Now That TNA Impact Is Dead...


It's about time that viewers and fans find a wrestling show owned by someone who is not only easily accessible to the viewing audience, but also actively engages with responses to questions and criticisms with thorough explanations. The TV audiences have allowed themselves to be dismissed and taken for granted. We need a a wrestling show/company to personally latch on to, and not simple TV viewing entertainment. TNA was that show/company at one point in time, but is now best regarded as some walking dead creature and not something that is full of life and energy.

Although I personally didn't watch it, I heard one thing that Heyman did, I don't know if it was once or occassionally, was something informally called "Bring your own weapons to the show". The signafigance of that being that it clearly showed a desire to bring the audience in as either part of the show or personally contributing to the show, and in turn, the fans will be able to personally invest and care about the show. To take an important business lesson and applying it to a wrestling show, if you take care of the fans, the fans will take care of the show/company. If someone says Impact has been putting on good shows, some would agree and some would disagree, but has anyone been able to answer, "Why would someone care about Impact? What does Impact have that other companies don't?"

So when the names that built TNA into an international show, in turn decide to leave and dump TNA, move on, there's clearly major holes in the boat, but could still be saved with a massive repair job or overhaul. When people can't be bothered to watch anymore because there is clearly no direction, meaning there's no point to the show, then it's time to considered it show over and time to move on. Start looking at options for the future.

Will I can not say this for sure as 100% concrete definite, I do believe no wrestling company that sustained an audience of over 1 million consistently for as little as 4 to 8 weeks, and for all intents and purposes, dropped down to zero, has ever recovered. I believe every one of them is now either nonexistent or morphed into something entirely different in an unrecognizable form.

I do see potential for GFW to fill the hole, but I'm not entirely sold yet. I say this because if you watched both the shows in India and the original TNA Impact, Jeff clearly knows how to run a successful show when given full control and authority. Secondly, because Jeff didn't quit TNA to start a different show. Instead he spent a year talking with people and traveling to other countries and other shows, which I think shows he is ultimately striving for a multidimensional aspect for the show. But let's hold off strong opinions until at least one show has aired so that it is evident of being a very real thing and not solely a concept at this point in time.

While people will use Destination America as an excuse for nonexistent ratings, yes a cop out of an excuse, if an established company and not a newly formed company needs to negotiate what they can get out of a network, as opposed to a network asking to what they can give the company to make them sign, the lack of interest is very clear. The draw from on-air viewers is not there. Impact does not have any kind of must-see TV. One shining light though, is Destination America has already proven how bad Spike and TNA were together. Taking it outside of America, Impact will air in Canada on the Fight Network. One major problem. The Fight Network is a pay channel. A person has to pay a few dollars a month solely for the Fight Network. Relatively speaking, expect viewership numbers to be nil in Canada for TNA Impact.

Riddle me this Batman, why has viewership only been posted by numbers instead of a rating? Is there not enough life in Impact to register on that ratings scale?

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