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Welcome to our exclusive live ongoing play-by-play coverage of TNA Against All Odds. Please use the links above and below to follow along with this particular match. Continue to refresh the page for the latest updates.

We get a video package detailing the recent history between these two men, and the interjection of Christopher Daniels, and what has led to this match.

Kazarian is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he doesn't look to happy to be accompanied by Daniels. Daniels appears unaware of this though, smiling and talking the whole way down to the ring. Kaz and Daniels get a pretty mixed, but mostly negative reaction. Kaz is even wearing a Daniels t-shirt. Styles is the next man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a huge pop from the crowd as he makes his way out.

Daniels hypes up Kaz on the outside before making his way up to the apron with him. Daniels tells Kaz not to take of the t-shirt, but to wrestle in it instead, before he drops back down to the floor.

The bell rings, and Kaz asks for a handshake right away, but Styles backs him up into the corner and rips off the Daniels shirt. Kaz charges Styles, but ends up thrown down to the mat, where he's locked into a side head lock. Kaz tries to fight it off, but Styles continues to grind down on Kaz. Styles flips Kaz over and down to the mat, trying to wear the man down. Kaz rolls out of the hold, and hits an arm drag, holding on in an arm bar.

Styles fights up to his feet and reverses, taking Kaz back down with another side head lock. Kaz gets up to his knees, then feet, fighting his way out into a hammer lock on Styles. Styles turns things around, but Kaz ends up being thrown to the floor by Styles.

Styles stares down Daniels, who shouts encouragement to Kaz. Kaz heads back into the ring and he's met with a nasty kick, then a beautiful dropkick to the fact. Styles stares down Daniels again before turning back to Kaz and laying him out with a big backbreaker.

Styles picks Kaz up and slams him face first into the turnbuckle before blasting him with a kick to the back. Styles hits Kaz with elbows to the back before whipping him across the ring. Kaz is able to jump over Styles and drive the back of his head down into the mat. Kaz heads to the outside, and he avoids a plancha from Styles, but Styles lands on the apron and connects with a flying forearm out to the floor to Kaz. Styles and Daniels continue to have words before Styles rolls Kaz back into the ring.

Styles clamps on the Indian deathlock, but Kaz is able to make it into the ropes to force a break. Styles continues to work over Kaz in the corner, whipping him hard across the ring. Styles misses a flying forearm and Kaz connects with a big monkey flip out of the corner, to the approval of Daniels. Kaz gut wrenches Styles over into a big slam, but only gets a one count off of Styles. Kaz slams Styles to the mat before springing off the middle rope with a big led drop which is good for another one count.

Styles sends Kaz into the ropes, but he's taken back down to the mat by the back of his head. Kaz sends Styles into the ropes and hits a crazy modified hip toss which is good for another near fall, but still not a three count. Kaz pins up Styles and hits an atomic drop, then spin kick which is good for yet another two count.

Kaz picks Styles up and whips him across the ring hard. Kaz picks him up again, whipping him across the ring and following up with a side Russian leg sweep for another two count. Daniels is upset at Kaz's lack of success. Kaz puts on a front face lock to continue to grind down on Styles' stamina.

Styles gets back to his feet and connects with a couple of forearms, but he's met with a big kick from Kaz that's good for another near fall. Kaz buries his knee in Styles' back and he pulls back on AJ's arms. Kaz puts Styles' stomach on the mat and continues to yank on his arms.

Styles fights up to his feet and hits Kaz with a couple of right, but Kaz is fighting right back with rights of his own. Styles lays out Kaz with a clothesline, then another, and then an enzugiri.

Styles hits a DVD styles neckbreaker, putting Kaz down neck first across his knee, before Styles takes Kaz down yet again for a near fall. Styles calls for the Styles clash, but Kaz fights it off, tries to reverse, but AJ counters. AJ charges into a big boot and Kaz hits a huge dropkick that launches AJ across the ring and puts him down for another two count.

AJ fights back and tries for the Styles clash again, but he's fought away by Kaz. AJ goes out to the apron and Kaz hits him with a shoulder to the gut, before he launches himself into Styles and drives AJ head and face first into the apron. Both men fall out to the floor.

Both men are able to beat the count back into the ring, but Kaz meet Styles with a boot to the side. Kaz whips AJ back into the ring and catches him with a cutter, which lays him out for another two count. Kaz picks Styles up and takes him into the corner, seating him on the top turnbuckle. AJ fights Kaz off, but is met with a big running dropkick that keeps him seated on the top.

Kaz heads up after AJ. AJ tries to fight it off, and he's able to by hitting a head butt. Styles hits the moonsault reverse DDT out of the corner, but he can't keep Kaz down for a three count. AJ stomps away at Kaz before picking him up to his feet, and trying for a suplex. Kaz lands on his feet and connects with a reverse Russian leg sweep type move.

Both men get to their feet and Kaz gets a couple of near falls. Styles gets a two count off of a bridge, then connects with the Pele kick out of nowhere and both men are down.

AJ charges Kaz and is back dropped out to the apron. AJ fights off Kaz and jumps up to the top rope, balances for what seems like two seconds, then hits a moonsault to the outside onto Daniels. Styles heads back into the ring and he's caught by Kaz who hits the fade to black, and lays out Styles for the three count.
Winner: Kazarian

Another great match from two TNA originals. Daniels climbs in the ring immediately following the match so that he can celebrate with Kaz. We get highlights of the match, which was another good outing on this card.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is standing with Eric Bischoff and Gunner. Bischoff says he's pissed off that Hulk needs to insert himself in his family business, but at the same time, he's grateful. He says the Gunner is probably going to destroy Garrett. So much so that Garrett may never be able to participate in physical activity again. He says he knows it's hard for a young man to live up to his father's success, and maybe he's driven Garrett here. He says he's going to give Garrett and Hulk and extra option tonight, and that's to throw in the towel. Gunner says tonight he's going to finish what he started. He says they're going to need that towel to wipe up what's left.

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