TNA One Night Only: Rivals Review


Just in case you were wondering - no, this is not a review of one of the recently-taped One Night Only pay-per-views. This PPV was taped in September and was released on February 6th. Six singles matches on this PPV featured TNA wrestlers and Knockouts going head-to-head against one of their biggest rivals from the past. While most of feuds were recently done in the last few years, it was still nice to reflect on their past encounters. I'm back with The Five-Count to break down this One Night Only PPV. Before I jump into the review part, here are the full results from the show:

  • Taryn Terrell def. Gail Kim
  • James Storm def. Mr. Anderson
  • Elimination Match: Kenny King def. Samoa Joe, Sanada, & DJ Z
  • Bram def. Gunner
  • EC3 def. Austin Aries
  • Monster's Ball Match: Eric Young def. Abyss
  • Angelina Love def. Madison Rayne
  • Bobby Roode def. MVP by DQ
  • MVP & Kenny King def. Eric Young & Bobby Roode
  • Jeff Hardy def. Magnus

Star of the Night: Kenny King

I haven't been the biggest fan of Kenny King since I started watching TNA, and I just don't know why. Something clicked during this PPV that made me interested in him. Also, King picked up not one, but two wins during the show. The first was in a four-way elimination match where he rolled up Samoa Joe to win after Sanada spat mist in Joe's face. It wasn't as good of a four-way match as I was hoping, but still decent. Later on, King interfered in Roode vs. MVP, leading to a save by EY, and a tag team match was set up. MVP and King went on to get the win after MVP pinned Young. King probably had the best match out of anyone on the roster as far as success goes, even though he didn't really have any true rivals.

Match of the Night: Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus

This one surprised me. Their previous encounter in 2013 was good, as it resulted in Magnus winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. As we saw with the last One Night Only PPV, Jeff Hardy won the main event match against MVP. I've never thought of it this way, but Hardy seems like John Cena in this role. I'm not bashing Hardy in any way, but he is a big name that draws, even though he may not be liked by everyone. Back to the match, I thought it was very entertaining and I really enjoyed it. I see something in Magnus, and it would be nice to see him get a lengthy main event push, preferably as a babyface. Hardy hit all of his signature spots in this one to pick up the win over this rival.

The Highlight: A Dream Match Come True

During this PPV, two of my favorite TNA wrestlers went one-on-one, perhaps for the first time, to my knowledge. That match was between Ethan Carter III and Austin Aries. I'll admit, it wasn't quite what I was expecting between the two, but it was decent. EC3 spent a majority of the match keeping Aries down with submission holds. Rockstar Spud interfered in the end when Aries when to hit the brainbuster, allowing for EC3 to sneak in a pin for the win.

The Lowlight: Awful Commentary

There weren't really any matches I could complain about. My biggest complaint, though, was the commentary. Oh my goodness. Mike Tenay wasn't bad, actually, he was the one trying to get the conversation focused back in on what was happening in the ring. Taz was just horrible. Instead of talking about the match or even the wrestlers in general, he wanted to talk about things that had absolutely nothing to do with wrestling! No, I didn't watch this PPV for the commentary, but it would be nice to get some decent announcers. As I stated on my Twitter account while listening to the horrible announcing, I think having no commentators would be better than horrible ones. Rant over.

Biggest Surprise/Underrated MOTN: Bram vs. Gunner

The only rival Bram has had since coming to TNA in 2014 was Abyss. They had Bram vs. Abyss at the last One Night Only PPV, so I'm glad he had a different opponent. That opponent was Gunner. These two are both hard-hitting in the ring, which made their match more interesting than I had thought it was going to be. In the end, Bram went over, which I was completely fine with.

After writing this article, I'm finding that I was surprised both in a good way and bad way by the matches. What I expected to be good didn't live up to my expectations, and what I didn't necessarily care about before turned out to be good. This wasn't a bad PPV by any means, but I wouldn't take the time to re-watch it. If you watched the PPV, I would love to hear from you below in the comments section! You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

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