Why The Heel Turns, Samoa Joe & Low Ki Tag Team?, Josh Mathews As Commentator, Thoughts On New Logo & Network, Too Soon For Roode To Lose?


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The heel turns of Low Ki, Samoa Joe, and Eric Young didn't make any sense on Wednesday's Impact Wrestling. What's the deal?

It's called a swerve. It is supposed to throw people off. It is supposed to be mind boggling... It is supposed to be a head scratcher. That is called a cliffhanger. That is what makes people tune in to next week's show. That is television! I have no problem not understanding why Low Ki, Samoa Joe, and Eric Young turned, but we need to find out either next week or in the following weeks. We will need answers. This is how television should be for episodic type of shows.

While Samoa Joe and Low Ki are, in my opinion, required to help reinvigorate the X-Division, do you think that they could benefit on making the Tag Team Division a lot more watching like how The Wolves are able to make it as?

Absolutely and I think that may actually come into play during 2015 from what we saw on Wednesday's Impact Wrestling. With them turning heel and possibly joining MVP, they can certainly act like a tag team. With Low Ki dropping the X-Division Championship, it very well can work. on #TNANewsBooksImpact last year I have been wanting to do Joe vs. Low where Low would be heel, but on my last #TNANewsBooksImpact I had Joe heel instead to re-establish himself as the unstoppable force. Since both turned and seem to be as a unit, them being placed in the Tag Team Division makes sense.

What are your thoughts on Josh Mathews being confirmed to be both joining the announce team and replacing Mike Tenay?

Josh Mathews made his debut on TNA Wrestling television this Wednesday for Impact Wrestling where he and Taz called the action. I always enjoyed Josh's work and think he is an absolutely talented guy, but seeing Mike Tenay gone from the booth is upsetting to me since I have been watching TNA nonstop for 9 years. He was the voice of TNA for me. But, I am glad he is still with the company and I think he will do very well in his new role. I want to give Josh time to warm-up to the way Impact Wrestling flows as well as to build chemistry with Taz. Josh is a great fit for where TNA wants to go with a young and edgy product.

What are your thoughts on Impact Wrestling's new logo for their move to Destination America?

Let me talk about Destination America first. I absolutely think TNA teaming up with them was a great choice. It is a smaller network than Spike TV, but Destination America CARES for TNA. Destination America WANTS TNA. When did we ever see an Impact Wrestling marathon on Spike TV? Destination America is allowing TNA to almost control their station for 24 hours from Impact Wrestling, a replay of Impact Wrestling, Impact Wrestling: Unlocked, and then TNA's Greatest Matches. It's terrific and I this is only the start. However, I just hope it doesn't fade. I am optimistic though. As for the logo, I liked it when they first released it. It was sleek and showed the importance of the 6 sided ring; however, after seeing it on Wednesday's Impact Wrestling, it looked a bit bleak. It looked a bit boring. Maybe I am not used to it entirely as of yet. I know I will get used to it. Overall, it's all positive for TNA.

Was it too soon for Bobby Roode to lose the TNA World Championship?

I was quite surprised when Lashley picked up the win on Wednesday's Impact Wrestling to become the new TNA World Champion. I surely thought Roode would have won it simply because he really didn't even have a reign. Yes, he held it since October 29th, but TNA didn't produce original programming for two months. I feel like Roode's second championship reign will be easily forgotten and will look kind-of embarrassing. Face it, he was the longest reigning TNA World Champion with his first reign. I feel like his second reign tarnished it a bit. The thing is, TNA didn't know where they would end up in 2015. They didn't know what network... If any network at all. They wanted to leave on a high note. Now that they can start to plan long-term (at least I hope they are), they moved it back to Lashley... Who, let's be honest, looks like a champion inside and out. Lashley impresses me every time.

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