TNA Conference Call With Rockstar Spud - Discusses The Spike TV Situation, The Six-Sided Ring, & More


On behalf of, I participated in a conference call today with Rockstar Spud to promote British Boot Camp 2 and the One Night Only: X-Division Xtravaganza pay-per-view, which will be released on Friday. "X-Division Xtravaganza" will showcase the past, present, and future of the X-Division featuring the likes of Rockstar Spud, Austin Aries, Sanada, Low Ki, DJ Z, EC3, Manik, Tigre Uno, Kenny King, The Wolves, Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt and many more. Below is a recap of the conference call:

- Spud talked about the whirlwind year he has had since winning the first season of British Boot Camp. He's been off of work for two weeks and is trying to find stuff to do, but it's everything he's ever dreamed of. He's blessed to be apart of the main storylines and main eventing shows.

- When asked about British Boot Camp 2 and if he has any envy towards the new competitors, Spud said he doesn't envy anyone. The person that wins is going to be a superstar and stand out over everyone else. He's really looking forward to seeing who steps up and wins.

- Spud was asked about British Boot Camp and the experience he got from it, he said he wrestled for ten years on the independent scene and it's different not working every day like he used to. But he is working with people on the same level.

- Spud said there is and was no intimidation from working with Dixie Carter. He taught himself to be comfortable in front of the camera and that's just what he does.

- When asked about what we can expect to see from him in the future, Rockstar Spud said he will always show up and do as he's told. Everyday he just wants to show up an work. Spud said he wants to step up, be someone the company can rely on, someone that can do anything and be an asset to TNA.

- If there has been any talk of bringing British Boot Camp or Impact Wrestling to Australia, Spud said he hasn't heard anything lately. There are lots of talented wrestlers in Australia and he's looking forward to seeing what could happen down the line.

- I asked what his thoughts were on working with the likes of Team 3D, Tommy Dreamer, and Rhino, and Spud replied saying that he wouldn't change a damn thing. He was in a lot pain following their match on last week's Impact. He grew up watching them and was blessed to be able to work with them.

- I asked Rockstar Spud how he was brought into his current position on TV, instead of competing full-time and Spud said he was working in OVW and they called him and said he was going to be in this new role. It was a fantastic opportunity, so he put on his suit and bow tie and away we went.

- A caller asked about his size and how he doesn't exactly fit the mold of a typical wrestling star, so why did he choose wrestling? Spud said he didn't follow wrestling for the glitz and glamour. When Spud was younger, he was always told he was too small. Spud wanted to be a wrestler and make a difference. He never shyed away from wrestling and he has the personality of some one who's seven foot tall and five-hundred pounds. Spud also said that people told him they didn't see anything in him and he proved them wrong.

- Rockstar Spud said he will be facing Sonjay Dutt in a qualifying match for the Ultimate X match on X-Division Xtravaganza. Spud noted that he hasn't been in the ring with Dutt before.

- The million dollar question about Spike TV and TNA came up. Spud simply said that he has no thoughts on it. They have been talking lately and have a good relationship, but this is not his area.

- Spud was asked about his opinion on Vince Russo. Spud said that Russo is a very nice man and that he's blessed to hear that Russo thinks he's entertaining. He hadn't met Vince before and that he's a polite gentleman. They are more than acquaintances right now.

- When asked about his thoughts on the six-sided ring, Rockstar Spud said it's great and he feels that there is more room. It gave TNA an identity that they needed, something to stand out from the rest. He has no negativity towards and no problem with the six-sided ring.

- Spud hopes to see a big TNA pay-per-view in England or his hometown of Birmingham. He said that if it does happen, he wants to be in a championship match.

- Rockstar Spud stated that he dresses in his suits that we see on TV 24/7, even in public. He hadn't planned on wearing the suits either. Spud has been given free reign with his character in TNA. He claims he is a jerk in and out of the ring. If you were to look at which TNA star was most like their character in real life, Spud would be that person.

- When asked about who stands out the most or which star should be one to watch, Spud said EC3. It really is Ethan. He's talented, beautiful, and a great friend. He has chemistry with everyone. Spud also mentioned Bully Ray, Hulk Hogan, The BroMans, Magnus, and Bram.

- Richard Gray asked Rockstar Spud if there was any resentment towards him because of the way he went from British Boot Camp to the main event scene. Spud said he doesn't look too much into it and hasn't noticed if there was any.

- Richard got the last question, asking which football league he supported. Spud said he's a lifelong Everton FC fan. Richard made the remark that he's a Manchester United fan living in the US. Spud stayed in character and told Richard to never speak to him again.

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