The Zack Attack; No Enforcements, Wasting Wyatt, and The Bright Side


Welcome to another week of The Zack Attack, as usual please feel free to tell me your thoughts and if you feel like something else from this week needed a Zack Attack, let me know in the comments!

No Enforcements

kiss me arse

At Extreme Rules this Sunday Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus faced off in a Kiss Me Arse match. The loser had to pucker up and plant a wet one on the winners ...arse. The match was actually really enjoyable. I thought Ziggler and Sheamus put on a great match and I’m not upset that the rivalry is continuing to Payback. The issue I had was that at the end of the match, Ziggler gets his hand raised and when it comes time for Sheamus to plant on one Ziggler’s backside, slams Ziggler with a low blow and makes Ziggler kiss his lily white butt. What was the point of the match stipulation if it doesn’t even get enforced?! Not only did Sheamus not have to pucker up after losing, there was no repercussion for him not doing it. I get that this was done so that Sheamus and Ziggler could both come out looking good and to get Sheamus over as a heel. That said, there needs to be follow through with these storylines. In the mentality of the storyline, Sheamus signed a contract for a match with Ziggler saying the loser kisses the winners arse, so when he didn’t there should have been repercussions on Raw. Fast forward to later in the evening at Extreme Rules in the main event, Randy Orton faces off against Seth Rollins in a Cage Match where the RKO is banned. How does the match end? After a ton of interference, Seth Rollins hits the RKO on Randy Orton and then escapes the cage for the win. So why didn’t Seth Rollins lose that match? Because...oh well storyline logic. They addressed him using it on Raw, but it seems like they were just trying to cover up terrible booking. When is WWE going to start enforcing the match stipulations that they build up? I know it’s a show and it’s scripted, but it insults the audience who watches your product.

Wasting Wyatt

Bray Wyatt Live

Since WrestleMania we have seen Bray Wyatt giving cryptic messages about someone. We didn’t know who until this Monday night when Bray came out to defend his brothers honor. Bray Wyatt BOOOLLIIEEEVES. Ok maybe not, but we did find out that Ryback was who Bray has been talking about for the past few weeks. Wyatt beat down the big guy and then later cut a promo about him. I get why WWE would leave him off of TV, just doing these cryptic messages if his opponent was going to be Seth Rollins, or Triple H, or John Cena or anyone who was a main event wrestler or someone who was already wrapped up in a storyline. Ryback is not a main event talent nor was he currently in a storyline. Then why did we have Wyatt missing from TV for nearly a month? My only thinking is that WWE was giving him time to heel up his ankle which was twisted before his match with Undertaker at WrestleMania. They just seem to be wasting Wyatt and letting his potential burnout. How is he going to go from wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania, which in my opinion is more prestigious than wrestling for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, to a rivalry with Ryback. I’m not trying to take anything away from Ryback, he has done a great job of re-establishing himself as a solid performer. Going from Undertaker at WrestleMania, to Ryback though? That’s a pretty significant drop! I read on the comments thread during Raw that the rivalry does nothing for either of them. I think that we need to wait to see how it plays out, because it could be a solid mid-card rivalry. The issue for me is just that there are too many extremely talented guys who are just kind of sitting around waiting for an opportunity to come along. This is why it frustrates me so much that Kane and Big Show are two Superstars who are being featured predominantly on WWE TV right now. There are too many guys with incredible potential to be giving top spots to “reliable veterans” right now. I would much rather see a guy like Wade Barrett or Sheamus be in The Authority than Big Show and Kane.

The Bright Side

I decided in an effort not to be incredibly negative to throw this segment in, when it is deserved. This might not be something that is added into every week of The Zack Attack because to me WWE has to really earn the praise. That said, I think WWE absolutely did earn some praise coming out of Extreme Rules. First off, Damien Sandow looked GREAT on Raw and I am happy he's getting a real shot finally. I was extremely happy with Extreme Rules, too. I went in to the PPV with Extreme expectations, in that my expectations were extremely low. With PPVs I am normally plopped on my couch ready to go by the time 7:30 hits. The build to Extreme Rules was so “blah” that I didn’t even bother, I took my fiance out to dinner and we came back and watched a movie. The bar was set pretty low, but they did a really great job with the event. Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus, with the exception of the post-match fallout, put on a helluva match. The Tag Team Championship match was one that really took me off guard with match quality. New Day and Cesaro and Kidd came to impress and they did just that. There are people who will disagree with me, but I enjoyed the United States Championship Russian Chain match. I like the bit of creative swerve with Ambrose and Harper being split up, and I thought the match in general was well done. Roman Reigns and Big Show really, really surprised me. I thought it told a great story, I thought it got the crowd behind Reigns which is crucial right now, and the most important thing about that match is that it entertained me! I was outspoken about Big Show and Reigns facing off again, saying it was a huge mistake. While I stand by the crappy build, I stand corrected about match quality, it was an incredibly entertaining match, easily the best “extreme” match on the card. While the main event was a victim of overbooking in the finish, I thought Extreme Rules earned a solid A grade in my book. Some people said that it only deserved a B or C because of the fact that the results were very predictable, but that didn’t matter to me. At this point, most WWE programming is predictable, but I was entertained by these matches and that’s why it earned an A to me.

WWE Extreme Rules 2015

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