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TNA House Show Results (10/26/12) - Poplar Bluff, Missouri

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Wrestling News World reader Jesse Sherwood sent in the following report from last night's TNA live event in Poplar Bluff, Missouri:

They opened doors at 5:30 for the meet and greet, and it seemed like most of the tickets sold were from the floor. There are a lot of empty seats above floor level. The merchandise booth was offering flat out insane deals, such as all t-shirts for $10 and the infamous Brown Bag Special for $20! Wrestlers for the meet and greet were "Cowboy" James Storm, ODB, "Super Mex" Hernandez, Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, Tara, and Christopher Daniels. After a bit they had Mr. Anderson appear at the merchandise tables and sign autographs and take pictures with anyone that had some of his merch. They also put his hats and figures at half off to let people get pics with him. Also anyone who bought the Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles double figure pack got to go backstage and meet them. Christy Hemme opens giving us a beautiful acoustic version of the National Anthem.

James Storm out first cutting a promo on As&8s

1. Street Fight
James Storm vs an As&8s member. Shortly after it begins a second member comes out and Mr Anderson comes to even the odds! Looks like this is setting up for a match later in the night.

2. Triple Threat match
AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Hernandez Earl Hebner is our ref. Daniels cuts a hilarious provocative promo,
most of which I shouldn't repeat. AJ also follows in line to try to get the crowd energized. Typical triple threat match with Daniels working most of it. Winner via the Border Toss on Daniels, Hernandez.

3 Knockouts Title Match ODB vs Tara
Good back and forth match. Winner via Widows Peak, Tara. After the match Tara was celebrating and slipped off the second rope and ran to the back embarrassed.

4 Bully Ray vs Kurt Angle
Angle was extremely personable with the crowd and got the cold crowd solidly into the match. Winner via Angle Slam, Kurt Angle Post match Angle offers Bully Ray his hand and he, after a moments hesitation, accepted.

During intermission they announced that Earl Hebner had refereed his 100,000th match in his career this year. They then had a meet and greet with Earl and Brian Hebner.

5. Mr Anderson and James Storm vs. A's&8's
Anderson was comedy gold and nearly choked on his gum during his intro and did a Vince impersonation that was spot on. Anderson also decided to name their team "Cowboy A**Holes." Typical tag match that flowed well and got the crowd ramped up before the main event. Winners via Last Call and Mic Check, James Storm and Mr Anderson.

6. TNA Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Roode
Awesome back and forth match. winner via the Double Twist of Fate, Jeff Hardy Honestly, after attending both this one and the WWE event two weeks ago in Jonesboro AR, I'm still torn. WWE puts on a fantastic production for the fans, but TNA allows the fans a more personal experience by doing the meet and greets. I got to stand and talk to Bully Ray for a couple of minutes about ECW, which was my highlight of the night.

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