The Stone Cold Podcast - What We Learned About Brock Lesnar


Immediately following this weeks episode of WWE Raw we were treated to another exclusive Stone Cold Podcast, exclusively on the WWE Network. This time Stone Cold's guest came with much hype, speculation, drama, and an air of mystery all at the same time. Brock Lesnar is rarely one to grant interviews like this so to have him sit down and talk with Austin in front of millions of viewers really was a big deal. The WWE Universe and Austin's podcast listeners will have tuned in to see whether or not the much anticipated tease of a match at Wrestlemania 32 would go down as well as to learn more about the special attraction that is "the beast incarnate".


The obvious question on everybody's mind was whether or not Austin and Lesnar were going to plant the seeds for a match at Wrestlemania 32. In fact there will have been people who probably watched specifically just for that. After a tease between Stone Cold and Paul Heyman on a previous episode the world waited for that moment where the two would start to build s program. However that moment never came during the entire hour Austin and Brock talked, leading me to believe there may indeed not be a match between Austin and Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Austin and Heyman only have themselves to blame in a sense for creating the hysteria in the first place, and I'm sure they knew what they were doing. I wouldn't write the chances of a program off between them as there are still several months until Wrestlemania. But the chances of the program have been dealt a significant blow at this point.

Brock came across to me in this interview as very much being the kind of guy he portrays on television, in the fact that he doesn't really deal well with people and likes to spend time in his own company. Brock grew up as we all know on a dairy farm in the middle of nowhere, where he had to work hard and that gave him the drive and determination to know that if he worked hard then he would always be able to use that mentality to get where he wants in life. In his early life he never really watched wrestling, although he did wrestle during his colleague years where he of course won the NCAA Championship in his senior year. Brock also spoke about his football career in high school and how he was offered many scolarship opportunities to go on and play football, but instead he went on a different path in life. He spoke briefly about his tryout for the Minnesota Vikings after he first left WWE, but how after a few weeks he decided he didn't like and ended up being cut from the team after 8 weeks.


That age old question of are you a pro wreslter or a sports entertainer came up, which I think Brock answered rather well. Brock sees WWE for what it is, and that at the end of the day is a business so that is how he treats it. He turns up, he does his thing, doesn't bother anybody and then goes. Brock mentioned that he appears cocky and arrogant and that while he may come across that wya he really isn't that kind of person, but he is a man with a chip on his shoulder and always feels he has a point to prove. He is going into his match against Undertaker this Sunday at Hell in a Cell, for what is being billed as the last time knowing that the match won't be easy and it will be full of carnage. Brock is going there to end Undertaker and is coming to hurt the dead man. The ending of the Streak at Wrestlemania 30 was naturally raised and Brock said he felt the decision for him to end it was right, despite the criticism he received for it because he is the most credible guy who could have done it. Brock said he knew how big the decision was and knew that it was huge for him as a person. Brock was right on the money with these comments and didn't seem phased by the negative reaction of some fans toward the decision, which I guess is the right attitude to have because you can't let others influence your way of thinking and let them get you down if the decision is for the right reasons, which this was.

Brock also spoke about his UFC career during the interview and how at the time he was with WWE during his first run he felt like he couldn't do it anymore due to the travel, the people and he felt like a trapped animal. His final match against Goldberg was a match that he admits that neither he or Goldberg wanted to be involved in because they were both unhappy. Brock sees himself as a man who is built to be in the ring and that's it, meaning he isn't one for all the travel that comes with being a WWE Superstar. When Brock originally wanted to go to UFC, the president and owner Dana White didn't think he was serious until Lesnar attended a Randy Couture fight and jumped the barricade post-match to speak with him. Brock only asked for one match and the two never even talked about money or a bigger deal until after Lesnar's first match, which Lesnar admits he was unhappy with himself in for tapping out to Frank Mir's leg lock, especially after spending weeks practicing reversals for that very move. It was after that fight that Dana said he wanted Brock to stay with UFC and they worked out a deal. During the recent negotiations over his WWE return, Brock also revealed he was seriously considering returning to UFC as he felt that the diverticulitis that almost cost him his career and life robbed him of being a bigger success in UFC, though I think that was his way of saying if it wasn't for that he would not have come back to WWE.


Overall I was pleasantly surprised by how open, honest and real Brock came across in this interview. There was no hiding behind any corporate or business B.S. and it was all about Lesnar as a person and the fans getting to see a side of Lesnar we rarely ever get to see. The chat felt personal and it was evident it was between two very good friends. Brock came across as very grateful for the opportunities he has been afforded and thanks both Vince and Dana White for helping him make money over the years. While Lesnar stated he has an idea of where his future is headed he didn't want to really give anything away right now. I'm sure in time we will see Lesnar's future play out before our eyes but I get the feeling he is very happy with his current arrangement. I really enjoyed this podcast and would encourage you all to go out of your way to check it out and learn more about the man that is Brock Lesnar.

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