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TNA Bound For Glory Results (10/14/12) - Jeff Hardy Wins The TNA Championship

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TNA Bound for Glory Results
Sunday, October 14, 2012
From Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona
Report by Sean Hopkins of

The show opens with a video package highlighting the history of Bound For Glory as well as various talents talking about the importance of the night.

No pyro, but Mike Tenay welcomes us to Phoenix, Arizona for the biggest PPV of the year, Bound For Glory. The crowd seems pretty hot, and ready for some wrestling. Tenay immediately begins hyping the main event which will see TNA World Champion Austin Aries defending against Jeff Hardy. He also highlights the match that will see Bully Ray and Sting teaming up to take on Aces and 8's.

TNA X Division Championship Match
- Zema Ion (c) vs Rob Van Dam

The entrances:

They're heading straight into the matches though, as Rob Van Dam makes his way out for the first match of the evening. Zema Ion is out second, and he gets a good bit of heat, mostly because he's not RVD, on his way out to the ring.

The start:

The crowd is solidly behind RVD as the bell rings. RVD and Zema lock up and RVD goes behind Ion. Ion turns things around, but RVD is able to take him over. Ion backs off and says RVD pulled his hair. Zema jaws with the crowd, and RVD pulls him back by the hair before slamming him into the turnbuckle and jumping off the middle rope with a single leg drop kick the sends Ion to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

RVD teases a dive, but Ion gets out of the way before he can leap. Ion gets back in the ring and is able to lock in a head lock, but RVD fights out, only to take a dropkick to the knee. RVD sends Ion into the corner, and Ion hits a crazy twisting press for a two count.

Ion mocks Van Dam, so RVD crotches him on the top rope, and wipes him out with another dropkick that sends him to the outside. Ion catches RVD with a shoulder to the gut, then a second. He leaps into the ring with a crazy DDT that's good for another near fall. Ion beats on RVD in the corner with a series of stomps before sending RVD across the ring and running into a back elbow. RVD heads to the top, but Ion pushes him off into the guardrail. Ion dives over the top and wipes out RVD before mugging for the crowd.

Back in the ring Ion gets another two count. Ion chokes RVD on the middle rope before kicking him in the side of the head. Ion drives his shoulder into RVD's back before blasting him with a big forearm to the side of the head. RVD reverses a whip across the ring and tries for a monkey flip, but Ion drops him down face first into the top turnbuckle before heading to the top and taking out RVD with a missile dropkick. Ion gets another near fall.

The finish:

Ion sends RVD into the ropes and catches him in an abdominal stretch, wrenching away. RVD fights out of it and he and Ion trade rights. Ion kicks RVD in the gut, but ends up tossed up into the air and hit with a dropkick to the gut. Van Dam hits rolling thunder and heads to the top. He hits the five star frog splash and goes for the cover. RVD gets the three count.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Rob Van Dam

JB is backstage alongside Magnus. A fan from Twitter wants to know if it's the most important match of Magnus' career. Magnus says it's the biggest night of the year for the company. The night when he gets the chance to become the World TV Champion. But tonight, he's free, broken out of political prison. Joe can't hide behind Hulk Hogan anymore. He asks how Joe can follow up his most disappointing loss.

TNA TV Championship Match
- Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus

The entrances:

Magnus is out to the ring first for the next championship bout, and he draws a fair amount of jeers from the crowd. Samoa Joe is out second, and he definitely seems to have the support of the crowd heading into this one.

The start:

The bell rings and Joe and Magnus begin circling each other. They lock up and Magnus goes after Joe's arm. Both men wrestle down to the mat and reverse each other's hold. Back on their feet we get another lock up. Magnus backs Joe into the corner and breaks clean. Yet another lock up and Magnus backs Joe into the corner again, trying to whip him across the ring.

Mid-match notes:

Joe reverses and runs in with a back splash in the corner, and a huge kick. Joe peppers Magnus with right hands before it's broken up by the ref. This allows Magnus to sneak in a sucker punch, which allows him to score with a couple of uppercuts. Joe answers back, but runs right into a big clothesline from Magnus.

