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Thoughts On Latest TNA Creative Decisions... My Mouth Is Shut!

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Richard's Backstage Blog

The questionable booking of TNA Impact Wrestling continued at last night's taping in Macon, Georgia with James Storm dropping the TNA Championship to Bobby Roode. Rather than programming the former tag team in a hot program over the next couple of months, the plan is for Roode to defend the TNA Championship against AJ Styles at TNA Turning Point.

Eric Bischoff

My thoughts? I'm keeping my mouth shut and watching from afar. I destroyed TNA for putting Roode under at Bound For Glory only for Storm to take the belt off Kurt Angle a couple days later in an abbreviated match in Orlando. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan responded to the criticism of many by calling us marks and mocking the Internet's involvement in TNA's product. The company went on the post a 1.35 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 2,019,000 viewers, their highest number of the year.

It wasn't the mocking and ridicule from Bischoff and Hogan that made me stick my foot in my mouth, it was the numbers. Numbers don't lie and the goal is to make people watch. TNA silenced me with the rating so I am not saying a word about the latest twist in a storyline that I feel is improperly booked. At the end of the day, regardless of what me or anyone else thinks, it comes down to how many people watch. The only way to send a message is what you decide to do with your remote.

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