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How much does taping Impact Wrestling in advance hurt TNA?


There was a part of me years ago who thought taped shows, not just TNA, hurt that particular show. When TNA Wrestling taped weeks of Impact Wrestling in a matter of days, I thought that hurt because the spoilers were all over the internet and, realistically, people could just read them than watch the show. But, after doing research and analyzing the numbers, I came to conclusion that taped shows don't necessary hurt. In fact, some taped shows do better than a live show. I understand the spoilers are out there, but if people read the spoilers and find read something that seems interesting and intrigues them, they will tune in even if they know what will happen. Now, I know Dixie Carter stated they are going to do more pre-tape stuff so people will not know what will actually happen until the watch the show. That is another way to hook the audience in.

How much of a loss is Bully Ray?

Bully Ray

Any company who has Bully Ray is a tremendous advantage. Simply put, Bully Ray is multitalented! He can work in the ring, he can cut promos, he can help school younger talent, and he can be an agent to help book matches/finishes. Bully Ray knows the business like the back of his hand. TNA losing him is definitely a disadvantage as they could have used him on multiple levels. Let's not forget that he pretty much controlled the last two years of Impact Wrestling from Aces & 8s to power bombing Dixie Carter through the table. However, having him leave TNA is not the end of the world as, we saw time and time again, the company can move on without major players.

Should old timers like Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy still be main eventers or should new stars take their place?

Kurt Angle TNA Wrestling

There are so many people who do not understand where veteran type stars should stand in regards to a wrestling show or promotion. Sure, they can be used wherever the company wants... Main event, mid-card, agents, producers, writers, trainers, etc. Me, personally, for stars like Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy, I wouldn't call them old timers but veterans, I would place them in the area of "helping the younger talent". They can be champions, I am not against that, but the end result is to put a younger star over. One example is from Bound for Glory 2011 where it was Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode. Kurt went over in that match, but on the next Impact Wrestling James Storm beat Kurt for the belt. It then set-up James vs. Roode in what was an epic battle. While Roode lost against Kurt, he did win the belt from James and became the longest reigning TNA World Champion.

Considering that Robbie E ended up costing Velvet Sky her job in TNA (and celebrating over-the-top at her getting fired while his job was spared, no less), why is Angelina Love still with The BroMans?


I think it was pretty obvious last week on Impact Wrestling as to why Angelina Love is still with The BroMans. She is glad Velvet Sky was "fired" as now Love is the only one in The Beautiful People. She will capture everyone's attention, instead of sharing it. Love wants to be the center and she will be.

Is Eric Young a member of the Beat Down Clan or is he just an ally to them?

Eric Young

From what I am gathering, Eric Young is just an ally with The Beat Down Clan. In my mind, it is either you are with groups or you are against them. If Eric is for them, just add him to the group. It isn't too difficult. I think it just creates confusion.

Do you feel that Mickie James and their son will be instrumental on the development of Magnus' character?

Mickie James

I would absolutely love to see the Magnus character develop into something a lot more multi-dimensional. With Mickie James being back with TNA, either short-term or long-term, I am unsure how this will change the Magnus character. TNA may not even pair them up. They may, though, and I think that would be great for both. It is realistic!! As far as their son, I feel that isn't needed on account of how young their child really is. Magnus and Mickie together on the show is good enough for me. They can really dig deep with them.

What does a successful and established independent wrestler have to gain from TNA? Also, what if any prestige do TNA titles hold?

TNA Wrestling Logo

Any independent wrestler going to a different company helps them, no matter what company. If said independent wrestler is established, going to TNA will not only give them access to different talent to compete against, but they will be seen by a larger audience (Yes, let's admit that). It will also help them in how a large company conducts business from the writing to producing. We can mention the monetary difference and how AJ Styles made more on the independent scene than in TNA, but we can't deny that AJ learned so much while he was with the company. Wrestlers should try to get anywhere they can to not only receive paychecks but to get their name out there to the other talent and to the wrestling audience.

As I continue to watch wrestling, I am starting to question the meaning of championships. I am going to be blunt right now - The matches are pre-determined. So, if they are scripted, what's the point of the belts? It is not like they are "better". That is the perception that wrestling companies held over our heads for generations, but with technology we almost got too smart for the industry. As far as TNA's belts, I feel like the company tries to portray that they have meaning with constant championship matches, but I just don't see the point. I would state the TNA World Championship has the biggest meaning while the X-Division Championship is just a waste of time.

Do you think TNA would should add a title called the American Championship? The storyline Kurt Angle the American Olympic gold medelist, Ken Anderson from America's heartland, Gunner the American solder, and James Storm the American cowboy... They missing the boat.


TNA Wrestling can't even make the X-Division Championship relevant, why should they even produce another belt? TNA can go all out and produce championship matches, long reigns for some belts, and quick changes for others, but I feel the amount of care for the championships in the eyes of the viewer is at an all-time low. Number 1 Contender matches are thrown to everyone. It is just bogged down. Wrestling companies, not just TNA, need an overhaul on how they showcase the belts. I feel like TNA, in particular, can do some sweet things if they "pull back the curtain" of the industry in the topic of championships.

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