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Long-Term TNA TV Deal, TNA Spoiling Their Own Show, Sanada Being Wasted?, The BDC - Who Cares?

#TNATalk is where I answer your questions involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using "#TNATalk".
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Welcome to another installment of #TNATalk where I answer your questions involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using "#TNATalk".

Does TNA have a chance for a long-term deal in the U.S. just like they have long term deals over seas such as India and UK?

New Impact Logo on Destination America

I researched the recent deal WWE received for NBCUniversal to see how long their deal is for, but I couldn't find an exact time frame. We know TNA Wrestling had two year deals with Spike TV and they renegotiated every two years. Now that they moved to Destination America, the exact length of the deal is unknown, but I know TNA management was quite confident that they wouldn't have to worry for awhile. However, that is always their mentality no matter how long, or short, something is. I don't want to assume anything, but long-term deals here in the States doesn't seem too feasible. Sure, it could be possible, and it should be as every company should have a secure network to back them for quite sometime.

Jokers Wild 3 aired on Challenge TV in the UK this week, totally giving away the winner of Streak vs Spud as one of them no longer had his hair! D'oh! I've been trying to avoid spoilers and didn't expect them to ruin it themselves... Dumb!


Seriously? Sorry you had to find out like that. Like you, I try to avoid spoilers (especially for that match) as I really wanted to be surprised. Honestly, it could have gone either way in my book. But, for TNA to spoil it for the UK fans is very poor. What I found interesting this past weekend is how Bob Ryder told his followers to read spoilers about the show to find out who showed up to the recent tapings of Impact Wrestling. It's almost like they don't care about you being surprised or making the show unpredictable. It seems like they just want to know exactly what happens before it happens. I can't wrap my head around it. Obviously it is a different tactic, and honestly, I can't see it getting them far.

Is Sanada being wasted by TNA being part of The Revolution?


I always say that if you are on television then you should be happy. I am sure Sanada is satisfied, but his fans and supporters should be as well. He is usually shown every time The Revolution appears on television. I do have to admit that he has fallen back a bit from being one of the major players in the faction to just another member, but that is what happens when more people are added. It waters the faction down. One of my favorite groups, Evolution, was perfect, in my mind. They had 4 people and WWE showcased their skills to perfection and really elevated talent in the process.

I want to be perfectly honest with you and this may hurt people who love TNA no matter what they do... But TNA doesn't know the transition period from a faction to a rise of a star. Look at Aces & 8s. Who did that help get over? Mr. Anderson? He didn't even receive a TNA World Championship match after that. Look at Main Event Mafia. Everyone except for Kurt Angle left the company. What about Fortune? The only members left of that group are James and Bobby Roode and they were elevated when they feuded against each other. Should I bring Immortal up? Again, we know where Mr. Anderson is right now. As for Gunner, he became a factor when he received a character change when Immortal was no more. However, I have to say the stories involved with these factions were tremendous, especially how Aces & 8s were born! I hope The Revolution isn't added to the list, as well as The Beat Down Clan.

MVP & Lashley worked well together, brains/voice + beast! Does anyone really care what The BDC does without the threat of Lashley?


As explained in the above questions, factions should be made to elevate at least one star when they are finished. There are plenty more things that go into the creation of a faction, though. Writing wrestling booking scripts for over a year (writing them every single week), I had my fair share of factions that I created. Some smaller and lesser known than others while others were powerhouses. The Beat Down Clan, to me, is considered the powerhouse faction as they were headlined in the main event and were gunning for the TNA World Championship. These factions need special attention. These factions, usually bad, need a major heel. That is where MVP came in. As you stated, he was the brains and voice. He received the heat. Lashley was the muscle. He took care of business. Those two together were great, all around.

But, now you throw in others and you have a faction, and you are without Lashley. You still have MVP as the major heel of the group, but who are the others? Samoa Joe... Oh wait, he's gone from TNA Wrestling. Low Ki? He is an incredible talent, but this isn't his first run in the company and we probably won't see him as TNA World Champion (unfortunately). Kenny King is the young gun that really needs to come out looking huge after this is all said and done. He's a future star.

Let me go back to the make of a faction. You need the heat, which you have with MVP, but you also need a reason to hate them. MVP talking is just half of it. What we see is The BDC interrupts matches and since Impact Wrestling focuses on the pure wrestling niche market, there will people who complain, BUT the pure wrestling niche market are wrestling purists and aren't casual viewers. They know how factions work and if they don't get a good wrestling match, they will find one on YouTube or watch New Japan Pro Wrestling. It's tricky, but why should we care about them if no one is an actual threat? MVP fought for the belt, and lost, so is there any point?

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