Magnus beats down Joe in the corner, but Joe comes back with a series of jabs. Magnus responds with a jumping high knee to wipe out Joe before choking the big man against the middle rope. Magnus leaps in with a running elbow to the back while Joe is propped against the ropes which sets up a near fall for the brit. Magnus hits Joe with a couple more uppercuts and Joe comes back with a series of slaps. Joe hits the ropes and runs into a Michinoku driver which is good for another near fall for Magnus. Magnus backs Joe into the corner hard, but when he comes off the middle rope and jumps into a Manhattan drop, big kick and back senton. Joe slams Magnus to the mat hard for a two count. Joe hits Magnus with a powerbomb and locks in the stf.

Magnus wont tap, so Joe tries for the rings of Saturn. Magnus fights out of it, so Joe tries for the muscle buster, but Magnus sends Joe to the mat and hits a top rope elbow drop for a two count. Magnus and Joe struggle for positioning, Joe tries for the rear naked choke and Magnus drops him down with a chin breaker.

The finish:

Joe is able to lock in the rear naked choke and take Magnus down to the mat, and Magnus is forced to tap out in the middle of the ring.

Winner and STILL TNA TV Champion: Samoa Joe

Backstage, JB interviews Bobby Roode. Roode says this hatred can change lives. They've hated each other their entire careers. If King Mo thinks he's going to get in the way he's got another thing coming. Roode reminds Storm that he's never beaten him, and after the last time Roode won, he took his ball and went home, and after tonight, he'll send him home forever.

Street Fight Match
Special Guest Enforcer King Mo
- James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

The entrances:

The first man introduced for the match tonight is King Mo, the special enforcer. Mo makes his way down to the ring to little to no reaction from the crowd.

Bobby Roode is the first of the competitors to head out to the ring, and he doesn't seem to get much of a reaction from the crowd either.

James Storm is out next, and the Cowboy gets a much warmer reception from the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings and both men stare each other down while talking a little trash. Roode throws the first punch, but Storm backs him up with punches of his own and a clothesline. Storm heads into the corner and takes a couple of punches from Roode, but hits him with another clothesline and a big right hand in the corner before whipping him across the ring and hitting a big back body drop. Roode is able to back drop Storm to the floor, but he lands on his feet, yanks Roode out to the apron and kicks him in the head. Roode drops to the floor, and Storm takes him over into the guard rail before slamming him into the apron.

Mid-match notes:

Roode is able to send Storm off for a bit, but a quick stare down with King Mo leads to another clothesline from Storm. Storm takes Roode around ringside and slams him into a chair, but Roode is able to whip Storm into the guardrail. Roode charges, but Storm catches him with a Russian leg sweep, driving Roode's head into the guardrail. Storm points at the announce table and he tries for the eye of the Storm, but Roode drops out of it and hits him with an elbow to the face before catapulting him into the ring post.

Storm is bleeding from the forehead as Roode heads under the ring to grab a trash can. Roode grabs a chair a drives it into Storm's midsection before whacking him across the back. Roode sends Storm back into the ring where a chair and trash can await before he grabs a kendo stick. Roode heads back into the ring and wedges a chair in the ropes in the corner. This allows Storm to grab the kendo stick and hit Roode across the back. Storm places the garbage can in between Roode's legs and uses the kendo stick to swing for the fences.

Storm winds up with the trash can lid, but misses his shot and tumbles out to the entrance ramp. Roode goes for a trash can shot, but Storm catches him with a shoulder to the gut. Storm pulls Roode out through the ropes, with a suspension DDT a la Randy Orton, and drops him on the entrance ramp. Storm grabs a crutch from one of the fans in the audience and drives it into Roode's gut.

Roode and Storm begin trading trash can lid shots, and Storm gets the better of the exchange before blasting Roode with a shot with the whole trash can. Roode is cut open, but Storm is pouring blood, his whole face is covered. Storm charges Roode, but gets put down with a spinebuster on the ramp. Storm falls out to the floor and Roode follows. Storm hits Roode with a right and takes a sip of a fans beer. Roode comes back and fights Storm around the ring, but Storm is able to slam Roode head first into the announcer's table. Storm stands on top of the table and tries for a suplex, but Roode fights it off. The two trade rights, and Roode spears Storm off the announcer's table and through another table beside it.

Roode brings things back into the ring and tries for a cover, but he's only able to get a two count. Roode argues with Earl Hebner in the corner, and King Mo is in to break it up. Roode shoves Mo, so Mo shoves back, sending Roode into a code breaker from Storm. Storm gets to his feet and psychs himself up, hitting the last call superkick, but it's not enough for a three count.

