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#TNATalk is where I answer your questions involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using "#TNATalk".
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Welcome to another installment of #TNATalk where I answer your questions involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using "#TNATalk". By the looks of the amount of questions that I am receiving, I may be doing #TNATalk twice a week!

What do you think of TNA going back to the Impact Zone?


I have mixed feelings about TNA Wrestling going back to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Let's look at the positives first. TNA going back to Universal is a secure place to hold a show. They know what they are going to get there each time they go. It's guaranteed. There's nothing wrong with that. Secondly, the sound stage at Universal actually isn't terrible. In fact, it's good. They have a unique set-up with nice lighting. The product looks great there. However, there are some underlining issues. First off, the crowd. Let's be blunt - The people in attendance are not loyal TNA fans. Some aren't even TNA fans at all. They are just there to get their money's worth of the Universal Studios ticket they bought. The second reason flows from the first - It's free to attend. The crowds that were in New York City had to pay for tickets. We seen the loyal TNA audience come as if they really cared about the company they will pay to see it. Universal doesn't have the same crowd, it's clear as day. Third, I feel like TNA Wrestling is taking a step back to produce shows at Universal. Now, I like Universal. I think they are great for a company to start up their show (again, it's a secure producing facility), but TNA Wrestling is far more advanced now. They are going on 13 years old and they are still stuck at Universal. I understand it is business and they can't constantly travel across the country, but one of the main categories people judge is the appearance of the product and with people attending who couldn't care less about what is going on and who can't even name a TNA star unless it is Jeff Hardy or Kurt Angle, then there is going to be a problem.

What happened to Garett Bischoff in TNA Wrestling because the last time I saw him he was with The Aces and Eights?


As far as I know, Garett Bischoff is still with the company in some fashion. He is still on the active roster page, and while I can't fully believe that is up to date all the time (As I remember Bully Ray still being on there while he confirmed he was a free agent), I do think it is pretty accurate for the most part. I haven't heard of any specifics regarding Garett Bischoff. I know Eric Bischoff is no longer part of TNA Wrestling, so many are questioning why or, even, how he has a job with TNA. I can't state, but it is either TNA is waiting for his contract to expire or they are looking to give him some new character.

I think TNA is better than WWE, but would there ever be a storyline like an invasion? It would be awesome!


I think it is safe to say that another invasion angle would be very far fetched. Now, if you are talking about the NWO invasion angle concentrating on Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, then that could very well happen as it wasn't really an invasion, but more of a story that planted the seeds of perception. But, if you are talking about an actual invasion story like WWE did with WCW and ECW talent but regarding TNA and WWE talent in one company, then that is a very real slim chance. TNA isn't a threat to WWE, no matter how you look at it. Even more so, Vince McMahon probably has no plans of purchasing TNA Wrestling at this moment. Why should he? For their tape library for the WWE Network? WWE has a constant stream of talent from their main roster to developmental. Their network is doing fine without any footage of TNA. Let's keep them separate and enjoy what they have to offer.

Will we ever see Awesome Kong vs Havok in Impact Wrestling? They keep teasing it but it never happens.


Well, we should all know that the inevitable would certainly come sometime and it will indeed come! In fact, it is coming this Friday on Impact Wrestling: Lockdown. It is Awesome Kong vs. Havok in a Steel Cage match. In my personal opinion, I feel like the match has been rushed without any solid build. All they built toward it is that Kong and Havok are beast-like monsters. No further development. No solid story. I just think it's lazy... But, what do I know, I'm only a creative writer.

Could you name 5 wrestlers currently wrestling in other promotions that would be incredible in TNA wrestling?


There are a couple people I mentioned before in previous #TNATalk installments, so I will mention them again just because I am huge fans of them! One, as I discussed last week, would be Jay Lethal. Two, The Young Bucks. Flat out, I think they are in the top 5 of being the best tag team in the world today. Three, John Morrison. John works for Lucha Underground and while I don't watch it, I am hearing great things about him. I can't forget his work in WWE as I was a huge fan. I feel like he is a big asset for any wrestling promotion and would fit and help TNA immensely! Four, Shelton Benjamin. Sure, Shelton has made it to the big time in WWE before, but he is so talented that I feel he is far underrated. Shelton's athletic ability would be amazing in TNA. I also remember that he had some decent mic work, but I am not too worried about that as that can be worked on. Finally, I would have to go with Hanson from Ring of Honor. Every time I watch him on ROH, he impresses me with his size, strength, and ability. He can move great for his size and definitely has a look that would set him apart from everyone else in TNA Wrestling. This list isn't in any particular order, but these are 6 guys (4 and a tag team) that I would love to see in or back in TNA.

Has TNA been as violent of a product as ECW?

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You can look at situations in TNA where you can point out and clearly state that is absolutely violent and dangerous, but to say it is as violent as ECW may be a stretch. If you look at everything in TNA's history, you can compare to some of it to ECW like the Barbwire Massacre match to lighting people on fire to thumbtacks, nails, glass, etc... But, if we broaden the scope, we can point out that WWE had most of the same violent situations. I can't remember a Barbwire Massacre match from WWE, but I do remember them using thumbtacks, fire, glass, throwing people off a 15 foot cage TWICE. Every company has their moments when they go far and beyond the normal line and cross into the insane and sick area. Those are the moments that many remember. While companies have these moments, I feel like ECW had more of these moments on a continuous basis. Yes, TNA is bringing back the barbwire and tacks, but ECW had that constantly and even WWE did at some point. ECW will always go down as the most extreme company, in my opinion, though.

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