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Impact Results 3/13/14 – Bully gets Roode

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Impact Results March 13, 2014
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Impact Starts


This show is dedicated to Donovan Hill 2005-2014 our angel

Backstage Segment

EC3 is leading Bromans and Spud through the back, blaming Roode. Roode says they have to blame Bully. Roode decides that they have to take it out on Bully when he arrives.


Recap of Joe getting screwed, MVP's team winning, and Dixie freaking out.

In Ring Segment

MVP to the ring in a blue suit and black v-neck t-shirt.

MVP - I'm thrilled to tell us Dixie Land is officially closed.

"MVP!" chants.

MVP - What a difference a week makes. I was a minority owner, doing what's right. At Lockdown, I was part of the winning team and we will move forward. Now, can't say what motivates Bully, and I won't speak for him. Regardless of his past, he will be given an opportunity to compete on equal footing like everyone one. Going forward what's my policy? MVP Principle. Motivate, validate, participate. I will motivate. If you have an issue, you can validate it in the ring. If there's still an issue, I will participate in the disciplinary action that follows. It's not complicated. It's simple.

Magnus' music and he heads to the ring in a black suit, gray shirt and gray tie.

Magnus – This is your Champion speaking. The MVP Principle might be the single most ridiculous thing I've heard.

MVP – More ridiculous than your Title run?

Magnus – Why don't you stop wasting people's time and listen. While Dixie was wasting her time...

"You suck!" chants

Magnus – While trying to keep control of wrestling operations and fumbling the ball, I was running with the ball and kicking it through the uprights and staying Champion. And continuing the reign of Magnus. I'm more powerful and formidable than ever. Allow me to introduce my insurance policy and associate.

"Boring!" chants

Out comes Abyss in a big duster and wearing a new leather mask that looks like a blue/black and tan version of Kane's most recent. "You sold out!" chants for Abyss.

Magnus – For the first time I agree with these mouth breathers, because what you're looking at is the Monster Abyss. Unlike the Jim Mitchells and the Eric Youngs before me, I don't look at Abyss as a freak or side show to be exploited for my gain. You're only part monster Abyss, you're a machine with a big upgrade by me.

"We want Joe!" chants.

Magnus – Because this man is not only motivated my destruction and devastated, but like you and I, motivated by money. And when you're Champion, you have money, and I have it to go around. I'm sharing my lettuce with the big man, and that makes us a force like nothing you've ever dealt with. We may be different on a lot of things, money and power make our worlds go round.

"Paper Champion!" chants.

MVP – I can't dispute that, but as I see it, at Lockdown, you were getting your ass kicked by Joe until you literally pulled the monster out of your ass to come up with that victory. I don't think we should go any further until we have one more man here, because I'm not concerned about your monster, or you, but I have to do things right. I won't say another word until the #1 contender comes out. I need Samoa Joe.

Out comes Joe, his left arm held to the front of him, his wrist taped. Off comes Abyss' duster.

MVP – You know why Joe is beside me calm and collected, not ripping your throat out the way he'd like to do? Joe believes in the MVP Principle and know I will do things right going forward. You will defend against Joe next week. Because of the wonderful job you did pissing me off by getting involved with Janice. I will give you the chance for a match right now. I suggest you get out of the way (speaking to Magnus).

Joe vs Abyss

Joe spears Abyss, then on Abyss with blows.


Abyss on Joe with a blow in a corner. Into the next corner and more blows. Joe rakes Abyss' eyes, then on Abyss with big blows. Abyss reverses a whip, but Joe moves. Drop kick on Abyss. "Joe's gonna kill you!" chants. Joe chokes Abyss with a foot in a corner, but then Joe runs into a high knee. Abyss chokes Joe in a corner.