Storm tries for another superkick, but Roode catches his leg and tosses him head first into the chair wedged in the ropes in the corner. Roode grabs the tights, but Storm still kicks out at two. Roode seats Storm on the top turnbuckle before heading back to the outside under the ring. Roode grabs another chair and uses it to blast Storm across the back. He goes under the ring again and grabs a bag that's filled with thumbtacks, spreading them all across the ring. Roode heads up after Storm and tries for the superplex, but Storm fights it off with rights, pushing Roode off into the thumbtacks.

The finish:

Storm hits an elbow drop from the top rope, but it's not enough to keep Roode down for a three count. Roode hits Storm with a low blow before bailing to the outside again. Roode has tacks stuck all over the back of his body. Roode grabs a six pack of beer bottles and heads back into the ring. He opens one, and tries to use it, but Storm hits him with a low blow. Storm grabs a beer and opens it, blasting Roode with a shot to the head. Storm picks Roode up and superkicks him into the pile of tacks. Storm goes for the pin, and gets the three count.

Winner: James Storm

JB is backstage along with Joey Ryan. Ryan says he just wants to speak the truth. The truth is he should have been handed a contract before ever appearing on Gut Check, but he went through with it, became a world wide trend on twitter, and had 87% of fans asking for him, but TNA said no. Tonight though, when he defeats Al Snow, he'll become a full time member of the roster. Opposites attract, and on one hand you have the disgusting Al Snow, best known for talking to a head, and you have Joey Ryan, known for his good looks and rockstar charisma. Tonight, Joey Ryan is bringing sleazy back to Bound For Glory.

Singles Match
If Ryan wins, he's awarded a TNA contract. If he loses, he's to leave TNA forever
- Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow

The entrances:

Joey Ryan is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd on his way down to the ring.

Al Snow is out next, and even though he isn't carrying a plastic head, he still gets a big pop from the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings, and Joey Ryan goes through the ropes and begs off before anything even starts. Al Snow gets down into referee's position, and Joey goes for the advantage, but Snow takes Joey to the mat and slaps at his head. Ryan backs into the corner to force the ref to back Snow off.

Mid-match notes:

Snow gets down into position again and Ryan goes for a kick, but Snow catches his foot and slams him down to the mat. Ryan goes for a right, but Snow avoids it and slaps him in the mouth. Snow blasts Ryan with a shot to the back before taking him into the corner. Joey turns things around, but ends up getting slapped in the face.

Snow takes Ryan down to the mat after a series of elbows with a body slam. Snow drops an elbow on Ryan. Snow takes Ryan back down to the mat and locks in a front face lock. Ryan fights up to his feet and Snow grabs him by the hair, arguing with the ref. Ryan pulls Snow down to the mat by his hair before hitting him with a big right hand. Ryan executes a big suplex, but only gets a one count. Ryan hits Snow with a right hand before choking him with his boot in the corner. Ryan driver his shoulder into Snow's gut in the corner before sending him across the ring and hitting him with a big right hand.

Snow is able to take Ryan down to the mat to turn the tide, before trapping Ryan's arm and hitting him with a series of head butts. Snow grabs a hand full of Ryan's chest hair before hitting the Snow plow, but Ryan is able to kick out at two. The crowd chants that they want Head, so Snow bails to the outside and goes under the ring where he comes up with the familiar weapon. Snow brings it back into the ring and the ref grabs it, allowing Joey to shove Snow into the ref. Joey hits Ryan with a big dropkick that sends him to the outside. Ryan grabs Head and kisses it before tossing it aside. Ryan goes for a baseball slide and Snow traps him in the ring apron before hitting him with a series of clubbing blows.

The finish:

Out of nowhere, Matt Morgan delivers a Carbon Footprint to the head of Snow and rolls him back into the ring. The referee wakes up and Ryan gets the three count for the victory.

Winner: Joey Ryan, the newest member of the TNA roster

Following the match, Ryan hugs Morgan's leg before standing and shaking Morgan's hand.

