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Time To Lose Sentimentality And Gain Credibility At Wrestlemania

The WrestleMania card is coming together and has the makings of a classic, if Vince and the writers are prepared to make some brave decisions.

Lana & Rusev

It is looking increasingly unlikely that Brock Lesnar will be remaining with the company beyond March unless he is playing serious hard-ball over a new contract. Offering to help current WWE nemesis CM Punk prepare for his UFC début, the much speculated over Raw walkout last week and most recently being photographed with UFC President Dana White would all suggest his mind is already elsewhere. The internet is awash with rumours about contract negotiations but it is hard to imagine his current terms could be improved on given his light schedule and unique sponsorship allowances.

Therefore it is time to look to the future and for the WWE champions of the future to make their mark on "The Grandest Stage of Them All". There are some fantastic opportunities to elevate a new generation of superstars if Vince and the writers can put sentimentality and aside and take a few risks.

I predicted last month that at FastLane Rusev and Bad News Barrett would both be victorious as it would then set up the traditional face wins at WrestleMania. Although it wasn't the result that everyone wanted I don't think there was anyone who didn't predict that Roman Reigns would defeat Daniel Bryan and then Lesnar at 'Mania.

What if this year the writers continue where they left off last year in ending "The Streak " by producing even more results at odds with tradition? (And I don't just mean Triple H booking himself to beat Sting!)

It is inevitable the Undertaker will be returning to face Bray Wyatt in what is being dubbed as a "passing of the torch". If that is truly the case then "The Eater of Worlds" needs to win. There was never be another Undertaker, but if Wyatt is going to pick up the mantle then losing to a 50 year old who hasn't been in the ring for a year is hardly going to secure his status as one of the biggest names in the company.

If The Undertaker is now only capable (or only wants to) wrestle once a year then it's time to call it a day and this should be used as an opportunity to end the Undertaker story in a suitable way for the character. After taking the soul of The Undertaker Wyatt's credibility will be at an all time high and a legitimate WWE title challenger.

United States champion Rusev remains undefeated and claimed his biggest victory to date at last month's PPV against John Cena. It seems inevitable that the "Hero of the Russian Federation" will be defeated for the first time in the return encounter and Cena to once again take the glory in "The Showcase of the Immortals". Rusev's feuds on the main roster have been Rocky-esque with the political and patriotic imagery so if anyone is going to end the streak surely it is going to be WWE's very own answer to Rocky Balboa.

But what if it doesn't happen? It would be a genuine shock and a massive talking point after the event. Cena has achieved everything possible and doesn't need the win, it would be monumental for Rusev and his character though. No longer just a mid-card destroyer, people will now be genuinely wondering who, if anyone, in the whole company can beat him. And there you have it WWE has a replacement for Brock Lesnar as the number one monster heel on the same night he leaves!

Vince McMahon has flirted with heels being victorious in the main event on a few occasions but with the current situation that seems an impossibility. That is unless you add Seth Rollins to proceedings. Rollins is red hot at the moment and was criminally underused at FastLane is a boring, pointless rehash of a tag team match we have seen a million times already. Rollins cashing in on new champion Roman Reigns could do wonders for both.

The Daniel Bryan mini-feud and it's conclusion with a passionate (and very professional) promo from Bryan attempted it, but the heat Rollins can generate could be exactly what is needed to bring the Reigns doubters onside. Align Rollins with Paul Heyman which has been hinted at previously and you have a championship feud to take you through to SummerSlam with the newly elevated Wyatt chomping at the bit.

There are lots of ways WrestleMania can be exciting and memorable and I just hope that we are talking about it for the right reasons afterwards. There is no room for sentiment and obsession with tradition.

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