The Zack Attack (4/20/15)


Welcome to a new segment that I call the Zack Attack! My name is Zack, and I shall be attacking the things about WWE programming which I find sub-par for the week. I know, I'm pun-tastic. Keep an eye out for this segment each and every week, and let me know what you think in the comments! Feel free to also add what you think needed some attacking for the week in the comment section. Alright, now that you know how this works, let's get started with this weeks topics!

Phasing out the Curb Stomp

Curb Stomp

The big story going into and coming out of Monday Night Raw this week was whether or not Seth Rollin’s Curb Stomp was “banned” or not. I think the real interest in the main event this week was whether or not we were going to see the Curb Stomp appear or not. We certainly got our answer come the end of the match, when Seth Rollins hit a Single Underhook DDT in place of the Curb Stomp. Fans collectively sighed a breath of disdain as they realized we’ve probably seen the last of the Curb Stomp as Rollins main finisher. The reason that is being reported for Seth phasing out the Curb Stomp is that it appears to be dangerous looking. With WWE’s firm stance on concussions, and the move essentially looking to damage an opponent's skull, the WWE decided to phase it out. That is absurd though! If a move doesn’t look devastating, what’s the point in doing it? JBL says constantly, “This isn’t ballet!” If anything the Curb Stomp seems mild compared to some other moves we see. Randy Orton’s DDT from through the ropes, Triple H’s Pedigree, Dolph Ziggler’s jumping spike DDT, Undertaker and Kane’s Tombstone Piledriver, all seem more dangerous to me. In reality the Curb Stomp is one of the safest moves I’ve seen in a while. Hell, Undertaker suffered a major concussion because of a basic hip toss. CM Punk said it best in his interview with Colt Cabana when he said that wrestlers throw their heads at the mat for a living. It seems foolish, when Seth Rollins is now hitting a peak in his career as WWE Champion, to phase out his finishing move only to phase in something else that seems less effective. Rollins is an incredible worker and has a huge arsenal, he can easily pull out another finisher and make it work, but should he have to is the question. The answer is no.

A Cage match to keep people out?

Steel Cage

Last week Randy Orton and Seth Rollins were able to make their selections for their match at Extreme Rules. Seth Rollins made a smart move and took Orton’s biggest gun out of the equation by banning the RKO in their match. Orton said he decided to follow a similar move, but realizes that Seth’s biggest advantage was not his Curb Stomp, it was The Authority and their ability to interfere on Seth’s behalf. So, in order to balance the scales and insure that The Authority couldn’t interfere, Orton made their match a Steel Cage match. Here’s my question: Since when did a Cage Match prohibit anyone from interfering? I can’t actually think of a cage match where someone didn’t interfere. Whether it’s people climbing into the cage, walking into the cage, slamming the cage door in someone’s face, pulling someone out of the cage. Cage matches have interference written all over them! Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Randy Orton to ban any member of The Authority (including Noble and Mercury) from ringside. If anyone interfered or even appears at ringside Seth loses the match and the title.

Turning the Bella’s face

The Bella Twins

This Monday we saw, what looks to be, the turning of the Bella Twins from heels to faces. It, like many other Divas feuds, lacks any logic at all. With Naomi turning heel, Paige being out of action while she films her new movie, and AJ Lee retiring, the Divas division is in need of faces. I guess WWE thought that it would be best to turn the Bellas face, the problem is they did it with no explanation or reasoning whatsoever. The Bellas, who have been the ultimate bullies for months. The Bellas who have been the epitome of the female heel role. Off the top of my head, they spray painted Paige because she “needed a tan” on Raw, they stole Paige’s clothes, they constantly attack Divas after matches, they mock other Divas constantly, they’re condescending and flat out mean. They’re basically the reason the Be-A-Star program exists. Yet, now with Naomi turning heel, we’re supposed to believe that they’re the good guy all of a sudden? It lacks any logic and is insulting the fans. The #GiveDivasAChance movement wasn’t only about giving the Divas more time in their matches, it was about giving them better storylines and giving them the same effort and respect they give the men. This Bellas turn just goes to show that WWE could care less about their Divas.

Putting the Miz over Sandow

Damien Mizdow & The Miz

Possibly the biggest head scratcher in WWE right now is how WWE is booking Damien Mizdow/Sandow. Mizdow was one of the hottest things going for the last several months. Any time he would come out the fans were hot for him. They teased and teased and teased him turning on the Miz, but they just wouldn’t pull the trigger on it and the fans got bored. Now, they finally turned him, and while it may be late, it’s always better late than never. All WWE had to do was book him with some confidence and the fans would do the rest. He has proven that even with the worst gimmicks WWE could throw at him, he can get the crowd on his side. Yet, they’ve put the Miz over more than they have Sandow. Rumors are saying that Miz is leaving, again, to go film another movie. Why wouldn’t you have him do the honors and put Sandow over? It honestly seems like WWE is trying very hard to sabotage Damien Sandow. Maybe Vince just doesn’t like the guy, or something, but it definitely feels like WWE is doing their best to make sure that he isn’t going anywhere.

Big Show vs Reigns again

Roman Reigns

My biggest gripe with WWE right now is that they are doing Big Show vs. Roman Reigns again. This is such a huge mistake that I can’t really believe WWE is doing it. Roman Reigns is coming off the biggest match of his career at WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar and they’re just murdering any momentum he had coming out of that match. Roman Reigns and Big Show had a loooong rivalry going into WrestleMania season. A rivalry that nearly killed the momentum of Roman Reigns. The problem with working with the Big Show is that you’re never going to get a 5-star match. This is at a time when Roman Reigns really needs to be putting on 5-star matches. I hate to say it because I really respect the Big Show, but he is boring to work with! Roman Reigns didn’t build any real momentum working with Big Show going into WrestleMania, and he is definitely losing momentum coming out of WrestleMania. You would think that WWE would have picked up that a rivalry with the Big Show was bad for Reigns and would have given him a different opponent coming out of WrestleMania season. Especially because as the Reigns/Big Show rivalry went on Reigns started making quick work of Big Show, now all of a sudden Big Show is on par with Reigns again? It lacks logic and it is putting the fans to sleep. I honestly couldn’t care less about the winner of their match at Extreme Rules. All I can hope is that they put this rivalry to bed after Sunday.

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