JB is backstage with Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. Kaz says they aren't influenced by Twitter or the fans. A lot of people consider them a bad influence. Daniels says bad meaning good. Daniels says everyone wants to be where they are. They've already beaten both teams one at a time, and now the deck is stacked. Daniels doesn't care because on the biggest stage of TNA history, the best tag team in the business is going to eat them alive and wash them down with a delicious beverage.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match For The TNA Tag Team Championship
- Christopher Daniels & Kazarian (c) vs. Kurt Angle & AJ Styles vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

The entrances:

Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero are the first two men to make their way out to the ring for the match. They get a favorable reaction from the crowd.

Kurt Angle enters next, by himself, followed by his teammate AJ Styles. Both men get great reactions from the crowd.

The Champions, Kazarian and Daniels, are the last men to make their way out to the ring, and they get a less than favorable reaction.

The start:

The bell rings and Styles and Chavo look like they'll be kicking things off. We get a lock up and Chavo goes behind Styles. A little bit of chain wrestling and Chavo takes AJ down to the mat. AJ fights back to his feet and sends Chavo into the ropes, but he runs into a shoulder block, and a side headlock.

Mid-match notes:

AJ sends Chavo off the ropes and takes him off his feet before locking in a head lock of his own. Styles his Chavo with a big shoulder block before taking Chavo into the corner and tagging Angle in. Angle blasts Chavo with a big uppercut before stomping away at him in the corner.

Angle slams Chavo to the mat, but Daniels tags Angle from behind. Angle slams Daniels into his own corner and AJ makes the tag. AJ comes in and Chavo takes over, making the tag to Hernandez, who comes in with a bear hug before hitting a big overhead release suplex. Hernandez tags in Chavo who comes in with a slingshot splash before letting Hernandez slam him down on top of AJ. Hernandez tags back in and comes in with a big splash on AJ. Kaz makes the tag and beats on AJ for a bit before being caught with a dropkick. AJ brings things to his corner to make the tag to Angle.

Angle takes Kaz down to the mat before being pushed into the corner for Chavo to make the tag. Chavo beats down Kaz in the corner, stomping away at him before sending him into his own corner to make the tag to Hernandez. Hernandez comes in and drops Kaz with a big backbreaker across his shoulder. Chavo tags back in and hits a running leg drop which is good for a near fall. Daniels tags in, but so does Styles. Daniels is able to take Styles down to the mat, but Styles takes Daniels over with a head scissors. He’s caught out of nowhere by a clothesline from Kaz on the outside.

Daniels takes Styles down to the mat and makes the tag, hitting an elbow drop followed by Kaz’s leg drop which is good for a two count. Daniels tags back in and kicks away at AJ before Kaz tags back in and we get some double team combo work. Kaz goes for the pin but it’s broken up by Chavo. Kaz sends Styles into the corner, monkey flipping him, but Styles lands on his feet. Angle and Daniels tag in and Angle suplexes just about everyone before being taken out by a dive from Daniels to the outside. Hernandez in kind dives out on top of Daniels.

Kaz heads to the top, but he's dumped to the outside and lands hard with a thud. Styles goes to the top rope, leaping from rope to rope before springboarding to the outside on top of Hernandez, Daniels, and Kaz. Chavo and Angle back in the ring and Chavo hits two suplexes, but gets hit with an Angle slam before he can hit the third. Angle goes up, but he's stopped by Hernandez. Styles makes the blind tag and pulls Angle down. Hernandez breaks a double clothesline, but falls to a double suplex. Chavo sidesteps Kurt and Angle falls to the outside. Styles sends Chavo from the ring, but he's dropped by Kaz. Daniels hits the BME, but Styles kicks out!

The finish:

Chavo blasts Daniels and heads to the top, pushing Kaz out to the floor and following him, leaping off the top. Daniels tries for Angle's wings, but Styles blocks it and hits the moonsault reverse DDT out of the corner. Styles tries for the Styles clash, but Hernandez tags in and hits Daniels with a big shoulder block, then a Border toss. Chavo hits the frog splash, and Hernandez gets the three count.

Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Following the match, Christy Hemme interviews Chavo and Hernandez. Chavo says they said they'd do it, and they deliver. Viva la Raza, Viva Guerrero. He and Hernandez celebrate all the way to the back.

TNA Knockout Championship Match
- Ms. Tessmacher (c) vs. Tara

After a video package highlighting the events that have transpired between these two ladies over the last couple of weeks, we're ready for another championship match.

