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Velvet Sky Really Gone?, Taped Shows Hurting Viewers?, The BDC W/O Joe, Purpose Of The Revolution, TNA's PPV Future

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Welcome to another installment of #TNATalk where I answer your questions involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using "#TNATalk".

Is Velvet Sky really gone from TNA?

Velvet Sky

Yes, Velvet Sky is gone from TNA Wrestling. Her contract came to an end and both parties decided to part ways. It's upsetting to see a popular and talented lady like her leave, but we can't stop it. It's sad to see business work like that.

Don't you think it sucks that the Impact Wrestling episodes aren't aired live? I bet when that gets out it really puts a dent in the amount of people who watch.

Impact Wrestling 2015

I stated this before and I'll state it again - whether Impact Wrestling airs live or taped, the viewership numbers don't matter. I seen times when the taped versions of Impact Wrestling beat the live versions of Impact Wrestling, and vice versa. If there is a taped show and people read the spoilers and something catches their eye, they will watch even if they know what happens. I would much rather see Impact Wrestling live because it gives the show a much more unpredictable feeling.

Do you think TNA will get rid of The Beat Down Clan now or add a new member since Samoa Joe is gone and the group is kinda weak now without Joe?


As I stated last week, I am not exactly sure what direction TNA Wrestling is going to take in regards to The Beat Down Clan. They may find a new member or they may keep going without Samoa Joe. Or, they may just stop it all together. We will have to see. The reason why I find it difficult to predict is because TNA's creative is not consecutive. They aren't planned for the long-term. So, while it may seem like they are going in one direction, they can completely bury and get rid of it within a matter of weeks and a example is the Samuel Shaw/Brittany story. I can see The BDC continuing on through the spring, but I have to question how much people believe they are a threat to which we care what they do.

What is the purpose of James Storm's group being around and are they going for title or going to destroy TNA or what?


I was asked the question last week whether James Storm is a portrayal of Bray Wyatt. While I see comparisons, I also see differences. I don't compare them to each other, which is good, in my opinion, as both are unique in their own regard. As for The Revolution, they did lose the TNA Tag Team Championships last week. I can see them challenging for them again, but I can also see The Hardys challenging for it at the newest set of tapings that will happen this weekend. I am actually glad that The Revolution lost the belts because I stated last week that if they were stuck in the tag team division they would die a slow death. If the company really wants it to be the year of The Revolution... If the company really wants to push the envelope and make this faction scary yet intriguing, they need to go all out.

I want James Storm to be in the main event spotlight. Having him feud with whoever is champion with The Revolution at his side would make for a cool faction takeover. It won't be like The BDC as The Revolution have a totally different feeling that catches my attention. If they want to push the boundaries, have the members of the group go to the champion's house and assault their family or rob their house. Let's get something wild going!

I read TNA is only doing 2 live PPVs this year in June and October. I think that's bad and they need more live PPVs than that. What do you think?


I haven't read anything about that. However, the company's website states that they produce 4 live pay-per-views a year, but we haven't seen one yet. It wouldn't surprise me if they cut back to 2 a year. Some state that the pay-per-view business is a declining one; however, I personally think we can still see successful and record numbers if there's enough interest in it through characters and stories. With TNA having a much smaller audience than they had while they were on Spike TV, it's probably unwise to have 4 pay-per-views simply because it seems obvious they would lose money.

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