"Joe!" chants. Joe slammed back into a corner, and Joe crumbles to the mat. Blows to Joe in a corner. "Let's go Joe!" chants. Snap mare on Joe, then chinlock as he's on the mat. "Joe!" chants. Joe up and elbows Abyss, then blows, but then runs into Abyss' hand. Joe chops free, then an atomic drop. Clothesline, then back splash on Abyss. "Joe!" chants. Abyss with a blow to Joe's 'injured' ribs, but Joe comes back with his sick power slam! Joe on the mat, but Abyss to his feet. Joe up and lands his high knee in a corner. Head butt to Abyss, then Joe up Joe flies, but is caught and chokeslames by Abyss. Abyss goes out and gets Janice. Back into the ring, but suddenly EY is there. EY climbs and lands a lovely missile drop kick.

Winner – Joe via DQ (9:40)

EY on Abyss, but then Abyss fights back a bit. EY is able to knock Abyss from the ring. EY is standing tall through the "EY!" chants.

Backstage Segment

Borash is waiting for Bully to arrive. Angelina Love shows up, hugs Borash and heads off. Borash is in shock.


Brittany vs Gail Kim w/ Tapa

Brittany to the ring in blue. A video of Brittany telling about herself. She says she's second generation and looks up to Madison Rayne. Kim to the ring with Tapa in tow. Kim tells Tapa to stay down.

Big kick from Kim at the bell. Kim on Brittany in a corner, but Brittany comes back with blows. Neck breaker on Brittany, then she eats corner as Kim is all screamy. Kim gets Brittany on her shoulders, then slams her to the mat. Brittany comes back with blows, but Kim kicks Brittany's leg. Brittany blocks Kim and lands a Russian leg sweep type move. Brittany with forearms to Kim's face. Tapa in, rushes Brittany but ends up splashing Kim in a corner. Tapa slammed aside and Brittany rolls Kim up for three.

Winner - Brittany via DQ (2:14)

Kim is pissed and yells at Tapa. Tapa pushes her down. Kim up and hits Tapa. Tapa grabs Kim, but Kim back on her. Tapa slams her to the mat hard. The ref gets knocked down trying to break it up. Tapa on Kim with bunches. Kim rolls out as a couple refs hold Tapa back. Kim yells in at Tapa that she's screwed with the wrong person and will pay.

Backstage Segment

Spud yells that Bully that he's going to pay for what he did, but then Bromans, EC3, then Spud attack Bully. EC3 goes off on Bully about embarrassing EC3 and his family. Roode then gets in Bully's face as Spud chokes him. Roode screams in Bully's face about screwing him over too. Roode grabs a white board and slams it on Bully. Roode yells about not screwing with him as Spud fans EC3.


Bromans vs Sanada & Tigre Uno

Zema Ion in his DJ booth. He announces Bromans to the ring. Sanada and Tigre Uno to the ring. Video of Muta talking to Sanada, subtitled. Muta talks up history and respect, as well as hard work. Times have changed, but it's not going to be easy.

Jessie scoops and slams Sanada. Robbie tags in, takes an arm bar, then Sanada tags out. Tigre Uno in with chops on Robbie, but then Robbie with a clothesline that flips Tigre Uno. Jessie tags in, lifts Tigre Uno, pressing him high, then slamming him to the mat. Robbie tags in, then Jessie tags in and they try to double team, but after Jessie sent Tigre Uno flying, Robbie took a drop kick. Robbie taken out, then the double team Jessie onto Robbie. They flee and Sanada flies out on them. Then Sanada in and body drops Tigre Uno over the top onto Bromans. Bromans in and both take missile drop kicks. Jessie and Tigre Uno out, so Sanada climbs and lands a sick moonsault on Robbie for three.

Winner – Sanada & Tigre Uno (2:46)

Backstage Segment

Bully gasping for air as he walks along. He grabs a chain, puts it around his neck and starts seething.


Backstage Segment

Velvet and Rayne talking about nothing in particular. Rayne wants to address the issue of Love being back. Velvet is in shock.

Backstage Segment

Bromans tweaking about their last match, but then Bully in and trashes them and Ion. He beats them to a puddle, then turns and leaves without a word.