The entrances:

Tara is the first woman to make her way out to the arena. She gets a pretty nice reaction on her way to the ring.

Brooke Tessmacher is out to the ring next, and the champ also gets a pretty nice reaction from the crowd.

The start:

Booke and Tara stare each other down and Brooke shoves Tara away. Brooke tries for a roll up, but can't get it. Tessmacher even dances in Tara's face before going for another pin. Brooke hits a headscissors that sends Tara to the outside. Brroke chases Tara around the ring, then pulls the ref in front of her for the distraction. This allows Tara to hit a baseball slide to send Brooke from the apron to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Tara follows and slams Brooke's face into the apron before picking her up and dropping her down face first on the apron. Tara sends things back into the ring, following herself.

Tara beats on Brooke in the corner, driving her shoulder into Brooke's midsection. She drags her out of the corner, but Brooke is able to roll Tara up for a one count. Tara mounts Brooke from behind and rubs her face down into the mat before pulling her back by her hair. Tara tries for the pin and gets a two count. Tara sends Brooke into the corner but runs into a big boot. Brooke hits a headscissors that transitions into a DDT. Tara and Brooke trade blows before slamming each other's faces into the canvas. They fight up to their feet where Brooke hits a couple of clotheslines and a running forearm.

Brooke takes Tara down to the mat and heads for the top rope, hitting a top rope hurricanrana. Tara hits Brooke with a back elbow before seating her on the top turnbuckle. Tara follows up, but ends up shoved back down to the mat.

The finish:

Brooke stands on the top and goes for an elbow drop, but Tara moves and Brooke crashes to the mat. Tara tries for the widow's peak, connecting. Tara pins Brooke and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Tara

After the match Tara requests the mic. She says she's been so inspired lately, but she hasn't done it for these people. She's done it for her Hollywood boyfriend. We might have seen him on TMZ, he's kind of a big deal. Tara wants to take this moment to introduce Hollywood's biggest star. Her Boo. From Big Brother, Jesse!

Nobody seems to know who this guy is and they are reacting as such. Jesse and Tara begin to make out in the middle of the ring before Jesse straps the belt around Tara's midsection.

Footage is shown of last night's TNA Hall of Fame induction of Sting. Footage is shown of Lex Lugar speaking, and Hulk Hogan, and Dixie Carter telling stories. We also get a snippet of Sting's acceptance speech. It all looks pretty nice.

Tag Team Match
If Hogan and Sting's team wins, Aces & 8s are gone from TNA forever; If Aces & 8s win, they will have access to the Impact Zone
- Sting & Bully Ray vs. Aces & 8s

After a video package detailing the stakes of the next match, we're ready for the match that will decide the fate of Aces and 8's.

The entrances:

Sting and Bully Ray are the first team to make his way out for the No DQ tag match. Ray turns around and he's got his face painted up, more like a Road Warrior than Sting, but I guess it's the thought that counts.

Aces and 8's are introduced next, and a couple of guys make their way out through the crowd dragging a beat up Joseph Parks with them. They bring Parks to the ringside area and handcuff him to the barricade.

The start:

Sting and Bully make their way out to attack. They take the members of Aces and 8's around the ringside area, slamming them into the ring steps and barricade. Sting slams one of the members through part of the remaining table from Roode/Storm earlier. Ray catches a couple of punches from the guy he's fighting, getting his head slammed into the ring steps. Sting ends up slammed head first into the announcer's table.

Mid-match notes:

Sting is able to fight back and hold one of the members of Aces and 8's up, allowing Bully to hit a flying axe handle smash from the ring steps. Bully picks up part of the table and smashes it over one of the guys' heads. Bully tries to whip one of the guys into the ring steps, but it's reversed and Bully eats the steps. Sting tries for a splash, but the guy moves and Sting crashes into the guardrail. Aces and 8's bring things back into the ring where they slam Sting down to the mat. I'm just going to call them #1 and #2. #1 hits a short arm clothesline and pins Sting for a two count.

#2 tags in and launches #1 into Sting in the corner before hitting a big clothesline for a two count. #2 hits a big boot to take Sting to the mat for another two count. #1 tags back into the match and slams Sting down to the mat hard before trying for an elbow drop. He misses and Sting comes back, locking in the scorpion death lock. #2 breaks it up, and #1 tries for a suplex, Sting lands on his feet and hits the scorpion death drop.

