Taz Leaving TNA Wrestling, Problems Between TNA & Destination America?, Sanada, Stable Overkill?

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What are your thoughts on Taz and TNA Wrestling departing ways and who is going to replace him?

Josh Mathews & Taz

I don't like seeing anyone leave their job, but I'm positive that Taz is financially secure. He's still going to be busy as he will have time to focus on his podcast. Taz has been a staple on Impact Wrestling for quite some time, and while he has had his embarrassing and downright obnoxious moments, he made the show entertaining. I never had a problem with him, and actually enjoyed his work, up until the beginning of the year. Once he and Josh Mathews partnered up, something about the duo seemed odd and forced. It didn't work, in my opinion. The chemistry wasn't there. There were repeated mistakes and, flat out, Josh couldn't tie Mike Tenay's shoelaces. There were moments when these two would just ramble during a match without calling it. Get that... A company that actually hypes up their show just through the wrestling matches and the commentators can't even call what is happening. I still remember a Knockouts match where half of the match, maybe even more than half, wasn't even called.

As to who is going to replace Taz, the name going around right now is Al Snow (and we have more information about that here). I am a huge fan of Al Snow, and respect him immensely, so I am curious if he will get the spot. Snow is very charismatic. Al Snow is of tremendous help in TNA, as I was told by my source. They even support him to be the talent relations guy, so I am not sure if commentator is the right hat for him in the company right now, but we shall see.

I heard there are big problems between TNA Wrestling and Destination America. Is that true?


There are only a few people I will listen to regarding TNA Wrestling and none of them have mentioned any problems regarding TNA Wrestling and Destination America. If there were problems, I would definitely get my shovel and dig to see what I could fine, but no one mentioned anything to me, so I am not going to even guess. The only thing I can state is what I have already discussed and that is how Destination America has possibly canceled TNA Wrestling's Greatest Matches television series. They also moved Impact Wrestling: Unlocked to a different time and day. For those wondering, this week they aren't airing Impact Wrestling: Unlocked, but they will be airing TNA Wrestling's Greatest Matches at 3AM ET and 4AM ET, according to Destination America's website.

Is Sanada gone from TNA Wrestling?


As posted here, Sanada is gone from the company. His profile has been removed from the active roster page to the alumni section on their official website. Usually when this happens it means that talent is no longer with the company. I contacted TNA's PR department and they confirmed it.

Why is TNA overkilling the stables by having three of them right now? That's so many.


TNA Wrestling has always been stable heavy ever since their inception. However, lots of wrestling companies rely and depend on stables on their shows. Stables are good as it brings a set of stars in the spotlight and can either become a powerful heel group or a powerful face group. It can also lead to huge merchandise opportunities. The Revolution (slowly dissipating), The Beat Down Clan, and The Rising all have different styles that make them unique. They have different goals. I have no problem with any of them. I have no problem with all of them happening at once; however, TNA has to understand that focusing on one will only lead to a lack of focus on another. And, as we see through history, TNA is not great with stables. They can create great ones, no doubt (Main Event Mafia and Aces & 8s), but no one has ever been elevated through TNA's stable creations. Think of it like this - A novel has a group of bad guys (they are the stable). They reek havoc all across the city. Here comes the protagonist and takes all of them out. Yes, that's the hero. Yet... A day later the protagonist is shot in the street and dies and that's the ending of the novel. It's cheap.

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