Eric Young's Heel Run, Mickie James Involvement In TNA, Impact's Next Live Show, TNA Talent Working Other Promotions, TNA's Viewership

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What are your thoughts on Eric Young's current heel run?


I love Eric Young's current heel run. I have always been a fan of Eric Young - No matter if he was face or heel... No matter if he was part of The Band or Team Canada. I feel EY is an underrated talent. He plays his characters so well and that's what a superstar can do. It's upsetting that they only pushed Eric Young with the TNA World Championship right after Daniel Bryan won the belt in WWE (split image comparison) while promoting his television show. Point I am making is that Eric is much more talented to only be pushed for a select reason. As far as his heel run right now, there was quite a lot of confusion whether he was with The Beat Down Clan or not. TNA said he was an ally with the faction, but people continued to question where he actually lied. Either way, his feud with Roode has been sweet. The whole 'former friends' story is cut and dry and I feel like he has to move on to further develop the heel character.

Is Mickie James only around for Magnus' feud with Bram or will she also compete in the Knockout's Division once again?

Mickie James

It looks to be the case. Mickie James just had a baby and I doubt she wants to enter the ring to perform at this very moment. Sure, I can be wrong as I am only making an assumption but it makes logical sense. Mickie James look tremendous, though. Whether she is going to fight or not... Having her involved on the show works! In fact, it works perfectly with the Bram vs. Magnus story. It makes is very personal and reality based - Which is what stories need in 2015!

When will we see a live TNA Impact Wrestling show on TV instead of these tapings?

Impact Wrestling 2015

The next live TNA Wrestling show will be on May 8th. While it may not actually be 'live', as it will probably on a tape delay as that is how TNA Wrestling films their shows, it is as close as live as we are going to get. Either way, it should be interesting and different and I'm looking forward to it.

With Davey Richards, TJ Perkins, and Austin Aries appearing on the WWNLive iPPV shows and Drew Galloway still appearing in said shows he first appeared in, does that mean TNA no longer minds their contracted performers appearing in another promotions that have iPPVs and DVD deals?

Drew Galloway

It appears that TNA Wrestling is allowing their contracted performers to take part in promotions that have iPPVs and DVD deals. I know there was some type of rule against that sometime in 2014, but I know TNA Wrestling and their rules last for a couple months at the most. The company always changes things up. It's never consistent, trust me. Even though they changed the rule, it's good that talent can perform in smaller promotions because that means more money for them.

I can state as a fact that TNA Wrestling is late paying their stars, so having their talent work elsewhere to earn extra money is great. TNA Wrestling isn't running live events and the span between their taped shows is at least a month apart.

I predicted that Magnus's real-life relationship with Mickie James due to their son would benefit on a development for the former that would lead to a face turn for him and resulting in a feud with Bram. Did you predict that it would happen, too?

Mickie James

I knew there would be a time that Bram and Magnus would feud. It was inevitable. Honestly, I would have done it sooner (as I wrote in my booking sheets for Impact Wrestling). But, I am just glad TNA actually did the story between them. It was nicely down. Adding Mickie was even better. I didn't expect to see Mickie be involved in TNA, but I am glad they brought her in and wrapped the story around their real-life relationship. It's a realistic story that people can follow. Great call! You want to write for the site? I'm being serious!

How many viewers worldwide does TNA have? Last time I checked it was 5 million and that's pretty impressive.


TNA Wrestling has distribution of their product all over the world ranging from the United States, the United Kingdom, India, China, Germany, Australia, etc. I always state this and I will continue to state it - Even though TNA has such a small market share in the United States, their international markets are great for them. They have a much bigger market share in other countries and that is what is keeping them alive. I'm not sure of the exact number of people who watch TNA Wrestling all around the world. If it is 5 million... Great! I'm more interested in the distribution deals that TNA has... As the more markets they enter the better off they are.

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