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Magnus A Failure?, TNA Needs More Tag Teams, TNA's Next Big Star, EC3 Or Low Ki As Champ?

#TNATalk is where I answer your questions involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using "#TNATalk".
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Welcome to another installment of #TNATalk where I answer your questions involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using "#TNATalk".

Is Magnus a failure as a wrestler? Was he an unpopular champ because of his heel storyline or because fans found him wooden and his wrestling style dull? Will fans ultimately want Bram to end him!?


Magnus a failure? Absolutely not! I still remember to this day when I interviewed Kurt Angle in 2012. He looked directly at me when I asked him the question of who is the future of the business and he stated Magnus. Magnus has the look and is eager to learn and has age on his side. I knew Magnus would win the TNA World Championship in 2013 and he did just that. Magnus is a great talent, but I said that TNA made a mistake of making him heel for his reign and I still stand by that. He was a popular face. He was getting over slowly but surely. He could have been a big talent where the company would have actually made money off of him, but they took a different route. On top of that, people were angry with his reign because it was filled with interference after interference. Magnus is better than that and it just hurt and ruined his reign. He will get another reign, he has to. As far as Bram... There's something interesting!

Bram is captivating! He is one of my favorite in both of the WWE and TNA right now. The way his character draws attention is intriguing and makes us want more. He is a big heel, but there is also a group of fans who are behind him. However, I don't see see anyone saying they want him to end Magnus. Magnus' character just needs more development and it is receiving that with Mickie James involved.

Great matches aside, what's the point having Tag Team Champions when there are rarely more than three teams competing in the 'division'? Does TNA need to create a larger pool of tag teams rather than bury talent in crappy factions?


Back in the WWF days, the three main tag teams were Edge & Christian, The Dudley Boys, and The Hardy Boyz. There were other tag teams in the division, but these were the main trio that not only made a dent but made the most impact. That's pretty much what TNA Wrestling is doing at the moment. The division may not be deep, but it always delivers in terms of the matches (as you stated). One of my biggest pet peeves in the wrestling industry is when a company pushes two random stars together to make a tag team. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The chemistry usually isn't there. That's why I love The Wolves because they have a tremendous amount of chemistry and have been tag teaming for quite some time.

If TNA really made The BroMans matter, they would could definitely become a force. I saw the team work in what was a great tag team match against James Storm and Gunner. If TNA dropped the laughable gimmicks they gave them, the tag team could really be something.

Supposedly we are going to see a tag team tournament soon, which will likely to see some random pairing of stars with talent that the company has nothing for at the moment. Perhaps if TNA created stories between the tag teams, we wouldn't get bored with the same tag teams fighting all the time... There would actually be something we can follow and get interested in.

Who are then next big stars of TNA? They seem thin on the ground at the moment. There's Kurt, Jeff and... Err... Could it be Galloway!?

Drew Galloway

Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy are the veterans of the roster, no doubt about that. They are the biggest stars on the TNA roster. As far as the next big stars, we can mention Lashley and MVP, but I think they fit the bill as more veteran type of stars at this stage of the game. We can also mention James Storm and Bobby Roode, but I don't think they will get any bigger than they were in 2011-2012. I do expect to see them to receive championship reigns again, though. However, one name that sticks out as the next big star is Ethan Carter III. He has really grew since he came into the company and I do expect him to be in the main event spotlight soon! They have built him perfectly as they slowly rose him through the rankings while developing his character into a multi-dimensional one.

I no longer am saying that TNA has a "Face of the Company" because they literally never had one. Yeah, they had Robby Roode, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, etc shine at different periods, but they were never to the level of what "Faces of the Company" were for WCW (Sting) or WWE (Stone Cold, John Cena). It's not that TNA isn't big enough... It's just that is not how they do business. Destination America thinks Kurt Angle is the "Face of the Company", hence the company pinning the belt on him, but Kurt is a part-time worker (as is Brock Lesnar in WWE (he's not the face)), and we can clearly see the lack of marketing from TNA Wrestling.

Following his Hair vs. Hair match with Rockstar Spud and trolling everyone into thinking that he had a change of heart after the match, does this further convince us that Ethan Carter III will be TNA World Heavyweight come this year?


Ethan Carter III is a superb talent and I am very glad that TNA Wrestling picked Derrick Bateman and signed him to a contract. He is an underrated talent.

What I found funny is how Bob Ryder tweeted that Vince McMahon "F'd up". While Vince let a great talent walk, that isn't the first time he did that. Plus, I doubt Vince McMahon is losing sleep over it.

At any rate, Ethan really really shined since his debut in TNA Wrestling as the company pushed him at every opportunity. He is great in the ring and he is cutting great promos which gives him some nice heat. I have no doubt Ethan Carter III will be TNA World Champion. I will even go as far to state that he will be champion this year. The two people I am looking at right now is Austin Aries and Ethan to hold the belt next. Aries has that briefcase, but I don't think he will successfully cash it in. We also have the Option C, hoping that TNA follows through with it this year. At whatever the case may be, I expect Ethan Carter III to capture the belt this year, just like I expected Magnus to capture the belt in 2013.

Even with MVP being very good on the mic and being a TNA original, it's further impossible that Low Ki will ever be TNA World Heavyweight Champion?


Anything is possible in the wrestling industry. I mean, we are seeing Jeff Jarrett start his own wrestling promotion while owning part of TNA Wrestling. That is how crazy the industry is! Low Ki could be TNA World Champion, but I find it highly unlikely. It's not impossible, but I really don't see it happening. The TNA World Championship just doesn't float around to everyone. Within the past year it went from Magnus to Eric Young to Lashley to Roode to Kurt Angle. Sure, that's pretty impressive but Roode and Kurt held the belt before. Lashley has had two reigns in that period. Just look at Samoa Joe and how he hasn't held the belt in YEARS... Now he is no longer part of the company. Combine that with how the network is telling TNA Wrestling who they want as champion, hence Kurt Angle winning it, shows just how hard it will be to have a reign.

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