TNA Originals


This is my first post and I consider this as a great opportunity. After learning that Samoa Joe has departed ways with TNA, it has occurred to me that there aren’t many of the “TNA Originals” left on the roster. In the last several years wrestlers such as AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Chris Sabin, and others have departed that were considered to be some of the “Originals”. I believe the only originals that are left are Eric Young, James Storm, Bobby Roode, and Abyss. Not only has TNA switched channels from Spike TV to Destination America but it appears that TNA is growing out of the “Originals” to some degree.

In general wrestlers move around from promotion to promotion to make a living. A wrestler’s longevity in one promotion is significant and does have an impact. We associate The Undertaker as a cornerstone of the WWE and Sting as one of the foundations of WCW. We will also associate Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and the other “Originals” as the pillars of TNA. As fans we become intoxicated with the wrestlers who have the longevity within the promotion. We watch their performance and persona evolve over time. We become attached emotionally as fans.

As it is sad to see wrestlers leave that have made their mark in a promotion, it is part of the business. Just like you and me evolving TNA has to do the same. TNA has to bring in new blood and try to keep the product fresh. In 2015 they are currently doing that and developing young talent. As Samoa Joe leaves it creates an opportunity for us as fans to become intoxicated with another wrestler.

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