Backstage Segment

Samuel Shaw thanking someone for helping him. He is talking to Hemme, but she can't be seen. Shaw sees the camera and starts yelling at him, backing him away.

Backstage Segment

EC3 to Spud and says it's time to pay tribute to Dixie, give her the sendoff she deserves. Spud made a sign of some sort. They turn it around and it's a huge picture of Dixie.


Backstage Segment

Joe stomping around looking for EY. He find him and says he knows EY needs his revenge, but he's getting in Joe's business. EY did what he did out of the goodness of his heart, so he gets a pass, tonight. EY asks if it's a threat? EY made this monster, and he's going to finish it. Joe faces Magnus and EY will be chained to Abyss. Terrible idea, but that's his problem.

In Ring Segment

Spud and EC3 carry out the picture of Dixie between them, Spud crying. Spud into the ring, then EC3 hands the picture in. They set up Dixie's picture and Spud grabs a mic. "Dixies lap dog!" chants.

Spud – Will you please be quiet! As we are here to mourn the loss of Madame Dixie Carter. Today myself and EC3, the people at home and here, we are collectively mourning, because...

"Boring!" chants.

MVP – Because wrestling operations is now in control of an ex-convict, by the name of MVP.

"Boring!" chants.

EC3 – Do you mind, the more you chant 'boring' the more Spud wants to cry.

"We don't care!" chants.

Spud – But this night isn't about MVP. It's... (boo hoo)

"Dixie's lap dog!"

Spud – This is about my queen and all of yours. It's about how she made me feel, you feel, and you Ethan. Beautiful, supple, young Ethan, how she made you feel. How she made me feel. That woman... Shut up! That woman picked me up from obscurity, like baby Jesus in a manger, like the Virgin Mary, she cradled me in her arms! (The facial expressions of confusion and shock on EC3's face makes this all work.) She made me mature as a man, that's why I'm the big man I am today! Madam, I've prepared a tribute to you this evening. Ethan, everybody, and I would like to say, thank you Dixie.

They go to video about how great Dixie is, and all the great things she's done in TNA, but then it was all taken away. MVP can take Dixie out of wrestling operations, but you can't take her out of our heart.

Spud – Sometimes a video isn't enough. I've prepared a reading.

"Dixie sucks!"

Spud reads a poem he wrote, but he's hard to hear through the "Boring!" chants. Then MVP's music hits and out he comes.

MVP – We have to stop this right now. Who approved this. That doesn't matter, this is over. You're acting like Dixie is gone, gone.

Spud – It feels like she is.

MVP – She's just in Tennessee to shuffle some paperwork. Spud, after getting to know you, in a weird way, you've grown on me, like a fungus, or rash, or something, but, look. Here's the deal. I have to commend you, you've been loyal to Dixie. I need men like you on this wrestling roster. If you can be loyal to Dixie, then you can be to me and this company.

Spud – I can't be a wrestler, I'm Chief of Staff.

MVP – No, we don't need a Chief of Staff anymore. What I need from you is to fulfill your contract as a wrestler.

Spud – I can't be a wrestler!

MVP – No, you are! Didn't you win British Boot Camp?

Spud – Well, yes, but every one of the wrestlers are bigger than me, including the Knockouts. I can't be a wrestler.

MVP – More often than not, size does matter, but you've got the heart of a lion! You're fierce!

Spud – Yeah!

MVP – I motivated you there, so now you want to participate in the match!

Spud – Yeah! Yeah!

MVP – That's what I want to see!

Spud – I want to fight!

MVP – So, Rockstar Spud in a match against...

Spud – Some young rookie!

MVP – With a guy who's debuting for the first time tonight! Rockstar Spud will face Willow!

Spud's face hits the floor and he freaks out.

MVP (to EC3) – C3PO, what are you laughing at?

EC3 – Oh, clever. Look...

