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TnA ImPaCt ReViEw: HaRdy'S ReVeNgE

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To start, the one thing that I do like that TNA has brought back from the Cross The Line era is giving each episode a theme/title. There is good and bad to that concept. It serves as advertisement and a good point of reference as something to either look forward to or look back to. Another future possibility is that the use of titled episodes mean they will be listed on Netflix for viewing. The problem I do see in it, though, is the fact that TNA often places almost all the focus and advertising around one feud or one character. I find it a reoccurring problem when a wrestling company focuses all of their resources, all of their advertising, all of the in-ring promo time, all of the backstage interview time, all on either one wrestler or one feud. To me it tells the viewers that none of the other divisions or wrestlers matter as much, even if they draw more than the World Champ.

I thought the X-Division match was nice, but I didn’t feel as if it was treated as important. Yes, Spud is over, but this was just a match. In this episode of Impact there was no pre-match interview concerning the match that there would be for say the world title or tag titles, and there wasn’t even a pre-match confrontation to build the heat and tension for the match, maybe a slight mention but it was somewhat quick and I didn’t feel like there was enough emphasis on the match and X-Division title's importance. More importance was put on the Drew Galloway vs BDC feud.

The segment with Drew Galloway was okay. I just feel like the #StandUp campaign is being shoved down my throat. I don’t think they really care what truly interests viewers, sure maybe pure wrestling fans, but they don’t make up the full potential audience, they make up the loud minority. The introduction of the new members of “The Rising” was too quick and a bit of a cluster f#ck to really notice or matter. It could have been captured a bit better. Instead of dominating the follow up with a moments ago footage and BDC reaction, they could have follow up with The Rising reaction backstage, where Drew could introduce the new members, then cut to The BDC reaction.

I liked the Awesome Kong video, and I’m glad we finally get to hear her voice. It does bother me that this is all that the Knockouts get beyond “just matches”. Knockouts, much like X-Division wrestlers, barely get any in-ring promos, backstage interviews, backstage confrontations or any major significant importance in a typical Impact episode. It doesn’t build a performer’s personality and doesn’t build heat. I think Brooke is cool, but this gave me no reason to care nor invest in the match. I’m a big fan of Kong, but even with her feud with Taryn still seems stale. I did sneak a peek at the spoilers, so I know there will be a slight change to that issue, but the problem I see on episodes of Impact is the execution of what are seemingly good opportunities.

I have a hard time suspending my disbelief when The Revolution is on. They seem to be wanted to be taken seriously. While all great athletes on their own, there’s a lot of eye rolling on my part when promos are cut or when Khoya screams like he’s a monster in a 50’s horror movie, just a bit too silly for my tastes, but that’s just me. I did like the backstage attack, though. Would like Manik return to the X-Division, maybe even return to being Suicide.
I enjoyed the World Heavyweight confrontation. Everyone cut a great promo. I did take issue with them cutting to a break mid-match. I don’t understand how TNA wants to be so wrestling focused, yet they cut to commercial during actual matches.

The Bram vs Magnus segment was fun. Great promos cut, great action. I hope Mickie James returns to action part-time, she has the personality and the mic skills that aren’t being used in the Knockout division currently and I'd like to see more of that.

With all the look-back videos, all the advertising, all the backstage segments, and all the interviews, you would think that the main event was important to TNA and then viewers of Impact. Why in the world would TNA find it so important to, once again, cut to commercial mid-match. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The match was entertaining, I just wish we could see it in its entirety.

Overall this was an okay show. It remains to be seen, but the shows still feel like they are going through the wrestling motions. I would like to see more backstage confrontations, more X-Division action and promos, more Knockout action and promos.

I think Impact is in need of a backstage interviewer, this stalker cameraman is getting stale on its own, they can keep doing it, but I think for confrontations and hidden camera views, everything else they should have backstage interviews.

I don’t want shows to end with a sense of finality, I want a cliff hanger for every show, not just an add on what is happening next week, but a feeling of, "OMG, they left me hanging, what’s going to happen, what are they going to say or do?" All they seem to want to let us know is that next week, there will be wrestling matches. That’s nice, if you are strictly a fan of in-ring wrestling, but for anyone else how is TNA ever going to grow their viewing audience if they only target strictly those who are already watching.

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