Thoughts On The Dollhouse, The Beat Down Clan Rising Back?, The Wolves, Angelina/Davey Story

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Welcome to another installment of #TNATalk where I answer your questions involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling.

This is the last #TNATalk as I will no longer be writing for the website on a daily basis. It has been a blast over the past four years. It has been an honor and I don't regret one thing! To explain, I got a managing position at my job which will have me work full-time, so I will no longer be able to actively update the site. I thank all of you for reading and the support. I also want to thank the team here at - They are amazing and great working people!

What are your thoughts on The Dollhouse and Taryn Terrell turning heel by revealing her allegiance with them?

TNA Doll House

I like the swerve of Taryn Terrell joining The Dollhouse. It was a little plot twist, but at the same time it didn't make sense and was, essentially, rushed. Look at Taryn Terrell - When has she ever needed help to defend the Knockouts Championship? She put it on the line and had no problem. However, now she needs help? There was nothing hinting at that. Secondly, I would have loved to see The Dollhouse hint that there is a leader. I would have liked to see them hype that here is a third person like the NWO did in the 90s if you want an example. TNA just went and did it all in one night without any hype or without any waiting. There's no patience. They want to do it and that's it.

I am a fan of Taryn Terrell. I also liked what I saw with The Dollhouse. I just hope it works out. It is another heel turn that, could be classified, as unnecessary. What I would have loved to see is Samuel Shaw joining The Dollhouse. Talk about freaky!

With MVP obviously chasing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and Kenny King challenging for the X-Division Championship, do you see Low Ki and Homicide becoming a team by chasing after the TNA World Tag Team Titles?


I've been getting asked multiple times about The Beat Down Clan gaining all of the championships. As Kenny King is X-Division Champion, MVP is third on the list of the Top 5. I honestly don't see him becoming TNA World Champion. Ethan Carter III is in line and will be champion before the end of the year, possibly at Slammiversary. As for the TNA Tag Team Championships, with Jeff Hardy breaking his leg, it looks like we will see new Tag Team Champions. Homicide and Low Ki would make sense, but I'm not too optimistic of TNA going that route. We will have to wait and see, but I feel like The Beat Down Clan ran its course.

When Eddie Edwards recovers from his injury, do you see The Wolves regaining the TNA World Tag Team Titles?

The Wolves Sacrifice 14

I certainly do see The Wolves becoming the TNA World Tag Team Champions, but will they win it right after Eddie returns? That's unclear to answer depending on when he returns and when TNA will be filming their shows.

Will Davey Richards and Angelina Love's real-life relationship (and engagement) be be acknowledged on Impact Wrestling like how Mickie James and Magnus' have? Could the acknowledgement led to, like Magnus, a face turn for Angelina or otherwise?


Anything is possible. In fact, with Billy Corgan coming on board to be part of creative and talent development, we can certainly see more realistic stories on Impact Wrestling. I wouldn't be surprised if they mention it on the show. I'm curious, though, whether they would actually make this into a program. Mickie James just came back to TNA in January, where she was placed in the Magnus/Bram program. However, she was placed in the program after Bram turned on Magnus, making Magnus face. If a Davey and Love story is made on the show, that would put both of them in completely different circumstances. Davey is no longer the tag team guy but the married guy. I can certainly see it as a character development move and that could be quite cool. Could they do a story where Angelina takes Davey's attention away from the tag team division to focus on her, which will led to a jealous and enraged Eddie as all he wants is the tag belts back?

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