finally ago, these two men put everything they had on the table, and the fans loved it. They were then continuously put into Iron Man matches, and battled it out from around 15-45 minutes, mainly because the fans just mainly admired the way they wrestled. Once these to competitors finally proved themselves to the likes of a more well-known brand, they were brought up to NXT.

Seth Rollins started out in NXT, and he was a nobody, but just like developmental, Rollins built his reputation quickly. Seth earned a shot at the vacant and newly-crafted NXT Championship, in a tournament full of other well-deserving men as well. Everyone put everything they had into this tournament to show that they should be the first ever NXT Champion. Eventually, Seth went into the finals, and won, to go on to be the first NXT Champion in history.

Out of no where, a competitor who no one really knew, showed that he was a very strong and well-rounded competitor as well. This man is none other than the muscle of The Shield, Roman Reigns. Roman was unstoppable as he came into NXT. He, as well as Seth, contributed a lot to what NXT is today. Rollins once claimed that he constantly called and asked John Laurinaitis when he would be brought up to WWE. John then replied to Rollins with "Patience is a virtue."

Then from the shadows, came Ambrose, who was absent for a long time. Without thinking, (or caring) he walks up to the legend, Mick Foley. Ambrose then confronts him. Dean then calls him a criminal several times. This was completely off script, and although there were cameras around at the time, neither wrestlers met eyes with the camera. It was the big talk of the month as Dean tried to make a name for himself. This surely got Ambrose noticed and he was brought up in reputation, both good and bad.

All three men, Reigns, Ambrose, and Rollins finally received a chance at stardom, as a tag team. Little did they know, this would soon become one of the most dominant and prestigious tag teams in history. The scene was at Survivor Series. The match was John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Ryback for Punk's WWE Championship in the main event. Ryback had gained complete control in the match, Shell-Shocking both Cena and Punk. Shortly after finishing Cena, Ryback appears to be going for the pin. Then, come in these three men that no one knows anything about. Three men from NXT hoping to make a name for themselves, and surely enough, they did. By inserting this group into the main event at Survivor Series, it caused people to say "Who are these guys?!", or "What are they doing here?!". Dressed in black guard uniforms and mauling Ryback, they then send him over the rope to the announcers table. Reigns clears the Spanish announce table as the other table was previously destroyed from Ryback being sent through it in the match. Rollins and Ambrose lift The Big Guy up, and triple-Powerbomb him through the table with the help of Reigns. The nameless group stands tall as Punk desperately covers a knocked out Cena for the win, starting a very intriguing storyline.

As time goes on, they continue to attack people with a "pack of wolves' mentality", as Michael Cole would say. They soon became known as The Shield, a group attacking only certain people. That quickly changed as they rebelled and became the unstoppable tag team fighting anyone and everyone in their path.

Except, all good things (or in The Shield's case, all great things), must come to an end. This remarkable, exquisite, and astounding tag team was actually destroyed from its core. This means that one of their own members was responsible. This man is none other than "the mastermind of The Shield", Seth Rollins. Striking Reigns with a chair, followed by the beating of Ambrose, marks the end of "the most dominate and destructive force in WWE". The breakup sends all three members into singles competition to see what they can do on their own.

If you would like my opinion, I'd say The Shield was arguably one of the best tag teams ever. This is mainly because each third of the group brought something different. Reigns with his power, being the "muscle" of the group. Rollins being the "mastermind" of the group and the high flier. Lastly Ambrose, who however he didn't bring one specific trait to the team, brought many, such as not caring what happens to him. Rollins and Ambrose would throw themselves out there every single time they had the opportunity. This was a true tag team and I agree it had to come to an end eventually.

This tag team could've gone on longer if Vince wanted. Right now, I'd say they'd be lining up a feud for WrestleMania 31. They were an exceptionally gifted tag team and I was sad to see them go. I also admit, I was surprised it was Rollins to be the one to turn. I honestly thought it'd be Ambrose to turn on his brothers. Think about it: The one unstable man in the group. Rollins and Reigns were a tag team within the tag team. They held the championship for quite some time and were very dominant, and Ambrose seemed to be the odd man out in that situation. Plus, it only increased the chances that he would be the one to turn on his brothers at Royal Rumble. Reigns was going to eliminate someone, and Dean attempts to throw both of them out, but Seth stops him and it causes troubles throughout The Shield.

Please leave comments about what you think of The Shield and where you think they would be right now if Seth hadn't turned. Also, you can comment what you think I should write about next if you want. Thanks!

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