MVP – You really shouldn't laugh because next week you will have a chance to face this man.

Out comes Lashley! EC3 isn't impressed, but the fans are liking that Lashley is there. Lashley into the ring and poses.

EC3 – No, no, no! This man is not on the roster. No way you can motivate me participate against someone not on the roster.

MVP – I thought you'd say that. So my first act is signing Bobby Lashley!

Spud up against Lashey, poking his chest. Lashey grabs Dixie's picture and beats Spud over the head with it. Spud is left petting Dixie's face as he lolls against the bottom rope and the fans chant, "Dixie's lap dog!" Lashey puts his arms out to show off. EC3 steps up, but then Lashley's face changes and EC3 flees the ring. Outside t ring EC3 regroups. Then Spud leaves the ring, continuing to pitch his fit.

Backstage Segment

Borash with EC3. EC3 is glad he has a week to prepare. He's going to destroy Lashley's knee and beat him to within an inch of his life. Suddenly Bully is there and attacks EC3. He beats EC3 down, then hits him with what looks like the same board he was hit with.


Street Fight - Shaw vs Anderson

Shaw out, then steps back. He then comes out with the top half of a mannequin with red hair. He places her in the corner, kisses her cheek, then sits on the apron and stares at her, stroking her arm. Anderson out, but Shaw attacks as the mic is coming down.

"Creepy bastard!" chants. Shaw beats Anderson down the ramp. Anderson starts fighting back. Shaw reverses, sending Anderson into the stairs. Shaw in to see his fake Hemme, then out to sends Anderson into the apron. Anderson eats apron, then back too again. Shaw with blows on Anderson. Anderson fights back a bit, but then Shaw blocks Anderson's suplex and lands his own. They continue around the ring. Anderson with an elbow to Shaw's gut, then they finally head into the ring.

"Anderson!" chants. Anderson with blows, but Shaw rakes the eyes. Clotheslines from Anderson. Neck breaker on Shaw, then Shaw up and Anderson rolls through. Anderson over to fake Hemme and rubs her head, freaking Shaw out. Shaw is freaking out. Anderson lifts fake Hemme, then kisses her. Anderson throws her at Shaw, then a mic check for three.

Winner – Anderson (3:50)

Anderson with the mic announces himself the winner. He gets down with fake Hemme and says his name the second time right in her face.

Backstage Segment

Love says he's missed everyone. She's back for one reason, one special person.


Backstage Segment

Willow walks along, stops and poses.


Kenny King parties.

In Ring Segment

Angelina Love comes out in a sparkly pink tube top, her bra poking out, and jeans. She heads to the ring. "Welcome back!" chants.

Love – There was times she never thought she'd hear that music again. It is great to be back home in TNA. Since my departure a couple years ago, my life has changes a lot. I've grown wiser. A young girl growing up in Canada, my father said you never really realize what you have, until you don't have it any more. I never really understood that he was talking about until I left TNA. I missed you, the fans, being able to stand in this ring. I feel that his words were much deeper, that he was talking about relationships, friendships, and sisterhood. So with that being said, Velvet, can you come down to the ring please?

Velvet comes out in a black high necked belly shirt and black pants with black boots. She poses for the fans. They hug in the ring.

Love – Velvet, I can't change the past, and there were so many things I wanted to say to you before I left, but I didn't. I don't know if it was pride or ego. Being apart from you, but I realized that if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have achieved the level of success that I did in this business. For years Angel Williams was struggling in this job, trying to find my identity, not connecting with the fans, and not getting noticed by management, and it wasn't until Angelina Love was born, and teaming with Velvet Sky that we created this special union in this industry. The union being The Beautiful People. Seriously, everywhere I go, everyday, everybody asks when are TBP getting back together. I think it's time to put the girl band back together.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Velvet – Angelina, wow, I don't know what to say. You caught me off guard with this. We haven't spoken in a while, and to be quite honest, I totally wasn't expecting you here tonight. A lot has changed since you've been gone, and I've had to jump through so many hoops to get back where we were, and during that time, I was finally able to find myself and what I wanted. Most notably I was able to capture the TNA Knockouts Title on my own. Now that it's all behind me and I'm ready to move on.

