TNA Conference Call With Abyss - Discusses The Joseph Park Character, Working With Younger Talent, How Much He Has Left In The Tank, & More


On behalf of, I participated in a conference call today that hyped TNA's One Night Only: Global Impact Japan pay-per-view that will be released on Friday. The star representing the pay-per-view today was Abyss. Abyss will face Takayama in a Hardcore Match on "Global Impact Japan".

- When asked about the state of TNA, Abyss said that it's an exciting time in the company right now following the success of Slammiversary and the NYC tapings. There's a positive attitude among many workers. He also said that it's strenuous to work several nights in a row like they did last week, but they count on each other to get through it.

- Abyss said he likes the 6-sided ring and has spent a lot of time in it. The ring makes them different from their competition. There are a few small obstacles with the 6-sided ring, but it's just as big as the original one.

- Abyss said it's a huge honor to with the Japanese talent and their fanbase is incredible. It's exciting to work with Wrestle-1.

- Abyss was asked about working with Takayama for "Global Impact Japan" and he said that Takayama is a fighter and a hardcore specialist like himself. Abyss said he watched some footage of Takayama before their match and said he was amazed at his physicality.

- When asked about a live pay-per-view taking place in the U.K., Abyss said he looks forward to the U.K. tour every year and they have an incredible fanbase, so if they are looking to hold another PPV internationally, U.K. is the place to be.

- Abyss talked a lot about the Joseph Park character. He said he was kind of afraid of whether it would take off, but he's really proud of the character and owes a lot to David Lagana and Matt Conway for helping with Joseph Park. He said he isn't sure if we will see Park again. The character was used to try something different after ten years of being under a mask.

- Abyss talked about being in TNA since the beginning. He said that the he, James Storm, Bob Ryder, Jeremy Borash, and Mike Tenay have been there since day one. Being in the company for nearly thirteen years makes him more proud than any title or match he has had.

- Abyss talked about a few career highlights and said that his match with AJ Styles at Lockdown 2005 was his favorite match of all time and it established them as main-eventers. He talked about beating Sting to win the World Title in 2002 and working with Sabu in a Barbed Wire Massacre match. Abyss loved working with Rhino, Christian, and Hulk Hogan.

- When asked if he could pick his opponent for Bound For Glory, Abyss said he would like to work with Bully Ray or even the younger guys like EC3, Bram, or Magnus.

- Abyss said he his body really is feeling the effect of working hardcore matches since 1995, but he still feels good and feels he has a couple good, strong years left in him.

- If there was one injury or spot he could avoid, Abyss would like to re-think Team 3D's chokeslam off the stage at Bound For Glory 2008. Abyss said that caused him to suffer severe bruising and major back problems.

- Abyss still goes to guys for advice and remembers working with and receiving some advice from Mick Foley.

- When asked if he had his sights set on the World Title, Abyss said that's something everyone wants to achieve, but right now he wants to continue entertaining the fans and helping the younger talent.

- Abyss would like to keep his character going and would like to open up and express the "intelligent monster".

- His advice to young talent is to remember who you are, don't change. Don't sacrifice your work ethic.

- Abyss said he couldn't comment too much on the recent WWE releases because he isn't familiar with a lot of them, but said that Matt Sydal (f.k.a. Evan Bourne) would fit in perfectly in the X-Division.

- Abyss was asked about the status of the TNA Television Championship and if we could see it some time soon and he said who knows. It's hanging in his wrestling room at home.

- Abyss loved working with Eric Young during his Joseph Park days and said he's and incredible talent and their team was highly entertaining.

- When asked about how he prepares for hardcore matches, Abyss responded by saying you are going to get hurt no matter what. Wrestling is anything but contrived when it comes to taking the risks they do.

- Abyss said he was thrilled to work with Hulk Hogan and that it was like a dream come true as he grew up watching Hogan. It was an incredible opportunity and they are still friends to this day.

- When asked if "Option C" devalues the X-Division Title, Abyss said it doesn't. Giving up the X-Division Title for a World Title match is incredible and an intelligent option that helps stars move up on the card.

- Abyss thinks concussions are a serious issue and they shouldn't be taken lightly. He's been fortunate enough to have only suffered two in the last twelve years.

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