Both men make the tag and Bully goes to twon on #2, hitting him with a series of strikes and kicks before hitting him with a neck breaker and a big shoulder block. Bully eats a knee to the back from the outside, and Aces and 8's double team Bully until he connects with a double clothesline and a big splash to #2 for a two count. #1 is in and he blasts Ray with a couple of punches to the face while #2 fights with Sting on the outside. #1 grabs a chair and brings it into the ring, but he runs into a big boot from Bully. Another one of the Aces and 8's comes in and low blows Bully from behind.

#3 spits at Parks, and Parks freaks out, breaking the handcuffs and making his way into the ring. He chases #3 up the entrance ramp, beating him all the way toward the back. Back in the ring, Bully and Sting are distracted and they're taken out by both members of Aces and 8's. Ray tosses #2 from the ring and gets #1 on his shoulders, setting Sting up to hit the doomsday device clothesline. Ray and Sting send #2 across the ring and Ray and Sting both splash him.

The finish:

Ray bails to the outside to grab a table and the crowd goes nuts. Bully brings the table back into the ring and sets it up right in the middle of the ring. Bully picks up #2, but #1 pulls Sting from the ring and drives him into the barricade. Another member of Aces and 8's makes his way into the ring and drives Ray down through the table. #2 makes the pin, and gets the three count.

Winners: Aces and 8's

More members of Aces and 8's head into the ring following the match, and Hogan's music hits.

Hogan heads down to the ring, laying out members of Aces and 8's on his way to the ring with right hands. #4 tries to beat down Hogan, but he shakes everything off and points at #4. He hits him with a series of rights and tries to his the big boot, hitting him somewhere around the belly button. Hogan asks the crowd if they want him to pull off the mask. Hogan pulls it off and pulls off the bandana as well, revealing Devon. Devon smiles and laughs before simply walking out of the ring, saying it was always him.

Ray, Hogan and Sting are in shock in the ring as the audience boos and Tenay and Taz talk about how shocked they are. Tenay reminds everyone that this means that Aces and 8's has full access to TNA now.

JB is standing backstage with Austin Aries. Aries says every time he says something, he says something he's not supposed to. Hardy has been working toward this for a long time, and needs this for his redemption. The problem is he's got to go through the greatest man who ever lived. Tonight, he's going to do things with anger, like he did on Thursday. This is not Hardy's redemption song, it's just another chapter in Aries' story.

This leads us into a video package that highlights Hardy's road to this match, and Aries' defiance at being part of Hardy's 'road to redemption'.

TNA Championship Match
- Austin Aries (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

The entrances:

Jeff Hardy is the first man out to the ring, and he gets a pretty good reaction from the crowd, though there are some pretty audible boos sprinkled in there. Tenay reminds everyone that Hardy earned this match though the Bound For Glory series.

Austin Aries is out next, and the World Champion also gets a nice reaction from the crowd on his way to the ring, although I'd say it was probably bigger for Hardy.

JB does formal ring introductions for both men, and we're ready to kick things off in our main event of the evening.

The start:

Following ring introductions, the crowd seems more behind Aries, but I'm sure it'll change several times during the match. The bell rings and we get some dueling chants from the crowd. We get a lock up and Aries backs Hardy up into the corner, getting shoved back hard by Hardy. Another lock up and Aries takes Hardy down to the mat, clamping on a head lock. Hardy fights to his feet and tries to send Aries across the ring, but Aries hangs on to the head lock. Aries locks on a body scissors, but Hardy slaps Aries to force him out of the ring to the entrance ramp.

Mid-match notes:

Another lock up and Hardy backs Aries into the corner. Hardy breaks clean, but Aries shoves him away and talks a bit of trash. Aries calls for a test of strength, but Hardy kicks him in the gut before slamming him into the corner turnbuckle, then taking him across the ring. Aries takes Hardy over with a side head lock. Hardy clamps on a head scissors and Aries leaps out and tries for a dropkick, but Hardy rolls out of the way. Hardy stomps at Aries in the corner before blasting him with a couple of big rights.

