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Do you think there is a chance of Jeff Hardy being entered into the TNA Hall of Fame? Also do you think Matt and Jeff Hardy will eventually win the TNA Tag Team Titles?

Jeff Hardy

I have no doubt that Jeff Hardy will enter the TNA Hall of Fame sometime. Jeff just re-signed with the company, and I am guessing the contract is probably for two years (again, I'm justing an assumption). I don't see Jeff going into the Hall of Fame this year, but rather the year after. However, whether it is this year or next year... I would say Jeff will be going into the Hall of Fame. There's no doubt about it. As for Matt and Jeff being TNA Tag Team Champions, I see that being less likely right now, unless the company gives the belts to Matt and Jeff when they tape Impact Wrestling's back here in the United States. I am not sure how long Matt Hardy is with TNA Wrestling for, whether he has a contract or is under a per appearance deal. Anything is possible, as we know.

Do you think Shane McMahon should come to TNA Wrestling if he never returns to the WWE?


It's so hard to say. I can go either way by saying yes and no. I don't think he will come back to WWE in any sort of executive role, he has moved on. I also don't think he will make his way to TNA Wrestling. I can't see Shane being that kind of person. Would it be cool to have him in TNA? Absolutely! It would be interesting and I would love to see how it turns out. Shane is a McMahon and the business is in his blood. He knows how it works. Could he turn the company around? That's premature to even think about it. It would be very intriguing to see his name on the TNA website, Impact Wrestling show, and on merchandise... No doubt about it!

Do you think Jeff Jarrett should return to TNA Wrestling if he can’t get GFW on a TV Network in the U.S.?


I have so much respect for Jeff Jarrett! He's tremendous in and out of the ring. I had the privilege of meeting him last April and he was so personable. Jeff is extremely happy now, and that is really all that matters. Let's face it, Jeff didn't have power in TNA Wrestling. That was his baby and he couldn't take care of it the way he wanted. It was time for him to go. He knows that and I know that. He started his own wrestling company because he had a vision. He started one because he wanted a baby that he can control. I have so much faith in Jeff Jarrett that he will find a television deal. He has a tremendous team. It's a process. It takes time. We all need patience. I am confident in the whole GFW brand. As much as I love watching videos of Jeff Jarrett in TNA (his feud with Kurt Angle is my absolute favorite), he needs to be happy and he is doing what he is great at doing!

What are your thoughts on Samoa Joe's near decade long run in TNA ending?


Now that time has passed and everything was able to sink in, I am able to gather my complete thoughts on the matter. I do have to admit that when it was first announced that Samoa Joe left TNA, I went on a little rant. Yes, I was upset. I still think that was the right thing. I always express my thoughts. But, I also need to soak everything in.

I am a huge fan of Samoa Joe! 2006 was absolutely brilliant as his feud with Kurt Angle began. Joe always impressed me. He was remarkable. It is disappointing to see a talent like that go. Let's be realistic - Samoa Joe can still go in the ring. He is still one of the best workers in the world. He can be hard hitting and deliver on the mic. He has charisma oozing out of his body. However, there are times when Joe performed less than great. He performed at a decent level. He could have been angry at his position on the show or whatever "story" he was in, or lack of story. The way I see things is that, no matter what, you should perform at your best level all the time. Yes, you have off nights, but there were times when it seemed like Joe didn't care.

Samoa Joe and TNA departed ways. Mutual in nature. Joe wants to branch out. By all accounts, he should be able to do what he wants. If I was TNA, I would have tried my hardest to keep Samoa Joe with the company. He could have been one of their marquee guys for years and years and years. Samoa Joe is gone from TNA, and I (and everyone) have to accept that. Nothing lasts forever, even though we all want it to. I want to thank Joe for the great moments and matches, and best of luck in the future! I heard you'll be on ROH... I'll try my hardest to tune in!

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