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TNA House Show Results (11/06/11) - Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Wrestling News World reader Richard Welsh sent in the following report from yesterday's TNA house show from Winsor, Ontario, Canada:

My name is Richard and I attended the TNA house show in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We got into the arena 2 hours before the show started to do a meet and greet. The talent that signed autographs score the show were Austin Aries, Gunner, Abyss, Magnus, AJ Styles, Jesse Sorensen & Mr. Anderson.

The arena is about half full, so approximately 1500-2000.

First match of the night is for the X Division title, Austin Aries vs Jesse Sorensen. Winner by reversal of a cross body and holding the rights, and still X Division Champion, Austin Aries.

Earl Hebner came out to ref the next match doing his usual 'I screwed Bret' bit. For the Knockout's title, Velvet Sky vs ODB. Winner via X-Factor, and still champion, Velvet Sky.

Magnus cuts a promo on Canadians and cuts down James Storm. This brings out Storm, who leads the crowd in singing Oh Canada. Brutus then drinks the beer to prove he's a real man, and Storm hits the Last Call Superkick to get a quick pin victory.

Next out is Abyss to face Mr. Anderson. Anderson has JB give him the mic from the top of the chair. Abyss interrupts his entrance. Winner by DQ, Mr. Anderson. He brings a kid into the ring to help him finish his introduction.


Ric Flair cuts a promo dedicated to the late Bob Probert (a local NHL player)

Next is RVD vs Gunner vs Scott Steiner. Steiner was mouthing off with me and my friends as well as a few other fans. Winner via 5 Star Frog Splash on Gunner, RVD

Main event: Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray. Ray stalled a lot before the match. Winner via Swanton Bomb, Jeff Hardy.

After the match we had a photo taken in the ring with Jeff. Absolute best fan experience ever and I have been to 10 WWE events and none of them compare to a TNA live event! If you have a chance to go to one, do it. You won't regret it!

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