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TNA Impact Wrestling House Show (2/26/12) - Charlottesville, Virginia

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-Last night, I attended the TNA Impact Wrestling house show in Charlottesville, VA at the John Paul Jones arena, below are results from the show:

-They were only using half of the arena for the show, even still, the stands weren't anywhere near full. My friends and I bought tickets about 10 minutes before show-time and there were still tickets available in every section (including floor seats).

-Before the show started, Jeremy Borash came out to get the crowd excited. He told everyone that the loudest fans would be given backstage passes to meet the wrestlers during intermission. He continued to hype these passes between every match during the show.

*TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries def. Alex Shelley

-Aries and Shelley had a pretty good match, but everyone in our group was a little disappointed with this one, if only because there wasn't a whole lot to set it apart as an X Division match. Just a standard, one-on-one contest. Aries got the submission win with the Last Chancery.

-Before the next match, Earl Hebner (who they billed from Virginia), came out to a big pop from the crowd. He pulled off his referee shirt to show off his "D--- right I did" t-shirt before putting on a pair of wraparound hitman shades and strutting around the ring like Bret Hart (this didn't really make sense though, because like I said, the crowd loved Earl).

* Mickie James & Velvet Sky def. TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Gail Kim & Angelina Love

-Good Knockouts match, but that's not really a surprise considering who was involved. Mickie and Velvet got the pinfall following a double DDT.

-Mickie James was also really over since she's from Richmond, VA. She had lots of friends and family in the audience, and my friends and I later found out that we were sitting right behind Mickie James' mother.

* TNA Tag Team Champions Magnus & Samoa Joe def. Matt Morgan & Crimson

-Another good match here. The crowd was pretty solidly behind Morgan and Crimson, with pockets of Joe and Magnus supporters scattered around. Crimson hit Morgan with a spear, and that led to Magnus and Joe hitting their snap mare/diving elbow drop combo for the win.

-After the match, Crimson and Morgan argued, and Crimson left the ring to head to the back without Morgan.

* Christopher Daniels def. AJ Styles thanks to interference from Kazarian

-This was probably the match of the night. These two guys just know each other so well that they could probably wrestle a good match with their eyes closed while both of them had the flu. Daniels got the pinfall win after Kazarian held AJ's foot down to prevent him from kicking out.

-After the match, Daniels and Kazarian double team AJ, beating up on him until AJ is able to make the comeback. Styles sends Daniels from the ring and give Kazarian the Styles clash before sending them both packing to the back.


-During intermission, Don West hyped some of the merchandise available upstairs. He also threw out some free stuff for the crowd.

-During intermission, West also made an interesting comment, saying that Earl Hebner had recently refereed his 100,000th match. He made it seem a bit suspect though, when he said that even if you did the math, it didn't add up.

-Before the next match, Robbie E., Robbie T., ODB, and Eric Young had a bit of a dance off. It may have been the most over segment of the night. It ended when Robbie E. attacked EY from behind to start the match.

* Eric Young & ODB def. Robbie E. & Robbie T.

-This was just a really fun match, and everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves during this one. ODB and Eric Young are amazing together, and I hope TNA continues to showcase this pairing.

* Jeff Hardy def. TNA Champion Bobby Roode by DQ

-This match didn't even last five minutes before Bully Ray ran in to attack Hardy from behind. Storm came out shortly after to make the save for Hardy.

-Storm asked why they didn't make it a tag match. Ray and Roode didn't seem interested, but the referee said if they didn't get in the ring for the match, Roode would be stripped of his title.

* Jeff Hardy & James Storm b. TNA Champion Bobby Roode & Bully Ray

-This was another solid match with some entertaining work from Ray and Roode. There was a much older, retired professional wrestler in the front row who had an extended back and forth with Roode and Ray. The old man was one of the most fun parts of the show as people yelled to 'let them fight'.

-The match ended when Storm and Hardy sent Ray from the ring and hit Roode with the superkick and the twist of fate. Ray didn't even try to help his partner, just turning his back and heading up toward the ramp.

-After the show, Jeff Hardy and James Storm posed in the ring for pictures with people from the crowd.

-All in all, this was a great show. I've had the pleasure of going to TNA live events several times in the past, and it's always so amazing how much fun and entertaining they are. If you're only experience with TNA is their television show, and you aren't a fan, I urge you to check out one of these live shows if they ever come to your area. We had people in our group who ranged from super-fans, to super casual fans, and everyone had a great time.

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