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The Tarnished Legacy Of Hulk Hogan

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Unless you have been living under a rock recently you will know the biggest talking point in the wrestling industry right now is Hulk Hogan, and it isn't for the reasons anyone associated with him would want it to be for. Racial slurs are an every day occurrence but are unacceptable in any walk of life, but even more so from a man who personified to be the picture of an American hero. Many grown adults, myself included grew up idolizing Hulk Hogan as a role model and a man of ethics. Didn't Hogan's theme song 'Real American' claim that he would "fight for the rights of every man" after all? Seems a little bit hypocritical when you think just about what he has done. And not only did he make a racial slur, it has now been confirmed he made a homophobic slur, further diminishing the legacy of Hulk Hogan in the wrestling industry. I remained quite on the situation to a point, with only the odd Facebook post about it but now I feel it is time for one of us as a writer here at WNW and WWE News to address the Hulk Hogan situation and just what damage he has done to himself, to his friends, family, business, and legacy. I want to stress however these are the opinions of me only, and do not represent the views of Wrestling News World, or anyone associated with the website.

Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night

The National Enquirer first broke the story of Hogan's racial slurs following transcripts of his now infamous sex tape with Heather Clem, the former wife of Bubba "The Love Sponge". The claims were then verified by several different sources and would later be confirmed by Hogan himself through way of an apology for what he is quoted as saying were his "unacceptable actions". In the statement Hogan claims these comments were not part of who he is as a person or his personal beliefs. Well if that is the case sir, why on earth did you say it at all? You CANNOT say something like you did and then claim that is not the kind of person you are. If that isn't what you feel you would never have had the hatred and darkness inside of you to say it, plain and simple. There is no defending what you said and you cannot simply just say sorry in this situation.

Oh and then it gets better. Instead of trying to give Hogan damage protection in all of this his lawyers say that if they find out it was Gawker Media that leaked the comments, they will bury them. Now call me an idiot here if you want but why are you not trying to protect your client here instead of throwing around threats? Hogan is the one you should be mad at for ever making the comments in the first place. Is it right for the comments to be leaked? Absolutely. Why shouldn't they be out there for the world to hear what a racist bigot Hogan really is? A question I would love to ask Hogan's lawyers; Would you be happy to let your son put up a Hulk Hogan poster on his wall? Now knowing what he stands for and has said it would be irresponsible. I'm not saying it's wrong to be a Hulk Hogan fan; what he did for the WWE and wrestling back in the 1980's and WCW in the 1990's is without question a huge accomplishment, and he cannot just be erased from history like that but modern day Hulk Hogan pretty much lost the right to be an icon the day he made those disgusting comments.

Hogan Obama

It is my belief that WWE did the only thing as a company they could in terminating Hogan's contract. As a publicly traded company with shareholders and corporate sponsors to answer to I see it that they had no choice but to cut all ties with the man. If the company had kept him on they would have come under immense pressures from outside influences, and perhaps even internally to end their relationship with him. Yes Vince McMahon can been seen as a hypocrite by many for doing the same thing back in 2005, and while it totally isn't acceptable for anyone to say the word you can at least say Vince was doing it as a character on a television show. If Vince McMahon himself said that in reality I would be calling for his resignation from WWE, but it was Mr. McMahon saying it not Vince. Hogan wasn't saying it as Hulk Hogan, he was saying it as Terry Bolea. When you look at it from that perspective maybe you can see why Bolea saying it, whether in private or not is a bigger issue than Mr. McMahon saying it in a skit. I'm not trying to defend Vince's use of the slur in any way here, but the two incidents are on completely different scales.

This hasn't just impacted on Hulk Hogan's WWE contract. The effects of this expand much further with him now no longer being featured in the WWE 2K16 video game, he is no longer a judge on WWE Tough Enough, his merchandise has been removed from WWE Shop, and his removal from WWE's website. That is a heck of a lot of income Hogan is losing out on here, and I doubt WWE will be the only company to drop him from advertising of any kind. Think about Hogan's Beach bar business in Tampa Florida, which has to be affected in all of this. He will no longer be likely approached by television or film companies. Hogan has ruined himself, made a difficult future for himself going forward, and only has himself to blame. Sure his friends like Kevin Nash, trying to provide damage limitation for him but what doesn't help is Hogan taking to Twitter to constantly re-tweet messages of support from people, some of which are actually mocking him. The worst thing he can do right now is be on any form of social media because he is leaving himself open to more abuse and accusations being hurled his way. If I were Hogan right now I would literally be keeping myself locked away and out of the public eye for a while to limit the damage I've already done.

Hulk Hogan

To end this I want to give you my final thoughts on what this has done to my opinion of Hulk Hogan. My opinion of Hulk Hogan the wrestler has not really changed. Like what he has done or not he is partly the reason we are all here today and I am able to write about this great industry, and for that I am forever grateful when it comes to his contributions to wrestling. My opinion however of Terry Bolea has changed in the fact I find I can no longer respect a man who is blatantly a racist and homophobic person. The actions of Terry Bolea have also tarnished the legacy of a legendary icon in wrestling, meaning there is a generation of fans now who may never know who Hulk Hogan is or was because of all this. When you think about it that is actually quite a sad thought. A man who gave so much to the industry we all love has thrown away his legend, his legacy, and his right to be known as an icon all because he chose to spout his true feelings in a moment where he thought he was protected. Sadly the real side of Terry Bolea has been revealed, forever irreparably tarnishing the legacy of one of the most beloved characters in WWE and wrestling history, Hulk Hogan. I hope your proud of yourself Hulk, because no amount of saying your prayers or eating your vitamins is going to save you now. I guess this truly was the day Hulkamania finally died.

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