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TNA Impact Wrestling House Show Results (3/25/12) – Erie, Pennsylvania

WNW reader Troy Louk sent in the following detailed report from yesterday's TNA Impact Wrestling house show in Erie, Pennsylvania:

Whats up, readers? I just got back from the TNA House Show tonight in Erie, Pennsylvania and wanted to share the results with all the great readers.

With the early 6pm belltime the evening began around 4pm for the 50 dollar seat holders one of which I am proud to say was me. We got a special pre-show meet and greet which featured Robbie E., Magnus, Gunner, Garrett Bischoff, and Zema Ion coming out talking to fans,signing autographs which were free with the purchase of the new 30 dollar brown bag special which came with an awesome grey Impact Wrestling shirt, 4 DVDs, the brand new 2012 program and a random Legends action figure (I got Kurt Angle). All the talent were really awesome to meet and talk to and seemed to really enjoy interacting with fans so u didn't feel like just another schmuck that bought a ticket.

The opening match of the night saw Robbie E. go one on one with Mr. Anderson. The festivities began with Robbie challenging Anderson to a dance off ending with Anderson doing his dance routine to entertain the crowd then punching Robbie to the delight of the Erie crowd. The end came when Anderson hit the Mic Check for the victory and had a young fan assist him in announcing him as the winner.

Next up Jeremy Borash introduced referee Earl Hebner who did the whole familiar Bret Hart sunglasses pose routine to a chorus of boos and You Screwed Bret chants.

This would be the lead-in for the next match which saw Gunner square off with Garrett Bischoff. This was an entertaining match which along with the entire show I highly enjoyed. In the end Gunner had Garrett up in a fireman's carry and Bischoff rolled up Gunner for the win.

In the third spot on the card was the first of two championship matches as Knockouts Champion Gail Kim defended against Mickie James. This i would say was at least one of if not the best women's match I've ever seen LIVE in my 21 years of attending shows. These girls both put on great performances and I was happy to be a part of the crowd. Mickie gave a tremendous effort in an awesome match but in the end, Gail retained with a roll-up holding the tights.

Next up we saw one half of the TNA Tag Team Champions Magnus go toe to toe with Rob Van Dam. This match reminded me why Rob is one of the best performers in the business as we saw all of his classic arsenal including the Rolling Thunder and his trademark move that would put Magnus away for the 1 2 3, the 5 star frog splash.

Next it was intermission time where Gail Kim signed autographs at the merchandise table. Austin Aries was also at the table at one point but I was kind of annoyed because he stamped his signature he didn't sign it, but Gail was really friendly. Also at intermission if you bought a Kurt Angle/Mr. Anderson action figure double pack you got to go backstage and meet both of them and they signed it for you which i did and it was my 5th time meeting Kurt and he was awesome as always and my first time meeting Mr. Anderson and he likewise was very awesome as well.

Next the recently aforementioned X-Division Champion Austin Aries defended against Zema Ion in what was easily match of the night. Aries even did a suicide dive through the ropes right in front of us. Aries would go on to retain the title by submission.

Then it was main event time as the number one contender to the TNA World Championship Cowboy James Storm faced not only Bully Ray but the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. Not surprisingly Kurt despite being a heel got a HUGE face reaction being a Pennsylvanian. All of the heel heat rested on Bully and I thought he did an excellent job with it. One of the cool highlights was when James Storm was gonna have a beer with a fan but the fan unfortunately couldn't quite reach to do the whole cheers thing. In all honesty the match was a little short but good content nonetheless. The finish came to the delight of the crowd when Bully attempted to spit beer in Storms face but got a Last Call superkick for the 1 2 3 and a victory for the Cowboy who celebrated by spraying beer capping off an incredible night.

Overall another phenomenal experience I recommend to any true wrestling fan. If you have a chance to attend a TNA show do yourself a favor and at least go once.

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