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British Boot Camp 2, Gunner's Ranking, Contract Statuses, Where Does Tyrus Stand?, Could The UK Host A TNA PPV?, TNA's Best Heel, Latest Website Update, TNA Dropping The Ball On Magnus

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So, welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I answer your questions you sent to me involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using "#TNATalk".

Have you watched any of British Boot Camp 2 yet?

Sadly, I have not watched British Boot Camp 2 yet as I have been extremely busy that I honestly don't have time to watch it. Luckily, we have coverage of the show here on the site from Mark Moore and Tod Sullivan as they do an audio podcast about the show. For those interested, check out their latest episode HERE.

Gunner held the World Title briefcase at the start of the year. How do you think he's been booked since then and will he return to the World Title picture?

Very interesting question! If you asked me at the beginning of the year, I would have said that I probably do see Gunner being the TNA World Champion. However, looking back at the year, I am not surprised that he wasn't made TNA World Champion, but I do think he will be sometime. Listen, if you look back at the year, the belt went from AJ Styles to Magnus to Eric Young to Lashley to Bobby Roode. It's a nice list, no doubt about that, but there really wasn't any plans for Gunner to be crowned champion. I learned from Vince Russo, as he was with TNA when Eric Young won it, that him winning the belt was made on the fly. MVP was supposed to be the next champion but he was injured and they placed it on Lashley. That lasted for a bit and now we have it on Bobby Roode. I'm not surprised where Gunner stands right now only because there wasn't any long-term plans for him. I would like to see him be in the main event scene as I think he has great potential and I am certainly a fan of his.

Are you worried about Bully Ray and Samoa Joe being out of contract and without a new deal on the horizon?

Can we add Kurt Angle to that list as well? For all three of those names - I am worried about them not having a contract. I don't know the extent of Bully Ray and Samoa Joe's situation with the company, but I can state for a fact that Kurt Angle is a free agent. Let me repeat that - Kurt Angle is a free agent!!!! How is that possible? One of the best wrestlers of all-time is without a deal. TNA Wrestling has verbally agreed to offer him a contract, but they haven't as they don't have the money to supply because of their television situation. They aren't offering new contracts to Samoa Joe or Bully Ray (as it seems). If both of them do not have a contract, then they can literally go anywhere they want. That's scary as those are top names for the company. If I was a company and one of the best guys in the business was on the market, I would certainly try to sign him... Not to mention the others who really can offer a lot to the company. It's sad. It's scary. It's crazy! Hopefully they can get a television deal in place SOON and get these people signed to a new contract. Words of wisdom for TNA - Don't take everything for granted.

Is Tyrus a permanent or temporary signing?

To continue on with the question before this one - TNA can't sign the stars they already have to new contracts let alone new people. I do not know the extent of Tyrus' deal with the company, but I honestly do not think he signed a permanent contract. It has to be a temporary signing. Don't get me wrong, it could turn into a permanent deal once a television deal is in place, but we shall see. Again, that is mere speculation, but it is a genuine answer knowing the status of the other talents contracts.

After Japan could the UK be next to host Bound for Glory?

After seeing TNA Wrestling go to Japan for Bound for Glory, going to the United Kingdom for that pay-per-view or any pay-per-view is certainly not off limits. TNA showed what they can do and they will prove it again if they have to. However, we can't forget the relationship TNA has with Wrestle-1 in Japan. That PPV was a Wrestle-1 event as well and, from what I heard, they covered a lot of the costs of the event. TNA was lucky. Going to the UK would be a different story financially, but it could be done.

Who is TNA's best heel?

I am guessing you mean the best heel in TNA right now. I would have to go with MVP at this very moment. With him still being remembered as that dictator ruler of Impact Wrestling earlier this year as well as being the great mouthpiece for Lashley, he has received a lot of heat and probably the most heat out of everyone (excluding Dixie Carter for no longer being on the show). I could also make a case for Ethan Carter III. It certainly can go either way.

For some little fun, if I would have to say who was the best heel in TNA Wrestling's history, I may have to go with Jeff Jarrett. I remember watching it periodically in 2005 and how much of a heel Jarrett actually was. Even when I watched it from 2006 on I still remember Jeff Jarrett as heel and he even made me dislike him. It was a pretty cool thing!

What's going to happen to the site after TNA's last new show airs?

The last taped Impact Wrestling episode will air next week, November 19th. Impact Wrestling will not be on the week after. TNA hasn't announced it yet, but the word is that TNA will be airing "Best of" shows in December. So to give a run down, I will be doing the last "#TNANewsBooksImpact" of the year next week. I can then concentrate on "#TNATalk" as I have been too busy recently to release installments. I will still answer your questions the remainder of the year. We will continue to publish articles and news updates as we move into the new year. We should still have our audio podcasts going covering British Boot Camp 2 as well as the "TNA News Round Up" audio podcast discussing the major stuff that have happened with TNA Wrestling. Let's face it, from now till December 31st, TNA has a lot to announce from a new television deal to new television tapings to signing talent. There's a lot to keep an eye on. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!! Do not forget the's Hoopla Awards! To sum it up, this website will be cranking well to the end of 2014!

why has TNA dropped the ball with Magnus and Gunner?

I discussed Gunner in the second question, but to reiterate, the company didn't have anything for Gunner in the main event scene anyway. Wining the Feast or Fired briefcase was just a little thing to keep him relevant. It helped, but he has been put into the feud/story with (now against) Samuel Shaw and that is perfectly fine by me. I like the story that's happening and hope it continues. Gunner will have his chance. As for Magnus, I have stated for months that Magnus has been overlooked ever since teaming with Bram. Since I started writing my "TNANewsBooksImpact" scripts, I kept writing the story of how Magnus and Bram will split up because I truthfully and honestly think that needs to happen. Magnus is better than where they place him. Sure, he can't be in the main event scene, but they can certainly make him look strong and relevant in a feud against Bram. I never like when people get lost in the shuffle because sometimes they can never get out of it - Just look at Samoa Joe!

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