Aries sends Hardy out to the apron and Hardy comes back in with a roll up, but Aries jumps out and connects with a dropkick that rocks Hardy. Aries leaps over the top rope and comes down with an elbow to Hardy's throat before doing a victory lap, and then doing it in reverse. Aries heads back into the ring, stopping to prop himself on the top turnbuckle. Hardy charges in but Aries avoids it. Aries tells the ref to back Hardy up, but Hardy chages in and kicks the rope into Aries' groin on his way in. Hardy hits a brainbuster which is good for a two count. Aries rolls to the outside and Hardy hits a dropkick through the ropes.

Hardy mocks Aries before leaping from the apron to the outside with a double axe handle sash. Hardy goes for the steps, but Aries cuts him off. Aries tries to whip Hardy into the steps, but it's reversed. Hardy sends Aries into the barricade before leaping off the ring steps and crushing Aries into the barricade again. Hardy sends Aries back into the ring and he goes for the pin but he's only able to get a two count. Aries whips Hardy across the ring and runs into a back elbow, but he avoids the whisper in the wind. Aries heads to the middle rope and drops an elbow which is good for a two count.

Aries drops his knee into Hardy's spine, then hits an elbow for another two count. Aries drops an elbow to the top of Hardy's head. Aries hits Hardy with a big right hand before sending him into the corner. Aries runs into a big boot, but when Hardy tries for a splash, Aries gets his knees up and Hardy crashes down into them. Aries picks Hardy up and drops him with a backbreaker across the knee. Aries locks in a seated abdominal stretch, wearing away Hardy before going for the pin and getting two.

Aries kicks away at Hardy while the fans go nuts. Aries takes Hardy into the corner and buries his shoulder in Hardy's midsection. Aries hits the snap mare out of the corner before hitting a dropkick from the second rope to the back of Hardy's head, which is good for another two count. Aries tries for the brainbuster, but Hardy fights it off. Hardy drops Aries with a sit out front suplex.

Hardy hits a couple of rights, but he's dropped by an Aries clothesline. Aries heads to the apron and hits a slingshot corkscrew press for another near fall. Aries puts on a front face lock to continue to wear away at Hardy. Aries goes for the knees to the top of the head, but it's blocked by Hardy. Hardy fights up to his feet and ducks a clothesline, launching Aries across the ring. Aries looks stunned.

Aeries and Hardy trade rights and Hardy takes Aries out with a running forearm. Aries gets his boot up in the corner, but leaps down into an atomic drop. Hardy hits a couple of boots and a low dropkick for a two count. Hardy slams Aries from corner to corner before connecting with the whisper in the wind. Hardy goes for the pin but only gets a two count.

Hardy tries for the twist of fate, but he's pushed away. Hardy is able to send Aries to the outside with a headscissors. Hardy leaps over the top, but Aries slides back into the ring to avoid it. Aries leaps out through the bottom and middle rope to sandwich Hardy against the barricade. Aries rolls back into the ring.

Hardy gets to his feet, and Aries launches himself through the ropes again. He gets Hardy back into the ring, but he can't keep him down for a three count. Aries clamps on the front face lock and floats over into the last chancery. Hardy gets his leg on the ropes to force a break. Aries picks Hardy up to his feet and tosses him out on the entrance ramp.

Aries tries for the brainbuster, but Hardy floats over. Hardy tries for a twist of fate, but Aries pushes him off and clotheslines him hard. Aries drops Hardy with a neckbreaker, dropping the back of his head on the entrance ramp. Aries heads to the top rope and leaps off with a missile dropkick. Hardy struggles to his feet in the corner and blocks the dropkick with a boot to the face. Hardy and Aries trade rights in the middle of the ring. Hardy gets the upper hand, but runs into an elbow. Hardy hits the twist of fate out of nowhere but still can't get three. Hardy heads up to the top. Aries dives into the ropes and Hardy is crotched in the corner. Aries connects with a crazy top rope super hurricanrana.

Aries charges in with the corner dropkick and hits the brainbuster, but Hardy is still able to kick out at three!

The finish:

Aries seats Hardy on the top turnbuckle and tries for a double foot stomp, but misses. Hardy is able to connect with a stunner, and a twist of fate. Hardy heads up to the top again and connects with the twist of fate, pinning Aries for the three count.

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

The show ends with Hardy celebrating with his newly won title in the ring, while Aries recovers on the arena floor.

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