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TNA Impact Wrestling House Show Results (1/06/12) - Westbury, New York

Wrestling News World reader William Bassler attended last night's TNA Impact Wrestling house show from the NYCB Theatre in Westbury, New York. He sent in the following report:

1) TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries retained the TNA X Division Championship against challenger Jesse Sorensen. This was an exciting opener that saw the crowd mostly siding with the champ Austin Aries, who got some of the best pops of the night. Aries scored a pin fall victory on Sorensen following a Brainbuster.

2) TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Madison Rayne & TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim retained the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships against challengers Mickie James and Velvet Sky. Mickie worked most of the match until Velvet scored a hot tag, which the crowd went wild for. Velvet had Madison in control until Gail hit the Eat Defeat on her while the referee was distracted, allowing Madison to pick up the win.

3) TNA World Tag Team Champion Crimson defeated fellow TNA World Tag Team Champion "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan. The crowd wasn't so hot for Crimson here. Nice match between these two partners, Crimson took the victory with a School Boy Roll-Up on Matt Morgan. The two Champs posed with each other after the match.

4)Gunner, accompanied by "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, defeated Devon. Flair got the crowd going before the match started, shooting out some insults to crowd members (told a guy in front of me to "Shut up and sit down, fat boy"). He also got in referee Earl Hebner's face. This
was a great match in my opinion; the finish came when Devon went to Suplex Gunner into the ring from the apron, but Gunner crashed onto Devon. Hebner neglected to see Devon's feet under the ropes for the cover and secured the victory for Gunner.

During intermission J.B. and Don West gave out backstage passes and TNA merchandise.

5) James Storm defeated Kurt Angle. This was a great match and if it's any indication of what their encounter this Sunday at Genesis will be
like, you're in for a treat. Very even match, Angle looked to have it won with the Olympic Slam but Storm kicked out. Angle then taunted and teased to hit Storm's own patented Superkick, but Storm dodged it and hit a Double Knee Facebreaker, followed by a Superkick of his own for the victory. Match of the night.

6) Jeff Hardy defeated TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode and Bully Ray in a Three-Way Dance. Before the match began, Bully Ray was cracking out hilarious insults left and right around the crowd, even made a kid cry. Lots of heat for this guy, he's mint though. The crowd was absolutely crazy for Hardy. The match was typical, Roode and Bully Ray double teamed Hardy straight until the end pretty much until he made a comeback. The finish came when Bully Ray accidentally hit a Clothesline on Roode, allowing Hardy to score with a Twist of Fate for the win.

Overall a great TNA Live show, the first I've been to. No complaints at all, although the Main Event was a bit underwhelming in comparison to the match beforehand. Great to see Ric Flair in attendance.

Biggest Pops
1. Jeff Hardy
2. Devon
3. Austin Aries (for real)

Biggest Heat
1. Bully Ray (by a mile)
2. Bobby Roode
3. Crimson

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