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The Zack Attack; Cena Still The Champ, Nikki Over AJ, Brock Lesnar, and Whiny Rusev

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The Zack Attack is back! I have been away due to injury, (trampoline parks are dangerous, this has been a public service announcement) but I’m happy to be back attacking things the WWE is currently doing. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Not Strapping Kevin Owens with the United States Championship.


Why, oh why, wouldn’t you strap Kevin Owens in his last match against Cena? It’s a perfect scenario to do it. You’ve got this brash, talented wrestler who comes up and beats John Cena in his first match. Then, John wins the second match, to justify a rubber match. The stars are all aligned, we have Cena/Owens III, Owens has dropped the NXT Championship, the United States Title is on the line. It’s the perfect situation to pass off the United States Championship to someone who can maintain the prestige of the championship and free John Cena so that he can return to the main event picture. The booking is FLAWLESS! Except for one thing...WWE dropped the ball on the 1 yard line! We couldn’t possibly let the mighty John Cena look bad and lose his title! Kevin Owens ended up tapping out to Cena, too! I know a loss is a loss, but, to me, tapping out is so much worse. WWE has moved forward with Owens vs. Cesaro, which will be an incredible match, but would be much better if the United States Championship had been added to the mix. John Cena is now chasing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the match is going to be for both the World Championship and the United States Championship. It seems pointless and I have to say I see it ending in a DQ so that both men retain their championships. What a waste.

Using the Diva Revolution as an Excuse to Erase AJ Lee’s Championship Run.

I am extremely happy to see that WWE is finally taking their Diva’s division seriously. Since Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks have been called up we have seen a dramatic increase in quality and quantity of Diva’s matches. That is DEFINITELY not a bad thing, and not part of the Zack Attack. What is, however, is the fact that WWE is clearly using the Divas Revolution as a way to extend Nikki Bella’s championship reign past AJ Lee’s record. It’s ridiculous and obvious at this point. WWE points out how long Nikki has been champion every time she comes out to the ring, and how close she is to breaking AJ’s record. However, at SummerSlam the Diva’s Championship will NOT be on the line, and it likely won’t be defended again until at least Night of Champions on September 20th, 2015. This puts Nikki past AJ’s record, when she isn’t even defending it. Not to say the Diva Revolution isn’t great and past due, but I can’t help but feel like they’re using it to avoid taking the title off of Nikki Bella, who is one of the least talented Divas in the Revolution storyline.

Stop Wasting Brock Lesnar’s Appearances

lesnar sitting

I think WWE fans and WWE executives can actually agree on one thing, Brock Lesnar’s appearances are precious. Everyone knows that Lesnar has a set number of dates in his contract and using them wisely is important. Why, then, are we having appearances where Lesnar and Heyman show up, but Heyman does all the talking while Brock just stands next to him. If you’re going to do that, skip the Lesnar appearance and just have Heyman do his thing. It is a cop out to fans to say that Brock Lesnar is going to appear on Raw, and having him show up, walk out, stand there silently and leave. It’s clearly an attempt to spike ratings without having to work for it.

Rusev as the Pitiful Ex-Boyfriend

sad rusev

Rusev has fallen so far. It’s unfortunately, too, because everyone thought it would happen but for different reasons. Everyone thought Rusev would become the next Vladimir Kozlov and his gimmick would fall flat. It wasn’t until he dropped that gimmick for the pitiful ex-boyfriend gimmick that he really fell from the graces. Honestly, this whole storyline is absolutely awful. Dolph and Lana’s interactions have been awkward and seem forced. Rusev has come off as nothing more than a 13 year old boy who is mad his girlfriend broke up with him. Summer Rae looks crowbarred into the story. Rusev comes off more as a whiny child than a professional wrestler. I actually feel bad for the guy, he was going strong and now he is just another midcarder with a terrible gimmick that is tanking his appeal. His in-ring segment are my new pee break, because Lord knows it’s not the Divas matches anymore. Not only are his segments and matches bland, boring and pitiful, they are repetitive! With Rusev being unable to wrestle because of his foot, then Ziggler unable to wrestle due to contract negotiations, we have been getting the same segment over and over! I say it’s time to hit reset on Rusev and let him come back as the destroyer again, because I sure can’t take him seriously as a beast now.

What do you think? Is there anything I forgot to Zack Attack? Did I attack anything unjustly? Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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