Love – So, what are you saying?

Velvet – What I'm saying is that there will never be a bond as strong as TBP, no matter what, and, I'm ready to move forward.

Love – So, look Dude, I know you weren't expecting any of this. I just feel that sometimes you have to take a step backwards in able to move forwards, and I just feel that there's a ton of unfinished business for TBP. Why not now? Why not accomplish now what we didn't have the time to do before? We were good, but now we could be great!

Velvet – Listen, I totally hear what you're saying, but I'm sorry, but I need more time. I love you, I just need more time to think, okay?

Backstage Segment

Bully is hunting backstage.

Backstage Segment

Willow is heading for the ring.


Willow vs Spud

Willow out to the ring with a black and white umbrella spinning in front of him. Into the ringside area, he bounces around as the camera shots are black and white and Spud tweaks in the ring. Willow in and Spud flees.

Spud rushes Willow and slammed into a corner. Spud out and then eats corner. Spud whipped face first and keeps flopping around on the ropes. Spud whipped, but moves and Willow eats corner. Blows to Willow, but then Willow slams him back. Willow all over Spud in a corner. Spud rakes Willow's eyes, then climbs, but Spud knocked to sitting. Spud hung upside-down in a corner and flails. Willow chokes Spud with a foot. Willow out as Taz talks about how disturbed this side of Hardy. Willow with the umbrella which he uses to wail upon Spud in the slats. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Spud via DQ (2:24)

The ref tries to stop Willow, but is kicked in the slats, then takes a twist of fate. Willow grabs a ladder from under the ring and sets it up in the ring. Spud is spiked with a front suplex, then Willow puts a chair on Spud's ankle. Willow stomps the chair and Spud screams. Another stomp and another scream. Willow stomps all over on Spud, then climbs the ladder. Up top of the ladder Willow looks to be in pain, then he dives off onto Spud, sending the ladder flying. Tenay keeps going on and on about Spud costing Hardy the Title by knocking him off the ladder.

Bully's music hits and they pass each other on the ramp.


In Ring Segment

"Bully!" chants.

Bully – You know, they say that when you die, your life flashes right before you, and when Anderson mic checked me into that coffin, my career flashed before my face. I fully intended to come out and give you a really good reason and tell you why I did what I did, but from the minute I got here tonight, Bobby Roode, EC3, Bromance, and that little piece of whatever you call it, that little lap dog, made this physical.

"Dixie's lap dog!"

Bully – Bobby Roode, I tried to save you from yourself. If you would have won that match, you would have taken over this company and you would have turned into another Dixie Carter. And I know, and you know, and they know, the last thing the wrestling business needs is another Dixie Carter!


Bully – I don't want to talk anymore Bobby. I've taken out every single one of your guys. You know what I want to do, I want to do what I do best, I want to fight you right now!

Out comes Roode in jeans and a Roode t-shirt. He gets to the bottom of the ramp, but then waits. Roode rushes in and Bully on Roode with blows, then the elbow to the top of Roode's head. "Bully!" chants. Bully yells, "1-2-3!" and the fans yell, "Get the tables!" Bully slides a table into the ring and sets it up. Roode lands a spine buster on Bully as he turns around. Roode moves the table and is ready. Roode gets Bully up, but he elbows free. Bully takes Roode down and get the "Table!" chant going. Roode set up, then Bully puts him through the table. Bully stands and stares off into space, the way he used to when he put people though a table. Then Bully over, hands on each side of the broken table, leans down, and yells at Roode's prone body.

Biggest Pop
The Beautiful People

Biggest Heat
Dixie in absentia
Rockstar Spud

Most Vicious
Fans chanting for Willow to further abuse Spud

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