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TNA House Show Results (11/8/12) - Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Below are quick results from Thursday night's TNA live event in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan:

* Douglas Williams b. Crimson

* Miss Tessmacher b. Gail Kim with Eric Young as special guest referee

* Garett Bischoff b. Kid Kash

* TNA X Division Champion Rob Van Dam b. Zema Ion

* Gunner b. A member of Aces & 8s via disqualification when another member ran out. Mr. Anderson made the save which led to a tag match.

* Gunner & Mr. Anderson b. Aces & 8s members

Wrestling News World reader Chris attended and sent in the following report:

Crimson vs Douglas Williams
Crimson out with heat dull pop for Williams. Crimson working the crowd well through the match. Low action very slow pace crimson in control most of match. Williams hits small package roll up for the win.

Gail Kim Vs Ms. Tessemacher

Both out to cheers from the crowd, but who doesn't like looking at the knockouts. Gk giving stiffler some heat. Calling for special ref from the back, ERIC YOUNG! He's out to big applause, jumping over the railing and mixing it up with the crowd. T going over big with the crowd drawing some big pops. Gk steady heat throughout the match. T hits the stink face and then ey down in the opposite corner wanting one of his own! Gk gets up an hits T before he can get it. T counters and wins with a pin fall.

Kid Kash Vs Garett Bischoff

Bischoff out to a good pop from crowd kash out with some moderate heat. Kash doin some mic work prior to start of match drawing heat calling everyone trailer trash. Some good early back in forth mat action B getting lots of cheers. Bischoff wins with a swinging DDT. Best match thus far. Good action good heat and good pops.

SoCal Val out an announces title match here tonight, doesn't say what title though.

Zema Ion Vs RVD

RVD out to HUGE POP!!!! Match best so far huge pops for RVD and big heat for zima ion. RVD hit rolling thunder and 5 star frog splash for the win.

Member of A&8's Vs Gunner

Avg pop for Gunner. A&8 member looks very similar to Alex Riley Interference from another member who is bigger and heavier set. Mr, Anderson comes out to break up the assault. Winner by DQ gunner. Mr. Anderson on mic calls for tag match. A&8 back to ring up on apron then jump down and leave chased by Anderson and gunner.


THE TAG MATCH! A&8 thrown back in ring! Big pops for Anderson. Big guy looks similar build to Matt Morgan just a little heavier no visible tattoos the skinny guy as a long sleeve shirt on, guessing to cover identifying ink. Anderson gets the win with the mic check. after the match. Skinny one left in the ring, Anderson gets the mask off but big guy pulls him out and covers his face.

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