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What If TNA Held A BFG Series This Year?


Bound For Glory is coming up in just a few weeks. One thing that we have seen the in the last three years is the Bound For Glory Series - a long tournament to crown a number one contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. For the first time since 2011, TNA did not hold a BFG Series this year. If you pay attention to storylines, news, and weekly programming, then you know that TNA has a seen a major adjustment this summer. The six-sided ring came back and TNA taped many fresh episodes of Impact in NYC. But the one thing I have grown tired of already is the constant stipulations, number one contender's matches, and championship matches.

I love to see wrestling promotions book someone to become a contender to a title, and not just thrown into a feud with them that soon becomes a feud with the title involved. But if you look at results from every week since TNA went to NYC this summer, you will see there have been these types of matches every other week if not every week. Some storylines come and go and we haven't seen many long term stories. This week on Impact, we will see an NYC Gold Rush tournament with ten participants to crown a number one contender to the World Title. This may be a smaller version of the BFG Series to get Lashley a new challenger. So why didn't they just have the actual BFG Series?

TNA has many things on their mind right now, so I can see why it didn't happen this year. Earlier on this summer, I remember there being lots of buzz over whether TNA would do it again and many stated that they didn't want to see it. At first, I was in that group that said no, let's not do it. Now, I wish they would have. Some fans claimed that the points system for the BFG Series was too complicated. So why not fix it? If you haven't figured it out yet, this article is about how I would slightly change the BFG Series rules/format and give a list of stars to be 'bound for glory.'

To keep things simple and easy to follow, each win would be worth ten points. A count-out or disqualification victory would be five points. A draw results in two points to each competitor. If you lose a match, minus two. Any stipulation or special matches will vary. If I was booking things, I would kick off the BFG Series the week after Destination X and conclude at No Surrender. Now, who may be featured in this series? I didn't get detailed with the qualifying matches, but here's the twelve stars I came up with to participate:

  • Austin Aries
  • Bobby Roode
  • MVP
  • EC3
  • Low Ki
  • Mr. Anderson
  • Abyss
  • Gunner
  • Eric Young
  • Magnus
  • Samuel Shaw
  • Tigre Uno

I think there is a good mix of top stars, midcard/rising stars, and a little bit of X-Division featured in that list, which is what TNA needs in a tournament like this. No Surrender comes around and four competitors are left: MVP, Bobby Roode, EC3, and Eric Young. The first semi-finals match sees Bobby Roode beat Lashley's friend and mouthpiece, MVP. The second semi-finals match has EC3 go over Eric Young. EC3 has been on a roll all year and could benefit from being in this top spot in the BFG Series. Bobby Roode has been in the main event scene all summer and all he wants is to get his hands on Lashley's World Championship. The finals match in the BFG Series in the main event of No Surrender results in... Bobby Roode winning! We kind of seen this treatment on TV this summer with Roode going over EY and then challenging Lashley for the title last week.

If TNA had a BFG Series like this to use and follow each week on Impact, we may have seen less "big matches" that were overused. TNA would have something to use on TV consistently every week for a while and would ultimately have a great challenger for Lashley in the main event of Bound For Glory. Doesn't this sound better than some things we've seen every week on Impact? Just a thought.

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